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Obama plans to make HHS mandate issue a referendum on contraception February 9, 2012

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Jill Stanek links to a Washington Post article from a pro-abort insider who claims Obama is pursuing this HHS mandate to try to shore up waning support for abortion by tying it to contraceptive use.  The theory is a bit complicated, but it goes like this:

  • Support for abortion is declining rapidly.  Among the younger generation, the “intensity factor” for pro-lifers is much higher than it is for pro-aborts
  • Experience has shown, however, such as in some recent pro-Planned Parenthood protests focused on making contraception increasingly available, and the Mississippi Personhood Amendment, that if abortion is tied to contraception, the “intensity” flips and opposition to abortion collapses, because people fear losing their contraception
  • Therefore, Obama is trying to steer attention away from both the bad economy and abortion in the upcoming election, and making access to contraception a major point of debate.  He feels that American’s addiction to contraception will then swing a lot of independent voters his way

I’ve got to say, this is a diabolical plan that could have a great deal of success.  Already, Obama’s minions, like Catholics for Choice and Organizing for America are running around using the talking point that what the HHS mandate is really about is the terrible, repressive, cruel Catholic Church denying employees the “right” to have their contraception paid for by others.  When the Mississippi Personhood Amendment looked like a shoe-in to pass by overwhelming margins just a few weeks before the elections, Planned Barrenhood and other pro-abort organizations turned the tide incredibly successfully by claiming the Personhood Amendment would make contraception illegal (tacitly admitting that contraception does indeed often cause abortions).  The Amendment failed by a wide margin.  Do note that the Catholic bishops of Mississippi failed to endorse the Personhood Amendment.  Was that failure linked to contraception? 

That’s why the bishops are trying to frame the HHS mandate issue as one of religious liberty and staying far away from the contraception issue.  I think this is wrong on first principles, because the issue is only going to get worse as time goes by and more importantly, contraceptive use is intrinsically evil and must be opposed, but may make some political sense.  The bishops probably have polling that shows them that taking on contraception would cause the wide support they now enjoy to evaporate.  That is how deeply this insidious practice has crept into the American consciousness – there is literally little else that Americans hold more dear than their contraceptive use.  It’s going to take decades of determined, steady effort to turn this around, just as it has taken decades to get support abortion to dramatically weaken.

Well!  You didn’t have anything to do for the next 40 years, did you?  We won’t get abortion made illegal in this country until the addiction to contraception is broken.  We have a great deal of work to do.

OH, and check this out!  The dying mainline protestant churches, sects which have drunk in the mythology surrounding contaceptive use more deeply than just about any others, have endorsed the Obama HHS mandate. I wish these denominations could somehow understand that it is their endorsement of lockstep liberalism that is causing them to die off.  Perhaps such was inevitable given their very foundation and their refusal to accept the Church Christ founded.

I think we need to hear this sermon again:



Shock! Liberal paragon behaves like………..liberal paragon February 9, 2012

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Wait until the stories about Barack Obama break after he’s out of office.  Disobedience to or rejection of traditional morality in a political or public sense is often fired by unchastity or disordered desires in one’s personal life. 

Note, the below is for adults, and probably those with very sensitive conscience may not want to read.  It is sadly lascivious, but I want to cover it, because I have felt an antipathy for this charlatan for years.

But, enough about me! (uhhhh……), there has been much coverage of the fact that a woman has come forward to describe her lurid, abusive affair with President John (my Catholicism will have no impact on my governance) Kennedy.  How tawdry.  What a boor.  He passed her around to his brother and a friend, in JFK’s presence.  What a complete sicko:

According to the very believable Ms. Alford, President John F. Kennedy knowingly took her virginity after luring her into his bedroom when she was a newly hired 19 year-old White House intern. Shockingly, this all happened on the first day that she met the man she always referred to as Mr. President.

During the course of the 18-month affair, Mimi was sometimes chauffeured between her college and the White House or other places to be at the President’s beck and call – sometimes waiting for hours at a time alone in a hotel room. Over the course of their secret affair, he gave her drugs at a party and asked her to perform humiliating acts on both his special assistant and his younger brother, Teddy. [It’s abusive, to me, for any grown man, well into his 40s, to have a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, even though she was technically an adult.  But giving her drugs and passing her around to your sicko, treasonous brother (or trying to), is even worse.  Add in the fact he was the President, and had thus enormous power and influence, and it establishes this relationship as clearly abusive]

All the video of the interview is here.

Kennedy was a dilettante and a liar, to boot.  He ran on a platform that President Eisenhower had let the US defense posture slip badly against the Soviets, claiming that the Soviets had an advantage in strategic nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.  He knew that claim was utterly false prior to the campaign (he had been briefed in on U-2 and Corona – the US held a massive advantage at that point), but continued to use it.  Apparently, he internalized that lie, because at the Vienna Conference with Kruschev, Kennedy acted like the United States was in a weak, inferior position, and he let Kruschev run all over him.  This weakness precipitated the Berlin Crisis and later the far more dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis.  Kennedy then handled the October crisis like a terrified school girl.  The guy and his entire administration was a group of self-aggrandizing amateurs.

Why does it seem there are certain women who just can’t refuse a man of power, wealth, and/or influence?  All the tales make this woman sound like she knew she was being used, that this man was perverse and nasty, and yet she lets it go on?  She let him do what he wanted to do within a few minutes of meeting him.  And it’s not like she’s the only one in history.  Kennedy alone had dozens, maybe hundreds. What’s up with that? 

And even 50 years later, she’s crying about how he treated her like a Kleenex.  It’s sad to see how devastated she still is, how conflicted, how she still relishes the memory of the attention he gave her while being repulsed at how she was used.  What an apropos encapsulation of so much of the culture of sexual license that has grown up in this country – not only was she being used, she was apparently prepared to abort her child if she had turned up pregnant.  Killing your child, so this guy could keep abusing you and countless others?

I’ve never understood why women found this guy so attractive. I think that’s a boomer thing, I’ve always thought he looked freakish.

I’m so unsurprised that this “royalty” of the democrat party, with such behavior, then became the main agents of making abortion on demand legal in this country.  Catholycs.

Giving credit where due February 9, 2012

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Dr. Ed Peters, noted canonist, who made some truly bewildering arguments regarding Michael Voris, RealCatholicTV and the Archdiocese of Detroit, is more on target today with an analysis of the Nancy Pelosi situation and her constant, repeated apostasy from the Faith.  Peters has concluded, and I strongly concur, that if Nancy Pelosi does not warrant excommunication (or at least denial of the Blessed Sacrament), then discipline is completely meaningless:

As a canon lawyer, my view is that Nancy Pelosi deserves to be deprived of holy Communion as the just consequence of her public actions; as her fellow Catholic, my view is that Nancy Pelosi deserves to be deprived of holy Communion to bring home to her and to the wider faith community the gravity of her conduct and the need to avoid such conduct altogether or, that failing, at least to repent of it. Quickly.

In March 2010, I expressed the view that Nancy Pelosi’s protracted and public anti-life conduct, which she repeatedly justifies with (twisted takes on) the Catholic faith, sufficed, in my view, to bring about her debarment from the reception of holy Communion under Canon 915.

If Pelosi’s “prolonged public conduct does not qualify as obstinate perseverance in manifest grave sin,” I wrote two years ago, “then, in all sincerity, I must admit to not knowing what would constitute obstinate perseverance in manifest grave sin.”

It’s now February of 2012, and nothing in Pelosi’s conduct over the last 23 months suggests any emendation of her attitudes toward killing unborn babies, etc., etc., etc. Indeed her recent call for Catholics qua Catholics to unite behind, of all things!, President Obama’s plan to impose immoral policies on private medical insurance plans—which call provoked this moving cri de coeur from Fr. Zuhlsdorf—suggests that Pelosi’s views, like Pharaoh’s heart, have only hardened with time.

Canon 915as I and others have explained many times, is not about impositions on individual conscience, it’s about public consequences for public behavior. [PUBLIC behavior.] It’s about taking people at their word and acknowledging the character of their actions. It’s about not pretending that people don’t really mean what they repeatedly say and what they repeatedly do.

Nancy Pelosi obviously means exactly what she says, and she regularly backs up her words with deeds. She deserves to be taken seriously. Very seriously.

I have been told, by a source reasonably well placed, that there are two reasons no action has ever been taken against Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, the Kennedys, Joe Biden Murkowski, and numerous other apostate Catholic political leaders – one, there is still a faction of bishops at the USCCB opposed to any enforcement of discipline, and they have kept in place a “rule” that prohibits an individual bishop from doing so (which is ridiculous, as the USCCB has no authority, but it would mean that any bishop so doing would be ostracized and denied plum assignments and, so important, political “connections”), and two, the USCCB and individual bishops have been warned they will lose their cherished tax-exempt status and government checks if they made such a move.

Wow – so souls will likely be lost, and enormous, incalculable scandal caused the faithful, because of group-think, the desire to be political “players,” and concerns over paying taxes? 

Yes, our bishops need many, many prayers.  This ongoing, egregious scandal, is a situation that cries out to Heaven for redress.

Novena to the Holy Face February 9, 2012

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Just a reminder, start the Novena to the Holy Face on Sunday, February 12.  Here is a link to a long version of the Novena, it’s too long to put in a post. 

And here is a link to the Holy Face Association!  Get your Novena on!