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I won’t buy your cookies, Mk. III January 24, 2012

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Every year I do a post on why I can’t support the Girl Scouts.  A new article is out that highlights even more reasons to avoid supporting this fallen organization in any way.  The Girl Scouts are no longer a group dedicated to help girls grow virtuously into womanhood, they are an left-wing agenda group that encourages “community organizing” and stresses a pro-abort, pro-homosexual, pro-promiscuity agenda (emphasis mine):

The Girl Scouts imagines itself the “thought leader and voice for and of” American girls. But the only “voice” the Scouts hear is a liberal one. The Girl Scouts’ own research shows that the voice of American youth is strongly pro-life: just nine percent of 7th through 12th graders would advocate for abortion if a friend sought advice on an unexpected pregnancy. And only 25% believe it’s “all right” to have an abortion when a baby seriously disrupts life plans.

But the GSUSA refuses to allow pro-life advocacy to count towards badge work or program requirements, even within faith-based religious recognition programs. It’s “not an option,” they say. Yet their leadership program objectives consider advocacy for “reproductive health” in school or neighborhood as a sign that a Scout has mastered the desired advocacy skills.

In addition, the Girl Scouts’ curriculum (Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy) instructs girls to explore five pro-abortion advocacy organizations, including the Population Council, to see “where and how they are promoting change.” Pro-life advocacy groups? None.

The pro-abortion bias reflects the core convictions of the Girl Scouts’ National Leadership Team and Board of Directors. These individuals, who frame and implement the Girl Scouts’ mission, maintain tight connections with Planned Parenthood, other abortion advocates, and foundations that support them.


  • GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chavez partnered with Planned Parenthood as head of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas;
  • GSUSA National President Connie Lindsey donates to the pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Chicago Foundation for Women;
  • GSUSA Board Member Barbara Krumsiek is the Board Chair of the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation which funds Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington;
  • GSUSA Board Member Monica Gil is a volunteer and former Board Member  (through 2011) of the Saban Free Clinic in L.A., which providesfree and easy” birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion referrals to teens over 12, without parental notice or consent;
  • GSUSA Board Member and Executive Secretary Debra Nakatomi is International Commissioner to the pro-abortion World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and promoted contraceptives to Asian teens through California’s Get Real program;
  • Laurie Westley, GSUSA Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Advocacy & the Research Institute, previously worked for the National Women’s Political Caucus, a group dedicated to electing pro-choice women.
  • Joan Wagnon, the GSUSA Treasurer, Board of Directors, accepted large campaign contributions from late-term abortionist George Tiller while she was Secretary of Kansas’ Department of Revenue and praised Tiller’s “social conscience and…big heart;”
  • Ellen S. Fox, GSUSA Board Member from 2008 through 2011, serves on the Investment Committee of the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Board of Directors.

 The list goes on. (Click here.)

The new normal: homosexuality and sexual promiscuity

Pro-life views are not the only ones given short shrift by the Girl Scouts. Traditional sexual morality takes a hit, while lesbians enjoy good press in required Girl Scout materials. These books— the “Journeys” series—generally push global environmentalism from a feminist slant; certain books go further, normalizing homosexuality and degrading sexual behavior. [prior personal experience has led me to believe that many leftists have a very degraded view of human sexuality and have personal sexual practices many would find revolting]

For example, the Journey book Your Voice Your World: The Power of Advocacy spotlights numerous lesbians and LGBT advocates as “Voices for Good”–role models for young Scouts.

And the 4th and 5th grade Journeys book, Agent of Change, highlights author Marjane Satrapi, a young Iranian woman with “real moxie,” whose life–detailed in her comic book-style autobiography, Persepolis–will “inspire” Girl Scouts. But in Persepolis, Satrapi crudely discusses men’s genitalia (even with her own father), calls nuns prostitutes, gets explicit lessons about sex from a promiscuous friend, lives with eight homosexual men, and attempts suicide twice. Offensive illustrations and shocking sexual dialogue complete the picture. For ten-year olds? [I’ve reviewed the book, briefly. These characterizations are accurate]

It gets worse.

Another Journey book, GIRLtopia, encourages 9th and 10th graders “to imagine a perfect world—for girls.” It recommends the book, The Gate to Women’s Country, by Sheri Tepper (former Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood), as a utopian journey into “a future world where women spend their lives learning and discovering lost knowledge.” That’s a deceptive gloss on a book laced with obscenities, revolting dialogue, and lewd descriptions, and which presents men as violent barbarians. The book graphically describes women having sex with random warriors at a semi-annual Carnival, undergoing brutal, demeaning genital exams, and breeding out violence by compulsive sterilization and selective prostitution. The only good men are castrated men. This is Girl Scout utopia? 

Juliette Low, the Girl Scouts’ founder, would be aghast.

Why would Girl Scout Execs and Board members approve this material?

Because they don’t find it shocking or radical at all. [that’s what I think we all need to realize.  These people don’t see anything wrong with graphic depictions of perverse sexuality for children]

It reflects their worldview—sexual promiscuity is a given and homosexuality is normal. And indeed, key players at the Girl Scouts have a history of advocating those very positions, particularly on homosexuality.

Timothy Higdon, for example, holds a pivotal position at GSUSA: as Chief of External Affairs, he oversees marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and research. Higdon’s official bio on the Girl Scout website touts his earlier work for the Army, a fundraising firm, and Amnesty International. It even mentions he’s an Eagle Scout. But it doesn’t mention that, spurred by his decision to come out as a gay man, he’s a “seasoned gay rights activist.” (For example, in 2002 he headed a Florida gay rights organization working closely with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.)

In 2011, Higdon welcomed another homosexual activist to his team: Deborah Taft, Senior VP of Fund Development, sits on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Board of Governors. (HRC pushes same-sex marriage and is an adoption bully, pummeling religious adoption agencies that prefer married heterosexuals to homosexual pairs.)

Other LGBT activists fill prominent GSUSA positions or Board seats. Consider GSUSA Media Spokesperson Joshua Ackley. By day, he writes the Girl Scouts’ blog. By night, he frolics in unsavory places reminiscent of his homopunk career. He’s the former lead singer of the Dead Betties, a queer band whose music videos feature masturbation, prostitution, and sexualized violence against women. Ackley’s past activism suggests he’s not likely to flinch over a sexually inappropriate book or lesbian role models.  He’s not alone.

The LGBT advocates in the Girl Scouts’ inner circle help set the organization’s trajectory: GSUSA emphasizes diversity and tolerance, applauds adolescent acceptance of LGBT behavior, promotes lesbians as role models, and allies itself with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

I must again wonder why so many Catholic parishes – local parishes – continue to have ties with the Girl Scouts and support this group, generally.  What message is being sent to the girls involved – that God is to be mocked and homosexuality and promiscuity are wonderful?

The theological basis of the Novus Ordo January 24, 2012

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Fr. Anthony Cekada has put together a video series to accompany his excellent book Work of Human Hands: A theological critique of the Mass of Paul VI.  Fr. Cekada goes through the history of the liturgical reform movement which pre-dated Vatican II by several decades, and especially the period from post-1945 to the early 60s, when many abuses where developed which were later inserted into the new missal as “reforms.” 

One of these abuses was the shift in focus from the Mass as Sacrifice, to the Mass as assembly of the faithful.  Thus, the altar was replaced with a free-standing table, the priest turned around to face the people, much reverence and focus on sacrifice and propitiation was deleted from the Mass, etc.  See below:

“If error creeps into liturgical prayer, it will poison common beliefs.”  And St. Alphonse Ligouri said one bad book could ruin a monastery or convent (which has actually occurred on a devastatingly wide scale in the past 50 years). 

After there was a widescale negative reaction to the initial promulgation of the Novus Ordo in 1969, an intervention – the Ottaviani intervention – occurred, which resulted in some mild changes to the Novus Ordo, making it seem more “Tridentine.”  However, even here, the cleverness of the reformers, making truly revolutionary changes seem “traditional,” is revealed:

There are six more videos at the site, with more to come.  Does any of this have an impact?  I can’t recommend getting involved in a traditional community enough.  Not simply to avoid problems at many “regular” parishes, but because the Traditional Mass and all that goes with it (Confession and all other Sacraments taken incredibly seriously and delivered at a level far above what one is accustomed to, catechesis thoroughly grounded in Tradition, being among a group of people committed to living their Catholic faith in as serious and thoroughgoing manner as possible, etc) is simply amazing in it scope and focus on our debt to the Lord for His Sacrifice for our salvation.  Traditional Catholicism – what used to be simply, Catholicism – is an entire way of life and can and should come to dominate all considerations, as our relationship with God should.  I pray more people will give a traditional parish a serious examination.

And, yes, I am aware of Cekada’s views on the papacy.  Such views have no bearing on this theological analysis of the Mass, which has already been made elsewhere by others, including Msgr. Klaus Gamber and Romano Amerio in Iota Unum.

Something lighter – nuns having fun! January 24, 2012

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I stumbled across this page offering many photos of nuns in traditional habits having a bit of fun, along with other more staid photos.  I felt the need for a break from my normal ranting and raving, so here you go.   Have I mentioned I love nuns?  I pray we see many, many more women embrace traditional religious life! 

Actually, I find this last one highly disconcerting.  It’s a more ‘modern’ picture, apparently.  The longing look on the face of the woman on the left seems pretty apparent.  Probably just my fallen nature insinuating on something perfectly innocent, but we do know what has occurred in so many female religious orders, sadly.

Holy Hour for Vocations at UD Jan 26 January 24, 2012

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Thursday night, 01/26/12, there will be a Holy Hour to pray for vocations at the University of Dallas Chapel of the Incarnation.  The hour begins at 7pm.  There will be a social hour at 8pm where you can meet some priests, seminarians, and religious.  It sounds like a pretty cool night!  You can contact Tammy Grady at 214-9070-9906 or tgrady@regnumchristi.net (Regnum Christi?  Really? Uhhhhh……)

During the Holy Hour there will of course be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, along with music, prayer, scripture, and benediction.  Not sure if I can make it, if I could, I would be there late. 

But you could make it!  Prayers for vocations are a great spiritual work of mercy and general act of charity.

Is the “March for Life”……… January 24, 2012

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………actually the “March Against Surgically Procured Abortion?”   A local priest made a case last night – a quite convincing case – that the embrace of contraception and sterilization among numerous in the pro-life movement fatally undermines that movement’s moral authority and helps to insure that demand for abortions will continue far into the future.   It’s impossible to know the makeup of all the various March for Life events, even the one in Washington, DC.  Even if the crowd is largely Catholic, there is still likely a very large proportion of people who have used and/or continue to use contraception without the slightest moral qualms.

These two issues -abortion and contraception – are inextricably linked.  And while many Catholic priests and bishops are willing to take a strong stand on abortion, very few are willing to speak out against contraception. Indeed, since Cardinal O’Boyle first tried to discipline priests apostasizing on Humanae Vitae in the late 60’s – and was promptly shot down by Cardinal Wright and other figures at the Vatican, terrified of the bogeyman of “schism” – there has been a great, silent apostasy on this issue.  After all, a precedent has been set – if you enforce discipline on contraception, you’re going to be left out to dry.  Thus, the vast majority of priests and bishops refuse to address the subject, publicly, while many priests will, in the privacy of the confessional, counsel that contraceptive use is just wonderful.  I know, because I have been told such myself – after all, we have six kids, and isn’t that enough?  There’s a planet to think of!

And so we’ve now had 39 massive rallies in Washington, DC, and countless more in other places, but until the Church in this country starts to take contraception seriously and enforce the unchanging Doctrine regarding it (as evidence by the Holy Ghost guiding Pope Paul VI, hardly a strict enforcer of traditional Doctrine, to maintain that Doctrine in the face of massive pressure and advice to “change” it), the efforts to abolish abortion are going to be severely hamstrung. 

The bishops chickens, as Jeremiah Wright might say, are coming home to roost.  The bishops are now gravely offended that the federal government is giving the large majority of Catholics just what they want – more contraception, provided via our new socialist health insurance scheme.  This is a massive over-reach, they say, a terrible assault against the First Amendment.  And it is.  But how many bishops voted for Obama?  How many participated in writing the execrable “Forming Consciences” document that was so equivocal that one could practically justify voting for Adolf Hitler based on its “guidance?”  How many encourage their priests to stand strong in the Faith regarding contraception and sterilization, and give strong sermons exhorting the faithful to live by this Doctrine?  How many make plain that using contraception is a mortal sin and that they cannot pick and choose which doctrines they will observe, that God presents all of us with various choices, where we can either choose Him or the world, the flesh, and the devil?  My personal experience is, not very many.  The bishops of today did not create this moral mess, but they’ve done little, collectively, to effectively clean it up.

Where is the wise?  Where is the disputer of this age, standing up for the moral Doctrine of the Faith?   What is the March for Life, if no mention is made of contraception?  How have we gotten to such a point in this country that a presidential candidate has to dance around, practically denying, his true beliefs in order to have a chance of getting elected?  We have so surrendered our moral authority that the broader culture thinks anyone opposed to contraception is essentially insane.  A mere 50 years ago, this was absolutely not the case.  But we’ve utterly squandered those 50 years.

As the priest also said – we need to get very serious about praying our rosaries.  We need to pray for our bishops, our priests, and our fellow Catholics and countrymen to turn away from this selfish use of contraception.  We need to fast and do penance.  We need to offer up prayer constantly, because we are so very far gone and the chastisement, the persecution, is already underway.