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Pope Benedict XVI on abortion, modernism February 29, 2012

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I picked this up on Bishop Rene Gracida’s site, a commenter quoting Pope Benedict XVI:

  . . . the implicit goal of all of modernistic struggles for freedom is to be at last like a god who depends on nothing and no one, whose own freedom is not restricted by that of another. . . this desire presupposes not an image of God but an idol.” [Essential Pope Benedict XVI, 347]. And who might that idol be, I wonder?

The Pope goes on to say: “The question of abortion. In the radicalization of the individualistic tendency of the Enlightenment, abortion appears as a right of freedom: the woman must be able to take charge of herself. She must have the freedom to decide whether she will bring a child into the world or rid herself of it. She must have the power to make decision about her own life, and no one else can–so we are told–impose from the outside any ultimately binding norm. What is at stake is the right to self-determination. [Op Cit, 346]. The woman who aborts does not acknowledge that she and the child are “from” God. Nor does she acknowledge that she and the child are “for” God. This is the concept of total freedom. Historically, who other than Satan has dared to say that they are not “from” anyone or “for” anyone, but themselves?

Liberals are fond of calling the Middle Ages the “Dark Age.” I think I know a Dark Age when I see one and I’m looking at one right now.

I, and many others of those who are serious about the Christian faith, share this view.  I don’t know precisely where this culture is headed, but it looks like a very dark, demonic path.

The eternal temptation – “that you should be as gods.”  If only, they say.  If only we allow women to abort, can women be “free.”  If only we allow the government to control all aspects of our lives can we prosper and be “liberated.”  If only we engage in government-supported and -approved sexual debauchery, can we find happiness.  If only we kill God and His terrible, guilt-inducing, freedom-inhibiting influence, will society finally advance.

Yes, yes.  It’s been tried many times before.  The result is always disaster and misery.  But it appears the world is ready to have a go at godlessness again.  I pray for God’s mercy for all of us.  Sometimes, God does something to divert the world’s headlong descent into darkness.

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