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Tone Deaf – USCCB still doesn’t get it February 2, 2012

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Perhaps it won’t ever get it.  Or, as commenter Terry C. said, the bishops are democrats who happen to be pro-life.

This kind of idiocy has got to stop:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is asking Catholics to “fast” on Friday, February 3, by limiting their food spending to the allotment on the USDA Modified Thrifty Food Plan–about $18 for a family of four. [Fasting is great.  I highly recommend it.  But wait, there’s more!]

The theme of the February First Fridays for Food Security initiative is food insecurity and climate change. “Food insecurity is also a serious problem globally and is often intensified by climate change,” states a USCCB flyer. “According to a recent report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, climate change will significantly affect the availability of water for growing food and for crop production globally. This will disproportionately affect poor people in rural areas whose livelihoods are closely connected to agriculture and natural resources.”

A sampling of the comments, all of which show a very appropriate, complete lack of respect for this foolish pronouncement:

With [one] stroke the USCCB has vitiated their opposition to the violence being done to the consciences of Catholics by the present administration. How is it possible to take these people seriously?………..

I thought a Friday fast was supposed to be accompanied by prayerful reflection on our Lord’s Passion. Foolish me – I should have been consulting Agricultural Department reports for material for reflection……

Um, yeah, because we don’t have anything much more important that needs real fasting and prayer……

Bishops of the United States, if you want people to listen to you, if you want respect, if you crave influence over souls and even in politics, then stop with these idiotic pronouncements from various arms of your unnecessary and even counterproductive Conference.  Of all the things to fast for……..”climate change,” which is being more and more opposed by scientists, more and more debunked.  It’s not just tone deaf.  It’s indicative of severely misplaced priorities and an outlook which is far, far too wordly, far too concerned about being politically “relevant” (and always, always in a certain political direction).

I’m willing to bet there will be hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of souls fasting on Fridays during February, but there won’t be 5,000 fasting for this intention.

What a joke.

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