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Obama plans to make HHS mandate issue a referendum on contraception February 9, 2012

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Jill Stanek links to a Washington Post article from a pro-abort insider who claims Obama is pursuing this HHS mandate to try to shore up waning support for abortion by tying it to contraceptive use.  The theory is a bit complicated, but it goes like this:

  • Support for abortion is declining rapidly.  Among the younger generation, the “intensity factor” for pro-lifers is much higher than it is for pro-aborts
  • Experience has shown, however, such as in some recent pro-Planned Parenthood protests focused on making contraception increasingly available, and the Mississippi Personhood Amendment, that if abortion is tied to contraception, the “intensity” flips and opposition to abortion collapses, because people fear losing their contraception
  • Therefore, Obama is trying to steer attention away from both the bad economy and abortion in the upcoming election, and making access to contraception a major point of debate.  He feels that American’s addiction to contraception will then swing a lot of independent voters his way

I’ve got to say, this is a diabolical plan that could have a great deal of success.  Already, Obama’s minions, like Catholics for Choice and Organizing for America are running around using the talking point that what the HHS mandate is really about is the terrible, repressive, cruel Catholic Church denying employees the “right” to have their contraception paid for by others.  When the Mississippi Personhood Amendment looked like a shoe-in to pass by overwhelming margins just a few weeks before the elections, Planned Barrenhood and other pro-abort organizations turned the tide incredibly successfully by claiming the Personhood Amendment would make contraception illegal (tacitly admitting that contraception does indeed often cause abortions).  The Amendment failed by a wide margin.  Do note that the Catholic bishops of Mississippi failed to endorse the Personhood Amendment.  Was that failure linked to contraception? 

That’s why the bishops are trying to frame the HHS mandate issue as one of religious liberty and staying far away from the contraception issue.  I think this is wrong on first principles, because the issue is only going to get worse as time goes by and more importantly, contraceptive use is intrinsically evil and must be opposed, but may make some political sense.  The bishops probably have polling that shows them that taking on contraception would cause the wide support they now enjoy to evaporate.  That is how deeply this insidious practice has crept into the American consciousness – there is literally little else that Americans hold more dear than their contraceptive use.  It’s going to take decades of determined, steady effort to turn this around, just as it has taken decades to get support abortion to dramatically weaken.

Well!  You didn’t have anything to do for the next 40 years, did you?  We won’t get abortion made illegal in this country until the addiction to contraception is broken.  We have a great deal of work to do.

OH, and check this out!  The dying mainline protestant churches, sects which have drunk in the mythology surrounding contaceptive use more deeply than just about any others, have endorsed the Obama HHS mandate. I wish these denominations could somehow understand that it is their endorsement of lockstep liberalism that is causing them to die off.  Perhaps such was inevitable given their very foundation and their refusal to accept the Church Christ founded.

I think we need to hear this sermon again:




1. Kevin Shook (@DFWSHOOK) - February 10, 2012

Now we understand what motivated George Steponopolis to question Rick Santorum about contraception.

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