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‘Primacy of the individual conscience’ canard revealed for what it is……. January 26, 2012

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…….just another in an endless series of excuses to apostasize from the Church and yet protest that one is remaining, somehow, “faithful.”

Thomas Peters, making far more sense than his father of late, points out the hypocrisy of the “primacy of individual conscience” crowd, that includes the likes of Dr.Rick Gaillardetz, Bryan Cones, and Jon O’ Brien, president of “Catholics” for Choice.  This group has justified their apostasy for years on the basis of a radical misinterpretation of a badly written section of VII, claiming that their conscience, no matter how poorly formed, gives them the right to reject the constant Doctrine of the Faith.  The conscience, they claim, is supreme.  But wait a minute……..the Obama HHS mandate forcing religious employers to purchase contraception and sterilization for all their employees is a massive violation of the conscience of millions.  What about the conscience of those millions?  And yet Jon O’ Brien, Gaillardetz, and the rest are four square in favor of this massive violation of my consciene, and that of almost all my readers and millions more. 

So we see what “the primacy of the individual conscience” really is.  It’s just another excuse – an incredibly hypocritcal one, at that – to reject the constant teaching of the Faith.  These people, if they were honest, would leave the Church.  I don’t wish that on any person, I pray they repent, but the scandal they cause through their horrific example, and the even greater scandal of the likes of O’Brien and the others being able to continue to call themselves “faithful Catholics” without any ecclesial discipline being imposed is of such magnitude that souls are being damaged, and even lost.  That is why discipline in the Church, historically, was enforced, to prevent this enormous tragedy from occuring. 

Yes, yes…….I’ve heard the arguments…..”shouldn’t we ‘keep them in play?'”  Shouldn’t we try to “engage” with them?  Sadly, many people are so lost in their sins they are beyond human means to reach.  The faith of those who remain true to the Church must be protected.  It is way, way past time to start enforcing ecclesial discipline, with formal excommunications or, at least, denials of the Blessed Sacrament for all this swath of dissenters, heretics, and apostates.  True charity demands it.   

And, I strongly suspect, that if discipline were to be enforced on something approaching a wide scale, many of these apostate “Catholics” would have a change of heart.  They would be denied that “best of both worlds” situation they’ve been enjoying, where they can pretend to be faithful, keep the ‘cache’ of being Catholic, and yet work with all their might to subvert the Church and wreck the moral society (such as it is, today).  Proper enforcement of ecclesial discipline would force the individuals in question to make a choice – either accept the Doctrine of the Faith, or continue to adhere to heterodox views.  Faced with that stark decision, I pray that many would choose rightly, and thus greatly improve the likelihood of their personal salvation.


Too harsh?  The loss of one soul is a tragedy that is incalculable.  But keeping these few souls who are so radical “in the Church” poses grave danger to far, far more souls.  It would be far better to inoculate the Body of Christ by removing this pathogen from its presence.

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