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The Coming Persecution February 2, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, disaster, episcopate, foolishness, General Catholic, North Deanery, persecution, scandals, sickness, Society.

I’ve argued precisely the below many times here on this blog.  This is the issue that will precipitate, for the most part, the whatever chastisement and persecution is on its way:

And, again, the complete failure of the leadership of the Church in this country to take on the issue of contraceptive use by the large majority of the “faithful,” has precipitated the present crisis wherin the Church is now being persecuted by the Obama administration on precisely this issue.  Even here, most bishops refuse to address the evil of contraception directly (possibly because they fear undermining their “power base” in the midst of this crisis), but instead argue against Obama’s move by appealing to constitutional principles.

God will not be mocked.  The leadership of the Church has tolerated, and even in some cases promoted, homosexuality within the ranks of the clergy.   There will be a recompense coming, a society-wide one, which will gravely afflict the Church as a result.  The bishops may win on this contraception issue today (by getting this mandate overturned, in the courts), but will they win on the right to preach the Truth regarding homosexuality 10, 20 years from now?  Or will they quietly tell the priests not to touch such a “controversial” topic, handing victory to the forces of darkness?

The present crisis in the Church is a crisis primarily of leadership, or lack therof.  It is incredibly troubling.



1. 1grandelatte - February 2, 2012

I recently heard a woman on the radio talk about how she was expecting her 6th child when a woman walked up to her and asked her about her large brood and then expecting another. The woman replied to the curious stranger, “I can promise you my children won’t be part of the problem but part of the solution”.

I was so blessed by what could only be words from the Lord coming through her mouth with such strength and confidence in God’s plans for her and her family.

2. oldkate - February 2, 2012

Yes, the laity has been ignored for the past 40 years, BUT, it wasn’t the clergy taking the BCP!!! It was the laity that moaned & sent letters to the bishops if their orthodox priest dared to speak Anything from the pulpit! They then sat back & did exactly what they pleased, & continued to receive the Sacraments!!
None of us are without guilt! Having said that, we will have strong leaders, when we ALL pray for ALL of them. The “train has left the station” as far as “punishment”…but we can lesson it & give each other & our clergy strength by prayer & sacrifice.
May Christ have Mercy on us ALL!!!

tantamergo - February 2, 2012

Good points, OK. Thanks for making them. I don’t disagree, there is much blame to go around for everyone. The bishops and priests have had a strong motivation to avoid this topic because they would have experienced a savage response if they had upheld the Faith. One Cardinal tried to defend HV shortly after it was released (O’Boyle) and he got his feet cut out from under him by the Vatican. And that mentality has sort of held since then – don’t rock the boat, just sort of quietly ignore the subject.

Having said that, I believe we’re going to need strong leadership, from our clergy, to get out of this mess. Or, we’re going to need a very charismatic lay saint.

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