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Shock! Liberal paragon behaves like………..liberal paragon February 9, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Dallas Diocese, disaster, General Catholic, horror, sadness, scandals, sickness, Society.

Wait until the stories about Barack Obama break after he’s out of office.  Disobedience to or rejection of traditional morality in a political or public sense is often fired by unchastity or disordered desires in one’s personal life. 

Note, the below is for adults, and probably those with very sensitive conscience may not want to read.  It is sadly lascivious, but I want to cover it, because I have felt an antipathy for this charlatan for years.

But, enough about me! (uhhhh……), there has been much coverage of the fact that a woman has come forward to describe her lurid, abusive affair with President John (my Catholicism will have no impact on my governance) Kennedy.  How tawdry.  What a boor.  He passed her around to his brother and a friend, in JFK’s presence.  What a complete sicko:

According to the very believable Ms. Alford, President John F. Kennedy knowingly took her virginity after luring her into his bedroom when she was a newly hired 19 year-old White House intern. Shockingly, this all happened on the first day that she met the man she always referred to as Mr. President.

During the course of the 18-month affair, Mimi was sometimes chauffeured between her college and the White House or other places to be at the President’s beck and call – sometimes waiting for hours at a time alone in a hotel room. Over the course of their secret affair, he gave her drugs at a party and asked her to perform humiliating acts on both his special assistant and his younger brother, Teddy. [It’s abusive, to me, for any grown man, well into his 40s, to have a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, even though she was technically an adult.  But giving her drugs and passing her around to your sicko, treasonous brother (or trying to), is even worse.  Add in the fact he was the President, and had thus enormous power and influence, and it establishes this relationship as clearly abusive]

All the video of the interview is here.

Kennedy was a dilettante and a liar, to boot.  He ran on a platform that President Eisenhower had let the US defense posture slip badly against the Soviets, claiming that the Soviets had an advantage in strategic nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.  He knew that claim was utterly false prior to the campaign (he had been briefed in on U-2 and Corona – the US held a massive advantage at that point), but continued to use it.  Apparently, he internalized that lie, because at the Vienna Conference with Kruschev, Kennedy acted like the United States was in a weak, inferior position, and he let Kruschev run all over him.  This weakness precipitated the Berlin Crisis and later the far more dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis.  Kennedy then handled the October crisis like a terrified school girl.  The guy and his entire administration was a group of self-aggrandizing amateurs.

Why does it seem there are certain women who just can’t refuse a man of power, wealth, and/or influence?  All the tales make this woman sound like she knew she was being used, that this man was perverse and nasty, and yet she lets it go on?  She let him do what he wanted to do within a few minutes of meeting him.  And it’s not like she’s the only one in history.  Kennedy alone had dozens, maybe hundreds. What’s up with that? 

And even 50 years later, she’s crying about how he treated her like a Kleenex.  It’s sad to see how devastated she still is, how conflicted, how she still relishes the memory of the attention he gave her while being repulsed at how she was used.  What an apropos encapsulation of so much of the culture of sexual license that has grown up in this country – not only was she being used, she was apparently prepared to abort her child if she had turned up pregnant.  Killing your child, so this guy could keep abusing you and countless others?

I’ve never understood why women found this guy so attractive. I think that’s a boomer thing, I’ve always thought he looked freakish.

I’m so unsurprised that this “royalty” of the democrat party, with such behavior, then became the main agents of making abortion on demand legal in this country.  Catholycs.


1. Old School Gamer Dad - February 9, 2012

Truly sickening. We as fathers have a heavy burden to ensure that our daughters are given the tools to discern well their vocations and are morally strong enough to resist the advances of evil. Lord, help us!

2. Jeff Spalding - February 9, 2012

It wasn’t until my late twenty’s that I shockingly heard rumors that Kennedy was involved in adulterous affairs. I was taught that he was a great president, one of lofty status, and that he was a “Catholic”, particulary of great interest to me, being a Catholic. Even my parents thought him to be a great man. Then I learned more about the Bay of Pigs invasion, let down by his poor decision making. Then the Marilyn Monroe thing. In my thirties, I saw a video of a young Bill Clinton shaking Kennedy’s hand at some event with a lot of other young men. Then came the Lewinski scandal. Then I saw, to me at least, the striking physical similarities between the two “presidents” (hate to refer to those two with that title).
Of all the events in history that have let me down, the image of Kennedy in my younger years is the greatest. I am convinced, and how could it be otherwise, that people like Kennedy, Clinton and Obama have the USA welfare as last of their list of priorities. Power at others expense is the supreme goal to men like this. Its the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” trap.

In the end, God our Father, wins. I pray that our next president is the major turnaround in accomplishing this victory.

Pray for Rick Santorum!!

tantamergo - February 9, 2012

My prior protestant background I don’t think has much impact on my distaste for Kennedy. But my prior work in military analysis absolutely does, and in professional circles, he is derided as just what I called him – an amateur, a dilletante, he and his sidekick Strange McNamara, the most disastrous SecDef of all time. So, I’m biased, but what he did was just gross. He bedded hundreds of women.

3. Janet Baker - February 10, 2012

How do we know this woman is telling the truth? She seems to have no evidence except for her memory. Why help her promulgate what could well be sins of detraction and even calumny? Bear in mind that JFK’s regretable patterns of adultery do not constitute irrefutable evidence to corroborate Ms Alford’s specific accusations.

Woody - February 10, 2012

I thought all women told the truth, Janet?

tantamergo - February 10, 2012

She seemed very straightforward to me, the fact that she ran from the first release of this data in 2003 and went into hiding, essentially, to avoid the scandal, and then finally realized that the secret was consuming her life, makes sense to me. As to whether all the details are verifiable, no, but it rang true to me. But as I mentioned, I’m biased.

There is no doubt Kennedy had numerous affairs. Sorry, he did. His biographers have all noted this. He was not faithful, he had an almost pathological need to conquer women. This latest revelation fits in with a long known history.

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