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2012 March for Life report January 23, 2012

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I was sooo very proud of the Mater Dei contingent at yesterday’s March for Life.  150 people from one of the smallest parishes in the Diocese – maybe 15-20% of the parish attended!   We prayed a great deal.  And tomorrow, I’ll show in another post why I think we have so very much more to pray for.

We did not assist at the “Roe Memorial Mass.”  It’s gotten to be a bit of a headache, camping out with the kids for 2 hours before the Mass in order to have a seat in the overflow room, and then the Mass itself is 1 1/2 or more hours.  So we just took the bus from Mater Dei.  I saw many priests, and got to say hi briefly to Fr. Cargo.  I was proud to see so many priests and religious.  Unfortunately, it appears overall numbers were down somewhat, and media coverage was very light.  The Dallas Morning News, owned by the Catholic? Moroney clan, did not deign to cover the event.  But CW33 estimated 8000 people marched (and gave what I thought was pretty favorable coverage), which is about 20% off of last year’s numbers.  I thought the number of Catholics was about the same or slightly more than last year, but my perception (mine alone) was that there were alot fewer protestants this year, in particular the contingent from First Baptist seemed light.  But shame on us – even if 20,000 Catholics marched, that would mean we’d be getting 2% turnout, if you buy the Diocese’s claim that over 1 million Catholics reside here.  But lop off 80% for non-practicing cultural Catholics on that number, at least.  But there is no reason we can’t have tens of thousands of Catholics marching, if we really got behind this critical effort.  I thought the PR buildup for this year’s March was somewhat light, but again, perhaps that’s just my misperception.

I had one other, related thought during the March for Life.  The March is ostensibly to witness to a depraved, indifferent culture.  But who are we witnessing to?  Unfortunately, downtown Dallas is largely a ghost town on weekends, so we were largely witnessing to ourselves.  I didn’t see any pro-abort counter-protestors, and passers-by were scarce.  I know it would be a major hassle to get the required permissions, but wouldn’t it be glorious to witness to thousands on a downtown weekday?  Other marches have been held downtown on weekdays.  Perhaps something to pray over for the future.

At any rate, I pray we get twice as many marchers next year!  Way to go, MD!  Oh, and I also wanted to give a shoutout to the Kepha guys and the crowds from St. Cecilia’s and Immaculate Conception in Corsicana.  They were very visible and fantastic.  And a big thanks to the folks who brought the balloons – I wasn’t sure of the parish, but what a great deal!  Boo to the Dallas PD for refusing to allow a mass balloon release.  I am very proud of everyone who came!  God bless you all, and one day we shall end this horrific scourge!


1. Nien-tsu Wang - January 23, 2012

I am a praishioner of the Chinese parish (Sacred Heart of Jesus in east Plano, at 14th stree and Los Rios). I also ttended the event.

I saw your self introduction in “About Me” as “I am a busy dad with 5 little girls and a baby boy”,and I think I talked to your wife in the rally — if you were the family holding two wood crosses, and most the young girls dressed in blue shirts and a young boy is about 2 sat in a stroller. I asked her what is the sign “Mater Dei” means (sorry about my ignorance) and if all the kids from the same family. How amazing I found your blog here.

I had the same feeling as yours that it will be better if the event is on a weekday. (Well, I also have to admit that other than it may be difficult, if not impossible, to get permission, but also many people may not be able to attend because of work.)

I have a mixed feeling about Dallas PD’s refusal to allow a mass balloon release though. On one hand, I was hoping to see the ballon released as a touching and spectacular moment. On the other hand, I think it is good that we did not let the baloon flew to everywhere adding problems to environment (trash, eating by animals, etc.)

I am so proud of your family taking all the effort to come to the event. I have only one adult daughter (not live in town), and I cannot imagine how much more dedication and love you must have in order to get the whole family to there.

God bless your lovely family!

tantamergo - January 23, 2012

Well thank you very much for the lovely comment. Yes, that was my family. I’ll be putting some pics up soon. The boy is not so much a baby anymore! As far as love and dedication – we try to cooperate with the Grace God has given us. I, personally, need to do a much better job.

But thanks again for your very kind comment!

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3. Old School Gamer Dad - January 23, 2012

It was good to see you there! Do you recall what Bishop Farrell said in response to the recent action taken by the HHS department?

tantamergo - January 23, 2012

I must have missed it. What did he say?

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