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Voris on Sebelius January 23, 2012

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“Not Catholic in any meaningful sense of the term.”

The bishops have no right to express surprise and dismay at this latest assault on the Church.  It’s been coming for decades.  Do they get it now?  The demonrat party is wholly, completely antithetical to everything the Church represents.  Yes, they’ll shovel out money to you, along with every other Tom, Dick, and Harry, because that’s what they do.  But that doesn’t mean they like you.  They just want to buy you off.  And the price you pay – through all out assaults like this contraception ruling – is devastating.  But I’m skeptical even this latest action will cause any bishop to deny a heretical  “Catholic” the Blessed Sacrament, or, God forbid, truly stand up for the Faith by excommunicating them.  It seems the bishops value “having access” and playing politics more than defending the Faith they have been given the sacred office to uphold.

I’d love to be surprised, however.

Local hero Dr. Rick Gaillardetz member of “Catholics for Sebelius” January 23, 2012

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I kid you not.  There really is a group, part of Catholics United for Leftist Causes The Common Good, that has embraced the disastrous, moloch-loving Kathleen Sebelius so very much that they signed their name to a letter embracing her effort to strip conscience clause protections from all religious organizations and force them all to provide contraception, sterilizations, and abortifacients.  Our local hero Dr. Rick Gaillardetz, with whom we’ve had so much fun on this blog in the past, is one of the signees.  I absolutely cannot believe a local parish trotted this guy out as a faithful Catholic to give a lecture during Lent 2 years ago (and one of the issues that led me to start this blog):

Nearly 3 years ago, 26 liberal Catholics still crowing over their successful campaign to elect Obama actually felt the urgent need to form a group “Catholics for Sebelius”to support the nomination of that rabidly pro-abortion woman for HHS Secretary. They not only supported her, they called her a model pro-lifer who “lived and acted according to” her agreement with Church teaching against abortion.

It was a false claim even then. Now that Sebelius has finalized her rule forcing religious organizations to fund abortifacient drugs, contraception and sterilization, including drugs that kill embryos, it is a shameless lie. And their letter openly advocated that Sebelius pass and implement Obamacare, which is the instrument of her attack on religious freedom.

But these 26 “Catholics for Sebelius,” to this day, remain prominently listed on their open letter supporting the anti-Catholic HHS Secretary.

So the honorable choice for these persons is simple.

Take your names off that letter, or take Catholic off your names. [Indeed, or, better yet, let’s have some bishops do that for them]

Also on the list of Catholics for murdering babies is Doug Kmiec, former respected “conservative” and “pro-lifer,” who completely sold out to endorse Obama in 2008, got fired from his ambassadorship to Malta, and is now an all around laughingstock.

Obama – abortion a “fundamental constitutional right,” and a baby still punishment January 23, 2012

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Our most pro-abort president in this country’s history is positively deranged.  He is so detached from any kind of morality that he really does see children as some kind of anchor weighing down women and ruining their lives (my emphasis):

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade,President Barack Obama issued a brief statement affirming his support of the 1973 decision.

“As we mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade,we must remember that this Supreme Court decision not only protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters, [Really!?!?  But you’re perfectly comfortable with government dictating that Catholic institutions provide contraception, with forcing everyone to buy a product, and with inserting the government more and more deeply into every aspect of so-called private life.] ” he said. “I remain committed to protecting a woman’s right to choose and this fundamental constitutional right.”

Echoing what has become a persistent theme of Planned Parenthood rhetoric, President Obama enlarged on the topic to say that all Americans, including foes of abortion, should unite in support of programs promoting contraceptives. This argument rests on the two unwarranted assumptions. First, it assumes that the use of artificial contraceptives is not morally objectionable. Second, it assumes that easy access to contraception will cut down the rate of unintended pregnancies. The first assumption is contradicted by the teachings of the Catholic Church (and of virtually all Christian denominations, until the middle of the 20th century); the second is contradicted by several decades of experience with American sex-education programs. [Indeed, contraception is the demon that created the “need” for abortion in this country, at least on such a massive level.  It is failed contraception that is responsible for most of those “unwanted” pregnancies.  The entire mentality behind contraception creates the moral framework that finds  killing children acceptable]

“While this is a sensitive and often divisive issue, no matter what our views, we must stay united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies [wow, 5 of our children were “unintended” – I didn’t know we were so persecuted by them], support pregnant woman and mothers, reduce the need for abortion [by creating and greatly expanding just those amoral actions that lead to the desire for it?], encourage healthy relationships [this man wouldn’t know a “healthy relationship” if it landed on his head], and promote adoption,” he added.

The presidential statement concluded: “And as we remember this historic anniversary, we must also continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.”

There it is…….he doesn’t want his daughters “punished” with a baby.  A woman can’t fulfill her dreams if she is shackled with a child.  Perhaps the woman should not, then, have copulated?  This man has truly drunk deep from the well of radical feminist pro-abort theory.  I almost wonder if he hasn’t been involved in an abortion in his very secretive past.  He certainly has the rationalizations down. 

Thus, our dear leader.

How many bishops voted for this guy?  As a commenter said, most of our bishops are democrats who happen to be pro-life…..pro-life so long as there isn’t some other interest they hold that is greater, like funding.

Pics of the 2012 March for Life January 23, 2012

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Since news coverage of the March for Life was pretty sparse, I’ll contribute my bit with a few pics from the beginning of the March.  Once the March got going, I got so involved in conversations and prayers with people that I completely forgot to take any more pics!  Ah, well……

One of the awesome things about this March for Life is that we had family from out of town participate!  3 nieces and my father-in-law!   Two nieces in the above, Bernadette and Jacinta.  Bernadette’s holding the cross, Jacinta on her left.

My 82 year old father-in-law, who had just worked 12 hours the previous day on our bedroom remodel.  Felix Lange is the father of 9, all of which are faithful, active Catholics.  Niece Cecilia, named after my deceased mother-in-law, is holding the sign.

Is that an angel in the sky, or a 737?  D’oh!  Just a 737.

As I said, Mater Dei was well represented.

Some of the crowd in front of the Cathedral.  The balloons were great!  My wife wanted to make a rosary chain balloon, but the plan came to naught.  I think it would need inflated balloons chained together and then stuffed into a large trailer to work – maybe next year.

All in all, another great day.  But I pray most fervently we may no longer have to do these marches.

Catholic hospital chain breaks from Church January 23, 2012

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What will Sr. Keehan do?  Catholic Healthcare West is one of the most, if not the most, profitable member of the ostensibly “non-profit” Catholic Health Association.  And now they’re gone:

Catholic Healthcare West, one of the nation’s largest hospital systems, is ending its affiliation with the Catholic Church and changing its name, two steps intended to help the system expand throughout the states in which it operates — California, Arizona and Nevada — and beyond.

The changes, which executives plan to announce Monday, underscore the challenges facing Catholic hospitals in the marketplace, where there are tremendous financial pressures for hospitals to merge
or form alliances with other health-care providers to survive and thrive. [much of this trend is promoted by federal policy and the coming nightmare of Obamacre]

The change will have no effect on any patients or the medical care provided at the 25 Catholic and 15 secular hospitals in the system. But executives hope it will make it easier to merge or affiliate with other hospitals, doctors’ practices and other health-care providers.

In the past few years, proposed mergers between Catholic and secular hospitals in Louisville, Ky., and Sierra Vista, Ariz., have collapsed in part because of concerns about the church’s bans on abortion, in vitro fertilization and sterilization.

Other mergers have succeeded only with unusual contortions, such as in Troy, N.Y., where a separately licensed maternity ward free from Catholic doctrine was created on the second floor of a secular hospital taken over by a Catholic system. In Seattle, Swedish Medical Center last fall agreed to fund a Planned Parenthood office next door to quell objections about its planned affiliation with a Catholic system.

Lloyd Dean, the president and CEO of Catholic Healthcare West, said the concerns about his system’s Catholic affiliation have hampered some potential deals.

Will the Church in this country have to get out of the health care business?  Should it be in health care when doing so entails massive corporate structure and constant threat of  immoral activities?  This isn’t the same as 100 years ago when a hospital would be staffed with nuns and a few Catholic doctors, and there was no overarching government always threatening to “force” these hospitals to take actions contrary to the Faith.  But shouldn’t there be a place for the Church to provide health care?  I don’t know.

I do know that I don’t think the Catholic Health Association is helping matters a great deal.  I do find it amazing that these ostensibly “non-profit” Catholic hospital chains – who frequently net billions a year – are so attractive to for-profit corporations.

Prayer and penance (fasting) tomorrow for an end to abortion January 23, 2012

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The USCCB has made Jan 23 a day of fasting and penance for an end to the nightmare of abortion.  Let’s deny ourselves some pleasure, endure a little suffering, and pray pray PRAY for an end to abortion!


Latin Mass 01/23 at St. Mark January 23, 2012

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Our regular Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. Mark has grown rather inconsistent.  There is supposed to be a Mass on Monday, January 23 at 7pm.  I won’t be going for a while, I’ve got a long term conflict on Monday nights. I don’t know how much longer this Mass is going to be around, attendance has plummeted for a variety of reasons, partly because the Mass has become very inconsistent, and I know people have shown up who didn’t know it was cancelled.  I’ll try to keep getting the word out, but the St. Mark bulletin is no help – it shows a Latin Mass every Monday night whether there is one, or not.

I pray it persists.  I’ll post when they’re happening even if I can’t go.


When will Archbishop Naumman excommunicate Sebelius? January 23, 2012

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She has taken the most egregious, insulting, devastating action against the Catholic Church in the history of this country. She is already excommunicate by her actions, but a formal declaration would to much to stop the horrific scandal of this woman being able to call herself “Catholic” and also send the message of how deadly seriously the bishops, collectively, take this horrific, devastating exercise in tyrannical governmental over-reach.   It won’t undo the damage, which can only be undone by another victory in the courts (given the recent Supreme Court ruling, crushing a previous Obama attempt to make religions a mere pawn of government, it is very unlikely this governmental mandate will hold, thank God – but I don’t want religious freedom dependent on the whim of judges, it should be endemic in our society) or by a crushing victory over this left wing, anti-American junta this November.

That’s the other thing.  I don’t want to hear any mealy-mouthed statements from the bishops when we head into the national elections.  This administration has made as plain as it possibly can that it hates Christianity in general and the Church in particular.  This latest assault seems designed specifically to attack the Church.  So don’t give us any garbage about “seamless garments” or “considering the whole range of policy positions” – Catholics should be told equivocally they cannot support any political figure so relentlessly hostile to the Church, God’s Law, morality, and basic human decency.  You don’t have to mention him by name, putting at risk your precious 501(c)3 status (as if this administration will let that last if re-elected) – just tell folks not to vote for the islamic candidate, and they’ll know who you mean.  This naked assault on the rights of God and His Church is a direct result of the footsie many bishops and Church leaders have played with this man, the most abortion-loving, God-hating man ever elected to the office of President.  There were alot of bishops, priests, and religious leaders, like the execrable Sr. Carol Keehan, who gave covert or overt support to Obama…….I’m sure some of the self-loathing leftists like Keehan are well pleased, but I pray most sane bishops now realize this man must be opposed with all the (much reduced) power of their office.

And I pray for something else.  The bishops have, collectively and going back decades, totally abrogated the grave responsibility of the teaching aspect of their incredibly holy office by refusing to address contraception in a serious, systematic way.  When was the last time you heard your bishop blast contraceptive use by Catholics?  When was the last time your bishop told contracepting Catholics they were in a grave state of sin, almost certainly mortal sin?  We need much more from our bishops on this subject, and not just the promotion of NFP almost as a form of Catholic birth control.

And what a pathetically cowardly way to release this huge assault on liberty – on a Friday afternoon, trying to escape the weekday news cycle.  What a bunch of cowards.  And fools. This is an idiotic decision.  Even the crowd at the Distorter is strongly against this totalitarian act.  But Obama has shown many times before he’s tone deaf when it comes to advancing the leftist agenda.  I can’t believe any “Catholic” would now vote for this man, but I know he’ll get his 40% of the Jerry Springer, Jersey Shore set.

Another great point, made by Carl Olsen- what a sniveling play to Obama’s radical, pro-abort, marxist feminist core base.  This decision was released just before the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade – I am telling you, satan has a powerful grip on this man.   I’m sure Planned Parenthood is giddy- government mandated contraception means a huge new influx of abortion customers when their contraception reliably fails, as it always does.

More tomorrow, especially, I pray, the best dang anti-contraception sermon I’ve ever heard in my life.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I normally keep this blog very G-rated but in this case I let a word out I shouldn’t have.  I fly through posts, writing them usually in 10-15 minutes, and often times just let my ideas fly out onto the screen and then go back and edit out any excesses.  In this case, I forgot to pull out a phrase.  I also changed another phrase that wasn’t bad but just dumb.

2012 March for Life report January 23, 2012

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I was sooo very proud of the Mater Dei contingent at yesterday’s March for Life.  150 people from one of the smallest parishes in the Diocese – maybe 15-20% of the parish attended!   We prayed a great deal.  And tomorrow, I’ll show in another post why I think we have so very much more to pray for.

We did not assist at the “Roe Memorial Mass.”  It’s gotten to be a bit of a headache, camping out with the kids for 2 hours before the Mass in order to have a seat in the overflow room, and then the Mass itself is 1 1/2 or more hours.  So we just took the bus from Mater Dei.  I saw many priests, and got to say hi briefly to Fr. Cargo.  I was proud to see so many priests and religious.  Unfortunately, it appears overall numbers were down somewhat, and media coverage was very light.  The Dallas Morning News, owned by the Catholic? Moroney clan, did not deign to cover the event.  But CW33 estimated 8000 people marched (and gave what I thought was pretty favorable coverage), which is about 20% off of last year’s numbers.  I thought the number of Catholics was about the same or slightly more than last year, but my perception (mine alone) was that there were alot fewer protestants this year, in particular the contingent from First Baptist seemed light.  But shame on us – even if 20,000 Catholics marched, that would mean we’d be getting 2% turnout, if you buy the Diocese’s claim that over 1 million Catholics reside here.  But lop off 80% for non-practicing cultural Catholics on that number, at least.  But there is no reason we can’t have tens of thousands of Catholics marching, if we really got behind this critical effort.  I thought the PR buildup for this year’s March was somewhat light, but again, perhaps that’s just my misperception.

I had one other, related thought during the March for Life.  The March is ostensibly to witness to a depraved, indifferent culture.  But who are we witnessing to?  Unfortunately, downtown Dallas is largely a ghost town on weekends, so we were largely witnessing to ourselves.  I didn’t see any pro-abort counter-protestors, and passers-by were scarce.  I know it would be a major hassle to get the required permissions, but wouldn’t it be glorious to witness to thousands on a downtown weekday?  Other marches have been held downtown on weekdays.  Perhaps something to pray over for the future.

At any rate, I pray we get twice as many marchers next year!  Way to go, MD!  Oh, and I also wanted to give a shoutout to the Kepha guys and the crowds from St. Cecilia’s and Immaculate Conception in Corsicana.  They were very visible and fantastic.  And a big thanks to the folks who brought the balloons – I wasn’t sure of the parish, but what a great deal!  Boo to the Dallas PD for refusing to allow a mass balloon release.  I am very proud of everyone who came!  God bless you all, and one day we shall end this horrific scourge!