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REMINDER – Michael Voris speaking in Dallas March 04 February 7, 2012

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I’ll be having more announcements and info over the next few weeks, but I wanted to remind all that Michael Voris will be speaking at the Frontiers of Flight Museum on March 04 at 3 pm!  Because of some very wonderful help from local friends, we can keep costs very low – $5 individual or $10 for a family!  That’s just to cover the facility charge.  I hope I see many of you there.  Leave a comment if you think you can attend.

Dominus vobiscum!

Quick hits on contraceptive mandate and the destruction of marriage February 7, 2012

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Quick hit 1 – Cardinal Burke, the awesomest American Cardinal by far, has recommended Catholics sign a petition opposed to Obama’s egregious HHS contraceptive mandate, requiring Catholic institutions to provide health plans that cover contraception, sterilizations, and abortifacients:

Cardinal Raymond Burke, Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, sent a written message of support to St. Gianna Physician’s Guild over the weekend encouraging Catholics to sign the organization’s online petition (www.StopTheBirthControlMandate.org) to protest the assault on religious liberty that is happening under ObamaCare.

The petition has steadily gained momentum since its launch last August seeing the number of signatures more than double since January 20th. This is after the Department of Health and Human Services released a statement confirming that the mandate would go into effect as scheduled on August 1, 2012. An extension of one year was given to Catholic institutions and other entities to comply. This mandate does not provide a conscience clause for institutions and others who believe contraception and sterilization are immoral.
And in a totally unsurprising move, the always un-constitutional and frankly crazy 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court ruling that the will of the people, expressed in constitionally-approved constitutional amendments, means nothing compared to the demands of the tiniest of special interest groups:
A federal appeals court on Tuesday declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional, putting California’s bitterly contested, voter-approved same-sex marriage ban on track for a likely appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that a lower court judge correctly interpreted the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court precedents when he declared in 2010 that Proposition 8 — a response to an earlier state court decision that legalized gay marriage — was a violation of the civil rights of gays and lesbians.

Awesome cartoon – The Sword of Peter February 7, 2012

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The Sword of Peter is a faithful Catholic cartoon blog that I really like.  Reader Terry C sent me this on Sunday, which I meant to share with you yesterday, but computer problems prevented:

Who cares about Komen, protest Planned Parenthood! February 7, 2012

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The totalitarian aborters at Planned Parenthood are having one of their interminable series of fundraisers, masked as an awards luncheon, on Thursday, February 16 at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas (2201 N. I 35E) from 10:30 until 1pm.   There will be a protest by Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) and ProLife Texas.  You can find all the details here and you can sign up and join the Facebook page here.  I’ve been to one of these events and I think it important to participate if possible.  We need to challenge the received wisdom and unthinking assumptions so many supporters of Planned Parenthood operate on.  To them, Planned Parenthood  means “women’s health.”  But as the Komen fiasco has shown, what Planned Parenthood is really about is abortion and lockstep left wing groupthink.  Planned Parenthood will not exist without abortion – it is who they are and what they do.  Evil as it is, you can get contraception anywhere, and women can perform the breast cancer “screenings” Planned Parenthood performs themselves.  They have no other reason to exist save to market baby killing and advancing the culture of death, of which they are one of the prime agents.  It is a spiritual work of mercy to try to shake the souls, God’s precious creation, who are lost in this quagmire of death from their nightmare involvement with this group.  And, we may get yelled at, which is always fun.

OH – And Cecile Richards, the dark queen herself, will be there.  Well bless her little prevaricating heart, we’ll just have to give her a big pro-life welcome!

Would you, in  your charity, consider joining this protest?  I signed up, I will try very hard to be there.

Speaking of the Franciscans of the Immaculate February 7, 2012

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Here is a beautiful little story of a very young Italian girl who had a tremendous love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, from the AirMaria website:

Revealed to the Childlike: thoughts of a little girl. 

“Dear Jesus, today I’m going out and I’m going to my nuns to tell them I want to make my First Communion…Jesus, come soon into my heart and I’ll hug you very tight and kiss you. O Jesus, I want you to stay for ever in my heart” …  

“Dear Jesus, I love you so much, I want to tell you again I love you so much. I give you my heart. Our dear Lady, you are so good, take my heart and carry it to Jesus” …

“My good Jesus, give me souls, give me a lot of them, I ask you willingly, I ask you so that you make them become good and so that they can come to you in Paradise” …

“Dear Jesus Eucharist, I am so very, very happy that you have come into my heart. Never leave my heart, stay for ever and ever with me. Jesus, I love you so, I want to let myself go in your arms and do what you will with me … 0 loving Jesus, give me souls, give me a great many!. .. ”

“Today I was a bit naughty but you, good Jesus, take your child in your arms …but help me, because without your grace I can do nothing…help me with your grace, help me, for without your grace I can do nothing…I beg you, good Jesus, keep for me always grace of soul” … 

“Dear crucified Jesus, I love you and am so fond of you! I want to be with you on Calvary. Dear Jesus, tell God the Father that I love him, too. Dear Jesus, give me your strength for I need it to bear this pain that I offer for sinners.”

“Dear Jesus, tell the Holy Spirit to enlighten me with love and to fill me with his seven gifts. Dear Jesus, tell our Lady that I love her and want to be near her. Dear Jesus I want to tell you again how much I love you.”

Venerable Antonietta Meo (+1937), affectionately known as Nennolina, was six and a half years old when she died in Rome, Italy. Her reputation for sanctity spread immediately. Her cause for canonization is underway.

I love stories like this.  I love little holy souls like Little Nellie of Holy God and Venerable Ann de Guigne.  Little holy souls who love Our Lord so very much and who suffer so much for him, but with tremendous joy.  Reading their stories of suffering is very sad in a human sense, but glorious in the sense of the Divine.  Our Lord raises up some very young souls who are given tremendous Grace to be a witness to the rest of us of how pure our love for Him should be.  To see a little child stricken with bone cancer, or who has terrible tuberculosis, or some other ailment, and who doesn’t even cry but praises God for their sufferings – what a Grace. 

And yet I whine about a headache, or because I’m tired.  Oh, Lord, I pray I  may truly cooperate with your Grace!

Fr. Joseph Tuscan to preach Lenten Mission February 7, 2012

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Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM, Cap is a Capuchin friar of the Province of St. Augustine.  He preaches parish missions around the country with a particular focus in more traditional parishes.  He will preach a parish mission at Mater Dei parish in Irving on Sun-Wed February 26-29 (leap year!).   I believe the talks are all scheduled to start at 7pm, but I will confirm this.  The schedule for this year’s mission is as follows:

Fr. Joseph will be present to preach at all the Sunday Masses to begin the mission. During the four days of the mission Fr. Joseph will be available to preach at the daily Masses and/or give a short talk and be available for the Sacrament of Penance/Confession after the daily Masses. He will be available to speak to any of the groups in the parish including children and youth. He will also be available every afternoon at 3:00PM and after the evening talks for the Sacrament of Penance/Confession. The first three evenings of the mission, the mission talk is normally given before Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The talks are approximately 30 minutes in length, the entire service each evening lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour. The mission concludes with Holy Mass (Votive Mass of the Blessed Mother when possible) on Wednesday evening at 7:00PM.  The parish is asked to provide music for the evening services and final Mass.  Modifications to this schedule are at the discretion of the Pastor.
Sunday evening:
Monday evening:
———end schedule————-
I’ve had the priviledge to meet Fr. Tuscan OFM, Cap and to assist at several Masses offered by him.  He’s a very solid, orthodox priest with a strong Franciscan/Marian aspect to his talks.  He offers the TLM regularly.  He also does alot of work in support of Food for the Poor.
It should be a wonderful way to get Lent started in earnest!  I’m looking forward to it!

Awesome vocation talk last night February 7, 2012

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I had meant to blog on this yesterday morning, so readers who are local might have had a chance to participate, if so inclined, but the power outage and subsequent system crash made that impossible.  But last night at Mater Dei, there were presentations given by a man from the Laboure Society and by two brothers from the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

If you aren’t familiar with the Franciscans of the Immaculate, they are a Franciscan order which emulates – or is in the tradition of – the theology and philosophy of St. Maximilian Kolbe, and are thus profoundly Marian.  I have known about the Franciscans of the Immaculate for years and have always felt they are a really good, strong, orthodox order.  They also have a strong media presence – St. Maximilian Kolbe felt it was very important to use all forms of media possible to spread the Gospel, and so they have a magazine, they have a great website (actually, several), they broadcast videos on Youtube, etc.  They are a really good group.  When I mention orthodox religious orders that could be supported perhaps, instead of a problemetic parish or diocese, this is what I mean.  Both Fr. Jacinto, vocation director, and Brother Jorge who hails from Mater Dei, gave really good talks.   I did not know the Immaculates had so many communities in the US – they are in Connecticutt, Massachussetts, New York, Indiana, Wisconsin, and other states.  How about Texas?!

The Laboure Society, which I had never heard about before last night, helps vocations by paying off any debts a prospective religious or priests may have incurred prior to entering their order.  Many religious today have been to college, and most have debt associated with that period in college, often many thousands of dollars.  That debt can be a serious impediment towards these young people and their vocations, because often times religious orders, like mendicant Franciscans, do not have the resources to help pay off that debt.  And, sadly, our society is such that the debt collectors still come whether one plans to give one’s life totally over to God or not.  The Laboure Society, then, raises funds to help pay off these debts.  Thus far, they have assisted over 220 individuals who are now priests or religious!

It might be cool to help them out

The awesomeness of the traditional liturgical year – Septuagesima Sunday February 7, 2012

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Yesterday, in the traditional, pre-Vatican II calendar of the liturgical year, was Septuagesima Sunday.  A year ago, I didn’t even know what Septuagesima meant.  Now, I do, and I think this preparational time for Lent is awesome!  Septuagesima, as I just said, is a period of 3 weeks prior to the start of Lent, a time for getting ready for the greatest penitential season of the liturgical year, a time of voluntary fasting and mortification prior to the obligatory penances of Lent.   

I don’t know about you, but it used to be that, when Ash Wednesday rolled around, I was often caught unprepared.  I wasn’t really ready for the penitential aspects of Lent.  While I would assist at Mass on Ash Wednesday, frequently, I’d have a hard time getting going on the abstinence, fasting, and other penances until a few weeks into Lent.  Sometimes, I’d fall down so badly, mainly just through plain forgetting and being unprepared, that I’d give up on the penance I had planned and just sort of muddle through, not doing much of anything.

Well, Septuagesima helps prevent all that.  It’s sort of a warm up time for Lent, to get us prepared for that penitential season that in turns prepares our hearts, minds, and souls for the awesome feast time that comes with Easter!  It’s the accumulated wisdom of the Church over centuries providing a liturgical season that paves the way for another season, knowing the frailties of human nature.  And this post was supposed to be out yesterday, but a power failure killed it and others! 

You can read much more about Septuagesima here, at Ars Orandi, including hefty excerpts from Dom Prosper Gueranger’s awesome The Liturgical Year. 

The Sundays of Septugesima are named for their distance away from Easter:

  • The first Sunday of Septuagesima gives its name to the entire season as it is known as “Septuagesima.” “Septuagesima” means “seventy,” and Septuagesima Sunday comes roughly seventy days before Easter. This seventy represents the seventy years of the Babylonian Captivity. It is on this Sunday that the alleluia is “put away,” not to be said again until the Vigil of Easter.
  • The second Sunday of Septuagesima is known as “Sexagesima, which means “sixty”. Sexagesima Sunday comes roughly sixty days before Easter.
  • The third Sunday of Septuagesima is known as “Quinquagesima,” which means “fifty” and which comes roughly fifty days before Easter.

Quadragesima means “forty,” and this is the name of the first Sunday of Lent and the Latin name for the entire season of Lent.

Throughout this short Season and that of Lent (next Season) you will notice a deepening sense of penance and somberness, culminating in Passiontide (the last two weeks of Lent), that will suddenly and joyously end at the Vigil of Easter on Holy Saturday when the alleluia returns and Christ’s Body is restored and glorified.