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My ‘I’m outta here for the weekend post’ January 20, 2012

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Here’s some reading material for over the weekend:

Jeff Mirus has an interesting post on the bogus claim that homosexual is “biologically determined.”  Copious evidence indicates the contrary, along with much evidence for many mental disorders that accompany this disordered sexuality.

44 million abortions occur annually!  It is virtually assured, then, that over 1 billion babies have been sacrificed to moloch/satan in this most barbarous period in human history.  The “clinical” nature of abortion makes the barbarism all the worse.

I didn’t know much about the Neocatechumenal Way until recently, but this approval they’ve been given disturbs me.  It seems to be in contrast to Pope Benedict’s own book The Spirit of the Liturgy. I can’t believe this was approved.  Did not the Holy Father mean what he wrote?  

Read Philothea’s Liturgical Bill of Rights.  Compare and contrast with the Neo-cats.

Have a good weekend!  God bless!

Germany’s solar disaster January 20, 2012

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Germany is a country in northern Europe.  Northern Europe is known for its frequently cloudy, dark, cold weather.  What better place to invest massively in solar energy as the government-dictated, environmental nut approved, wave of the future!

As is so often the case in winter, all solar panels more or less stopped generating electricity at the same time. To avert power shortages, Germany currently has to import large amounts of electricity generated at nuclear power plants in France and the Czech Republic. To offset the temporary loss of solar power, grid operator Tennet resorted to an emergency backup plan, powering up an old oil-fired plant in the Austrian city of Graz.

Solar energy has gone from being the great white hope, to an impediment, to a reliable energy supply. Solar farm operators and homeowners with solar panels on their roofs collected more than €8 billion ($10.2 billion) in subsidies in 2011, but the electricity they generated made up only about 3 percent of the total power supply, and that at unpredictable times.

The distribution networks are not designed to allow tens of thousands of solar panel owners to switch at will between drawing electricity from the grid and feeding power into it. Because there are almost no storage options, the excess energy has to be destroyed at substantial cost. German consumers already complain about having to pay the second-highest electricity prices in Europe.

……Until now, Merkel had consistently touted the environmental sector’s “opportunities for exports, development, technology and jobs.” But now even members of her own staff are calling it a massive money pit……..

……Solar energy has the potential to become the most expensive mistake in German environmental policy……..[Just as wind energy, which is down 85% of the time and produces peak power when demand is at its lowest, will go down as the greatest mistake in American energy policy]

……..In fact, all German solar energy systems combined produce less electricity than two nuclear power plants. And even that number is sugarcoated, because solar energy in a relatively cloudy country like Germany has to be backed up with reserve power plants. [No, they have to be backed up by reserve power plants anywhere, because one can never be certain the sun will shine on any given day] This leads to a costly, and basically unnecessary, dual structure. Figures indicating the peak performance of solar energy systems are easily misunderstood, a report by the German Physical Society says. “Essentially,” the report concludes, “solar energy cannot replace any additional power plants.”

…… “From the standpoint of the climate, every solar system is a bad investment,” says Joachim Weimann, an environmental economist in the eastern German city of Magdeburg. Hans-Werner Sinn of the Munich-based Ifo Institute for Economic Research calls solar energy a “waste of money at the expense of climate protection.”

This is what comes of formulating public policy on the basis of a narrow, extreme interest.  I am a huge skeptic of so-called “green energy.”  When the federal subsidies expire, how “green” will all those thousands of abandoned windmills, be?  How long will they blight the landscape? 

The world is upside down.

Obama’s foreign policy initiative – promote the gay agenda January 20, 2012

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I can’t believe how absolutely wrong-headed this man is on simply every subject.  This is what happens when a country elects an avowed leftist – too bad the media kept that concealed from a bare majority in ’08.  The Obama administration has been foisting openly gay and lesbian ambassadors on countries that adhere to a less depraved morality than the administration – tiny El Salvador has had enough, and is requesting the US senate to reject his openly lesbian nominee for the ambassadorship to that country (emphasis mine):

The citizens of several countries are pushing back against President Obama’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender foreign policy imperative. Leaders in El Salvador launched a website on “Obama’s Corrupting Foreign Policy” and are asking the U.S. Senate to reject Obama’s nominee for ambassador to their country.
President Obama announced in December that the promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) behavior is a top foreign policy priority, even for the U.S. military oversees.  [Good Lord this man is a disaster.  Securing the national interest, promoting religious freedom – these things aren’t “top priorities” to this man.  Making sure his well funded gay lobby is happy is, however] At the same time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a high-profile speech at the UN equating LGBT status with religion. [Certainly, a model of statecraft, she.   Oh, the things I could say, but won’t.  Let’s just say I find this endorsement less than surprising] The State Department told ambassadors worldwide to recognize “gay pride month,” [just a month?  Why not the whole year?!] and it released a list of “accomplishments” including the fact that a U.S. ambassador had published an OpEd promoting the LGBT agenda on behalf of the United States .
Mari Carmen Aponte, a temporary ambassador to El Salvador, published an essay conflating disapproval of homosexuality with “brutal hostility” and “aggression” by “those who promote hatred.” [This is the rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the militant homosexual lobby.  You must embrace, nay, worship the beauty of their sodomy.  You must tell them how wonderful it is, how very equal, if not superior, it is to God’s gift of procreative sexuality.  Bow down.  Now.] It is Salvadorans’ “responsibility” [So the perversion of a “temporary ambassador” now becomes a moral imperative?] to become advocates for LGBT issues and “to inform our neighbors and friends about what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” she wrote. The OpEd ran in a major Salvadoran newspaper in June, igniting a firestorm by offended citizens.
 More than three-dozen leaders in Latin American countries rebuked the ambassador. In a declaration in a Salvadoran newspaper, they accused the U.S. representative of “disregarding our profound Christian values, rooted in natural law,” by trying to “impose . . . a new vision of foreign and bizarre values, completely alien to our moral fiber, intending to disguise this as ‘human rights’” with “an air of superiority.” The only thing they agreed with, they stated, is that violence should be repudiated “just the same as against skinny, fat, tall or short” people.  [I congratulate this response]

I found the ambassador’s comments chilling.  As I’ve said before, this gay militancy is the issue with which the secular pagan culture will attempt the bludgeon the Church into submission.  It is the issue which faithful Christians simply cannot accept, and yet so many trends in the broader culture indicate that culture intends to force acceptance of this disordered nature and its sinful acts down our throats.  It is simply amazing how far this culture has fallen in the last century or so.  What they consider “freedom,” is actually license, and what they consider “love,” is actually disordered, unbridled lust. 

Man, are we in a shape. 

Oh, the “ambassador:”

Some folks just can’t let go….. January 20, 2012

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….I see that Ed Peters has determined that the Michael Voris situation, which I hoped would be put to bed by the detailed chronology I posted Sunday night, deserves still more comment.  He has not only put together a blog post, but has published a .pdf attempting to rebutt the numerous criticisms of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s (AOD) claims that Real Catholic TV (RCTV) has not the canonical standing to refer to itself as Catholic.  He also is claiming that NO enterprise may refer to itself as “Catholic,” or use the “Catholic” name, without prior ecclesial permission.  This latter bit is a great and surprising leap – the first part of Canon 216 encourages the laity to get involved in the life of the Church, but Peter’s interpretation would seem to undermine the very nature of these efforts by requiring a priori permission.  I can state that I’ve already heard from one canon lawyer who finds this interpretation incredible.  So much for the great emphasis on lay participation instituted with Vatican II.

A further incredible leap of logic, which may have been pointed somewhere in the direction of the post I did on this subject, is to claim that the location of Brammer’s residence, and the location of RCTV, makes no difference in this canon law case.  Peter’s attempts to buttress this argument by asking what would be the case if Brammer wasn’t Catholic?  Would he then be free to start whatever kind of fake pseudo-Catholic group he wanted, using the Catholic name with abandon, leaving the Church with no recourse, because he’s not actually Catholic?  This argument is also very surprising, because no one is arguing that NO entity in the Church has oversight of RCTV’s activities, it has been argued that the competency does not reside in the AOD, because Brammer, RCTV’s sole/principle owner, does not reside there!  It is a matter for the Diocese of South Bend!  If Brammer were not Catholic, and operating “Real Catholic TV,” it would make no difference, the AOD would still have no responsibility, because the enterprise would still reside in South Bend!  I can’t even believe this argument has been made.  Peter’s seems to possess a greatly exaggerated sense of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s competency – they can apparently decide what group or individual  may use the name Catholic not only in Detroit, but anywhere they see fit.

Michael Voris is the “star” of a very small “network” that calls itself “Real Catholic TV.”  When the federal government sues a broadcaster because they broadcast some filth in violation of FCC broadcast rules, they don’t sue the actor that got naked nor do they pursue the matter in a district court where the actor resides, they sue the network and in a court where the network in headquartered (typically).  AOD can pursue Michael Voris all it wants (and it has, for years, dating back to well before RCTV even existed), but that pursuit is not going to result in RCTV changing it’s name, because Michael Voris does not own RCTV or have control over it, and neither does RCTV reside in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  The canon lawyer I have heard from feels AOD, the PR campaign having backfired mightily, is now positioning themselves to take this case to a canon law court.

I find this incredibly.  RCTV reaches perhaps 10-20,000 people every day through their videos.  They have an impact, certainly, but only within a very small part of the Church.  I am amazed that so much energy is being expended on this matter.  I find it incredible that Ed Peters has now done his fifth blog post on this subject, writing a 2000 word analysis, very emotionally, I might add.  It seems to me as if the AOD, or at least various figures in the chancery, have really gotten emotionally involved in this issue and are going to continue to prosecute it even though this issue has turned into a public relations disaster for them.  I have been keeping some notes on blog posts and other internet activity on this whole Voris/AOD PR campaign/”canonical status” issue, and the commentary is overwhelmingly against the AOD.  Sheer popularity is nothing compared with defending the Truth, but what Truth is being defended here?  That RCTV didn’t get permission to use the word “Catholic?”  I think that “truth” has been sufficiently refuted, or at least made so doubtful that further prosecution is not warranted.  So, then, is that all?  This is the hill you want to die on?  

The Archdiocese of Detroit is under severe financial strain.  Dozens of parishes have been closed, and dozens more are due to be closed.  And yet, this issue is of such import they are spending precious resources, very limited dollars, to continue this PR campaign (and there is no doubt that it what it has been – a very failed PR campaign, as I think JoeK established even further in a recent post). 

It is simply amazing that Michael Voris, of all people, is the target of such treatment.  Would that such effort would be expended driving the heretics and apostates out of chanceries and parishes!  But, no…….we don’t talk about them.  The “silent apostasy” is allowed to grow and fester and continue the horrific rot in the Church.  It is those that upset the status quo that must be stopped, at all costs, apparently. 

I think everyone has their backs up on this issue.  I really think that at this point, the best course would be for everyone to let the matter drop for several months, to let tempers cool and to look at this issue more dispassionately.  I don’t plan on doing any more posts, unless there are further tirades that must be rebutted.  I pray that is not the case.  If AOD has a canon law case, let them make it – in court.  If they don’t, please let us put this issue to rest.

Anyone a Pewsitter newsclipper? January 20, 2012

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Pewsitter, one of the foremost Catholic news aggregation sites, hasn’t run my post on the Voris/Archdiocese of Detroit timeline, where key information in presented that has not been made public anywhere else.  I have tried to submit the post a couple of times but somehow it hasn’t worked.  Now, either they don’t want to run the post because they disagree with it in total or part, or I just haven’t gotten it submitted right.  If any of my readers are Pewsitter newsclippers, would you, in your charity, submit this post to them as a news item?  I would greatly appreciate it. 

While the post has gotten several thousand views, I’d really like it to get on Pewsitter because I believe there is a whole sector of the Catholic blogosphere that hasn’t seen it.  Ed Peters was again pushing his belief, disputed by several other canon lawyers, that the AOD has jurisdiction on this matter.  I’ll have more on this momentarily.  But, for now, if anyone could please submit the post linked above to Pewsitter I would greatly appreciate it. 

Deo Gratias!