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When will Archbishop Naumman excommunicate Sebelius? January 23, 2012

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She has taken the most egregious, insulting, devastating action against the Catholic Church in the history of this country. She is already excommunicate by her actions, but a formal declaration would to much to stop the horrific scandal of this woman being able to call herself “Catholic” and also send the message of how deadly seriously the bishops, collectively, take this horrific, devastating exercise in tyrannical governmental over-reach.   It won’t undo the damage, which can only be undone by another victory in the courts (given the recent Supreme Court ruling, crushing a previous Obama attempt to make religions a mere pawn of government, it is very unlikely this governmental mandate will hold, thank God – but I don’t want religious freedom dependent on the whim of judges, it should be endemic in our society) or by a crushing victory over this left wing, anti-American junta this November.

That’s the other thing.  I don’t want to hear any mealy-mouthed statements from the bishops when we head into the national elections.  This administration has made as plain as it possibly can that it hates Christianity in general and the Church in particular.  This latest assault seems designed specifically to attack the Church.  So don’t give us any garbage about “seamless garments” or “considering the whole range of policy positions” – Catholics should be told equivocally they cannot support any political figure so relentlessly hostile to the Church, God’s Law, morality, and basic human decency.  You don’t have to mention him by name, putting at risk your precious 501(c)3 status (as if this administration will let that last if re-elected) – just tell folks not to vote for the islamic candidate, and they’ll know who you mean.  This naked assault on the rights of God and His Church is a direct result of the footsie many bishops and Church leaders have played with this man, the most abortion-loving, God-hating man ever elected to the office of President.  There were alot of bishops, priests, and religious leaders, like the execrable Sr. Carol Keehan, who gave covert or overt support to Obama…….I’m sure some of the self-loathing leftists like Keehan are well pleased, but I pray most sane bishops now realize this man must be opposed with all the (much reduced) power of their office.

And I pray for something else.  The bishops have, collectively and going back decades, totally abrogated the grave responsibility of the teaching aspect of their incredibly holy office by refusing to address contraception in a serious, systematic way.  When was the last time you heard your bishop blast contraceptive use by Catholics?  When was the last time your bishop told contracepting Catholics they were in a grave state of sin, almost certainly mortal sin?  We need much more from our bishops on this subject, and not just the promotion of NFP almost as a form of Catholic birth control.

And what a pathetically cowardly way to release this huge assault on liberty – on a Friday afternoon, trying to escape the weekday news cycle.  What a bunch of cowards.  And fools. This is an idiotic decision.  Even the crowd at the Distorter is strongly against this totalitarian act.  But Obama has shown many times before he’s tone deaf when it comes to advancing the leftist agenda.  I can’t believe any “Catholic” would now vote for this man, but I know he’ll get his 40% of the Jerry Springer, Jersey Shore set.

Another great point, made by Carl Olsen- what a sniveling play to Obama’s radical, pro-abort, marxist feminist core base.  This decision was released just before the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade – I am telling you, satan has a powerful grip on this man.   I’m sure Planned Parenthood is giddy- government mandated contraception means a huge new influx of abortion customers when their contraception reliably fails, as it always does.

More tomorrow, especially, I pray, the best dang anti-contraception sermon I’ve ever heard in my life.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, I normally keep this blog very G-rated but in this case I let a word out I shouldn’t have.  I fly through posts, writing them usually in 10-15 minutes, and often times just let my ideas fly out onto the screen and then go back and edit out any excesses.  In this case, I forgot to pull out a phrase.  I also changed another phrase that wasn’t bad but just dumb.



1. Jim Dorchak - January 23, 2012

Why would the good Achbp excomunicate her? She is his girl! She is all about everything the Achbp wants………… or so it appears.

Jim Dorchak

2. Catechist Kevin - January 23, 2012

According to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo – on an episode of “The World Over Live” back in late November of 2008 – well over half of our bishops voted for the current POTUS.

Arroyo garnered this anecdotaal evidence while covering the USCCB’s semi-annual meeting in Baltimore that year.

So, could not one surmise that the chickens are coming home to roost for our bishops?

As one poster said over at Fr. Zs, “The bishops are basically democrats who happen to be against abortion.”

Catechist Kevin

3. Terry Carroll - January 23, 2012

It seems to me that the dozen or so Catholic pharmacists and the even smaller number of Catholic doctors and the smattering of Catholic laity who accept the Church’s teachings on contraception — these are the relatively few people whose consciences are at risk of violation by this HHS decision. The Catholic hierarchy is now harrumphing as if they and the vast majority of Catholics will be forced to find a way to violate their consciences when MOST Catholics, including clergy, will not be impacted by this decision at all: they already think contraception is okay, so why will they pretend to put up a fight over an issue that won’t affect more than relatively small number of Catholics?

In some ways, the Obama administration is acting “more Catholic than most Catholics, including clergy.” Why? Because the Obama administration has principles they judge sufficiently important to implement and enforce in law. Catholics have principles (teachings) that they have judged, for decades, as either wrong or not important enough either to teach or enforce. The Obama administration is doing what the Catholic Church should have been doing all along: defending its principles.

It’s laughable to see the bishops acting as if they are upset over all this. They haven’t been upset about contraception for decades, and they view the HHS decision as an attack on religious liberty? Most Catholics, with clerical encouragement, already exercise their religious liberty to contracept as they choose. They should care that the Obama administration wants to make mandatory what they already choose to do voluntarily? And this is an abuse of religious liberty? Please!!!!

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