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If we’re going to have a conversation about contraception….. February 29, 2012

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…..we also need to talk about disordered use of NFP ,which I fear is very widespread.  I knew of this sermon a few weeks ago, and meant to post on it, so I was grateful when Dr. Jay B reminded me of it today incidentally.  It’s audio only, but very worth listening to. 


In certain locales, or within certain groups of Catholics, NFP is frequently sold as something which is, in practice, Catholic contraception.  I have heard certain radio personalities on EWTN talk about couples using contraception for the duration of their marriage, having “discerned” that God wants them to have no children or 2 children spaced exactly 4.5 years apart like mom did, or whatever.  Such a use of NFP could potentially be moral, but it’s also a great temptation to “discern” just exactly what you prefer.  And what do we then miss?

Yesterday’s Vortex covers the main topic of contraception, and how a young woman “educated” in Jesuit schools and presently matriculating at the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERCIA!!!!!!! justifies her contraceptive use, up to and including happily taking abortifacient “emergency contraception.”

(Sorry, got the video embedded right this time).

Do note that in spite of her apparent profligate contraceptive use, she still became worried she was pregnant, and had to resort to an abortifacient.  I love it how the good Jesuits just assume kids are fornicating. How wonderful.  To think that this is the order that largely saved the Church after the protestant revolt – it’s a tragedy how they’ve fallen.

I can say that Karalen’s understanding and practice of the Faith is on a par with another young lady I came across some months ago who also has been edumacated at Jesuit schools.  I mean, the same utter lack of understanding of the faith, the same moral indifferentism, the same reduction of the Church down to a feel good social service agency – it’s all there. 

I’m certain it’s just a coincidence. 

This is one of the best Vortex episodes I’ve ever seen.


1. Marguerite - March 1, 2012

Michael Voris the modern St. Joan of Arc. Wouldn’t the liberal Bishops want to put him to the stake for his statements!

2. Cori - March 1, 2012

“No Karalen, it hasn’t.”

If I could eat all the idiotic things I said when I was her age. But, even in all my stupidity, I would NEVER have admitted, especially in public, that I had or was currently having sex with someone who I wasn’t happy to raise a child with….and that’s when I was drinking all the time and wasn’t yet Catholic. Why aren’t women embarrassed of being this easy?

3. Mary - March 1, 2012

Did she call herself Catholic? did she get permission from her bishop?

The church “shepherds” are doing their best to keep good orthodox people – Voris, Fr. Rodriguez, etc – from speaking the Truth, yet allow (encourage?) such rotten teaching as demonstrated here at so-called Catholic universities, in our parishes, through books, all throughout – it’s everywhere you look. In fact, it’s difficult to sort through all the Catholic information available to find ones that are truly in obedience with our Catholic Faith.

tantamergo - March 1, 2012

Bwaahaahaa – good one!

We all have to stop calling ourselves Catholic until we get permission.

4. KathiBee - March 1, 2012

Cori – my thoughts exactly when I read this piece. She is admitting -and not sheepishly – to being engaged in some amount of pre-marital relations which I guess she thinks the Church is OK w/? So maybe she hadn’t heard about contraception (not a surprise), but really, she hasn’t heard of the 6th commandment???? And she doesn’t feel immoral using birth control, and I’m assuming since she’s publishing on CNN she doesn’t feel immoral violating the 6th commandment either.

Oh that the Bishops would do as Matt (or was it Patrick) Archbold suggested — take a year off of homilies and just do a year of truth-delivering sermons.

5. Woody - March 2, 2012

Karalen has nothing on the Georgetown law student who testified at some senate hearing how tough it is to go to law school and have to pay for the pill. After hearing her testimony, she must be a VERY popular girl. How can she go back to school with her head up? How must her parents feel? How proud the dean of the catholic law school and the president of the catholic university must feel.

tantamergo - March 2, 2012

Yes, I’ve seen that story and thought about posting on it, but it was so widely covered decided not to. That was a really sad deal.

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