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What the?!?! Lesbians 2x more likely to have abortions? March 1, 2012

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Either these ladies are very confused (which, they are), or there’s a whole lot of people signing up for fertilization and then changing their minds, but in a “religion piece” written by a gay “minister” in a very gay-friendly website it is claimed that lesbian women have twice as many abortions as heterosexual women, and, oh, by the way, abortion is a blessing!

Did you know that, according to the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey, lesbian and bisexual young women are more than twice as likely as their heterosexual peers to experience unintended pregnancy? [Ok, so that includes bi-sexuals, so perhaps this is more about wanton promiscuity and general amorality] Do you know queer-identified women who have had an abortion at any point in their life? Do you think people feel safe to tell you their experiences with abortion? Are you able to talk openly about the ways abortions can be transformative and liberating for many people? [What are you talking about?  This guy, this ostensible “christian” minister, is talking about the deliberate killing of a child YOU conceived as being some wonderful spiritually transformative path that wonderful holy people walk.  Give me a break] What questions about abortion are you comfortable with, and which ones make you anxious or angry?

Abortion is a blessing & there’s more work to be done

Concluding her powerful sermon to abortion-rights activists and clergy, Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale [see here] proclaimed boldly, “These are the two things I want you, please, to remember — abortion is a blessing and our work is not done.Too often those of us who support the right of an individual to make choices about their bodies [and the bodies of perfectly innocent others] end up making apologies for the existence of abortion. [Yes, you should, because it’s the most horrific barbarity this side of Birkenau and the slippery slope is already leading to calls for the killings of millions more] We tell ourselves and others that these practical medical procedures are emotionally damaging and cause deep hardships. [Could that be because…….they do?] Rev. Ragsdale encourages us to think and act differently. [like anti-Christian radicals completely departed from morality?] Just as the beauty of new life is miraculous, [when we want it to be, but it’s completely disposable when we don’t] so too is it miraculous for someone to choose to live their lives the way they want to. [by being lesbian, errrr, I guess, and then……having their child, or someone else’s child implanted inside them, killed] Abortions are a beautiful gift that allows people who become pregnant to make a choice about how their bodies will exist in the world. [And savagely destroys an innocent child’s body -but it’s all good to mom, until the depression and self-loathing set in]

Thus, the good Rev. Jason.  I wonder if he’s never read huge sections of the Old Testament, where God’s opobrium repeatedly falls on the unfaithful Israelites for engaging in the brutal child-sacrifice of the moloch worshipping Canaanites, and how the Jews suffered tremendously for these acts of barbarity?  Or is it just all rationalized away in the finest traditions of modernism?



1. Aunt Melanie - March 2, 2012

Abortion is regarded as a “blessing” because it is viewed from the very warped and brainwashed idea of “women’s reproductive rights” and “women’s health.” This perspective is totally different from that of a Christian. So different, that reality is lost. It is about ME and MY RIGHTS, and you are ignorant and oppressive if you believe otherwise. This is a massive re-conditioning of human psychology generally and maternal emotions particularly. The only way an abortion could be “transformative” is if the individual repented and begged forgiveness. However, “transformative” in this instance probably means “empowerment” and “control.” Lesbians getting pregnant? And the mutual exclusivity of same-sex relationships and pregnancy is not even noticed–that is how entrenched this kind of thinking is.

2. Kevin Shook (@DFWSHOOK) - March 2, 2012

This makes my stomach turn.

3. Cori - March 2, 2012

Just a guess…but, it’s this kind of cold hardness that turns men off so completely…which is why these women can’t get a date with an actual man and have no other choice but to go lesbian. Just sayin’.

Kevin Shook (@DFWSHOOK) - March 2, 2012

I can’t imagine why any sane man would turn down starting a family with a woman who sees abortion as being “transformative and liberating”.

tantamergo - March 2, 2012

There is some evidence – some fairly compelling evidence – that there is some truth to what you say, that there are women who decide to follow that route out of deep shame over their self-image and appearance and perhaps because of numerous failures to attract men.

Troubled upbringings, especially a lack of a relationship with one’s father, are very strongly associated with homosexuality.

4. Aunt Melanie - March 2, 2012

Regarding troubled upbringings and the psychological reasons for homosexuality, it is possible that the lesbian had an adequate relationship with a more-or-less adequate father, and a poor relationship with a very dysfunctional or abusive mother. Her father becomes her role-model, because she does not want to turn out to be like her mother. As a child, she already begins to view males as good and she identifies with males because she also wants to be good. The same holds true for the gay man, except that he identifies with a mother who is more functional than the father and the gay man therefore disidentifies with his own sex.

I have also heard of women becoming lesbians after having been sexually abused: usually prolonged abuse such that they turn to other women as their only trusted source of love.

These causes or explanations, however, are no longer given credibility. Homosexuality is regarded as normal, or as an alternate lifestyle–not to be questioned or explained or changed. This is different, of course, from the abortion issue. There are no underlying psychological dynamics to abortion. Abortions used to be performed on women who were afraid to let others know about their pregnancy, and later it became a matter of convenience as society began to accept it as surgery rather than killing. Now, it is used as birth control and it is considered a right–very much confused with and politically manipulated to align with civil rights.

5. Woody - March 3, 2012

How about this perspective…Men have always had the upper hand in sexual relations. They don’t get pregnant. They can “fool around” and have no responsibility. This has bothered femanists. Thus, now they (the femanists) get to be just like the guys. “We can have our cake and eat it, too.” What they don’t realize is that the men they want to emulate are the guys that have no character, no sense of responsibility, no morals, no ethics, nothing! Equal rights with those types? Ladies, you sold your soul to the devil. Now get ready to pay the price.

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