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Non Sequitir Friday January 27, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, fun, Society.

In this case, a pretty good rip off of Flight Deck Friday:

Two F/A-18Cs from VFA-131 Wildcats being refueled by a KC-10A Extender.  Super high-res video, watch in full screen.

Those fighters move around alot, don’t they!

Related – it looks like the sailors may get to cross the Magsaysay bridge and the @#$& River (literally) and storm Olongapo as in days of old again.  Maybe even old Clark Field will be open for US business again (though I doubt it) – it’s time for containment, round 2.  And countries who felt they had no need for a US presence anymore after 1991 now feel rather differently, with a new Red Menace growing in the East.  The Phillipines is negotiating with the US for a renewed US military presence. 

A reconstruction of the Cubi Point Officers Club below:

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