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The lighter side of Michael Voris March 6, 2012

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Before I get to the heavy stuff later today or tomorrow (and much very heavy stuff there was), I wanted to give my appraisal of Michael Voris as a person and man.  Many people in media create a false image of themselves on the air.  The stories of the genial, jovial morning TV host who is a terror off the air are legion.  Not Michael Voris.  What you see in the many different programs offered on RealCatholicTV is what you get in real life.  In fact, he’s even better in real life, as he is very genuine, kind, fun-loving, and engaging.  My kids loved him.  Here are some photos of him telling some “scary” stories to my kids Sunday night (this is after a very full day of Mass, meeting many people, the conference, dinner afterwards, and he had gotten perhaps 3-4 hours of sleep the night before):

We had a lot of fun at dinner that night. Benedict somehow absconded with two cups of coffee and drank them all, and was crazy all night:

That’s friends Jordan H. at far left and Phillipa G. far right.

To say that Michael Voris is working tirelessly for the Faith would be quite an understatement.  He was working until 3 in the morning both nights he stayed with us.  He has literally travelled all around the world in the last month speaking to different groups and promoting and defending the Faith.  But even with all that travel and, I’m sure, great fatigue, Michael was always a pleasure to work with and easy to get along with.  He met dozens of people Sunday and always took time to talk with everyone who wanted to speak with him.  He was a Catholic gentleman through and through.



1. Mary - March 6, 2012

Wow! Those are really cool pictures of him.

2. thelarryd - March 6, 2012

Nice photos! He truly is a genuine gentleman, as I’ve come to know him these past few years.

3. Cori - March 7, 2012

Loved the food. Wish I could’ve stayed longer. Benedict is such a cutie I could just squeeze him.

tantamergo - March 7, 2012

And thank you for letting me hold Gabriel. He is a cute little guy, too – and I think I sense some early spunkiness.

4. Cori - March 7, 2012

Oh, and yes, very convivial….Michael is a lovely man. He seems an easy-going communicator on-air and he really is. Glad I got to chat with him about politics. He really should sleep more. I do not understand his dedication to the LACK of sleep. I would be a zombie with limbs falling off if I slept as little and did as much as he does.

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