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They finally got us! March 13, 2012

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Those demonrats and their contraception mandate.  They’ve finally figured our weak spot. They’ve finally figured how to shut us misogynist, antedeluvian agents of TEH PATRIARCY!11! up.  In response to our opposition to the contraception/abortifacient/sterilization mandate, a certain female state representative in Missouri is now proposing to block federal funding for vasectomies!  Oh………the horror!

Paul Friswold at the River Front Times is crowing over Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis County) introducing a bill to “only allow a man to have a vasectomy when doing so would protect him from serious injury or prevent his death.”

Rep. Newman did so, she thinks (and Paul Friswold of the RFT thinks) in retribution for the GOP attempting to outlaw birth control as part of its “war on women.” [Do these people really believe what they write?  There is no GOP attempt to “outlaw birth control.” That statement is so outrageously false as to be libelous.  What the Church, and many Republican lawmakers, are opposed to is the state FORCING private entities to pay for contraception, abortifacients, and sterilizations that are antithetical to their conscience and which Catholics believe are outright EVIL]

“Two can play at that game!” she thought. Only that’s not the game we’re playing.

This is what happens when you legislate based on your false premise…

Paul Friswold gloats:

“Also, [the legislation limiting vasectomies] could conceivably cause one of those right-wing bible-fondlers who are so certain that they have the authority to dictate what women can do with their bodies to choke on both indignation and irony. Bitter, bitter irony

My ability to express my incredulity at the hubris, the ignorance, and the hatred for religion and traditional morality routinely expressed by many on the left has reached the breaking point.  There are so many things wrong with the above statement.  Let’s list a few, from the Catholic perspective:

  1. No, shasat, we aren’t trying to dictate what “women do with their bodies.”  We are trying to keep them from committing a manifest grave evil, but we’re not going to force them.
  2. As opposed to forcing anyone to do anything, the Church simply does not want to have to pay for evil acts antithetical to the Doctrine of the Faith and the constant belief of 2000 years.  Obama is the one forcing matters here. Once again, the psychological projection of the left is astounding.
  3. We’re not “bible fondlers,” no matter what your particular perversions may lead you to believe.  I don’t want to know what you do with your books.
  4. Faithful Catholics are not upset at “denying” public funds to pay for acts of grave evil
  5. Not all of us are so wedded to contraception and libertine, degraded views of sexuality that this proposed law would cause us the slightest discomfiture.
  6. As for the Church, this legislation you are promoting is exactly what the Church would like to see occur.  The Church doesn’t want to pay for sterlizations of men any more than for women.  Thanks for helping us out.
  7. The entire comment – FAIL

As Thomas Peters notes, the irony is so thick you need a Stihl MS460 chain saw to cut it.  Far from “punishing’ us self-righteous misogynists attempting to force women into a lifetime of sexual slavery (also known as treating the gift of sexuality with great care, reverence, and awe within the marital embrace, always open to procreation, and upholding the dignity of women), this legislation achieves just the end we’d like to see – contraception, abortifacients, and sterlizations reduced at best to purely private functions never funded with public monies.  The Church is arguing that it should never have to pay for these services, which have always been viewed as the most serious of sins (i.e., they are evil by definition).  Soo….thanks for the assist!

But think on how the author, and this legislature, view this matter.  Everyone wants to be sterilized.  Everyone wants to utterly control their potential to procreate, no matter how decadent their sexual practices.  Everyone ‘knows’ that the government is the dispenser of goodies, rights, and privileges.  The greatest weapon the government has is the ‘denial’ of such privileges.  Only women-hating neanderthals would be opposed to the HHS mandate.

If there were a polar opposite to everything the Church proclaims to be good, and true, and holy, it would be the sentiment summarized above.  We’re in a fight to the finish.

If you think I’m exaggerating, some liberal women are planning a ‘sex strike.’  They won’t engage in promiscuous, or sterile, sex until……??????  Contraception is even more free and available?  Until the Church capitulates?   Once again, they’re actually doing the right thing but for entirely the wrong reasons.

One more data point – $1 abortions under Obamacare, and Obama plans to try to force all Americans to pay an abortion premium on their health care to subsidize that giveaway.  This man is satanic.  He must be stopped.

Taylor Marshall on what a Catholic USA would look like March 13, 2012

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Taylor Marshall is a convert from episcopalianism, and a professor at a local Catholic university.  He happens to go to the same parish that we do.  He’s written a post about what he feels the United States would look like if it were truly, faithfully Catholic.  It’s an interesting post, but a bit long.  Here are some of his visions for such a glorious America, all based on the Doctrine of the Faith and the natural law:

  • January 21, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, would be a perennial day of national penance.
  • Holy Matrimony would be honored and recognized as the most fundamental unit of American culture.
  • Large families would be encouraged and assisted through the US tax code.
  • The White House would no longer have a basketball court or bowling alley, but a glorious and beautiful chapel where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass would be celebrated daily by a presidential Catholic chaplain. [Eh…..it could have both]
  • Abortion, contraception, sodomy, euthanasia, and divorce would be illegal as these sins are contrary to the natural law. Of course, abused wives would be protected and assisted under law. [Should it be a law? It wouldn’t bother me…]
  • Public blasphemy and the abuse of the most holy name of Jesus would be forbidden in film, television, and music. Think about it: why is not okay to say the F-word on TV but actors are allowed to mock and blaspheme Jesus? Which is worse, abusing God’s name in vain or the F-word?  [Much of what passes for ‘freedom’ in this increasingly leftist dystopia is actually license of the worst kind.]

    The United States would have the greatest foster care system in the world. 

  • The Catholic Church, not the State, would organize and perform the Seven Corporal Acts of Mercy (feeding the poor, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, etc.)  [Woot!  I’m down with that!  Think of all the additional Grace that would flow into souls and the Church!]
  • All Holy Days of Obligation would become federal holidays and Days of Obligation would not be transferred to Sundays since they would become holidays for all citizens. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday would also become nationally recognized holidays.
  • The solemnity of the Immaculate Conception would be a day in which the American bishops and all the faithful annually consecrated the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. [yay!]
  • Mary under her title “Immaculate Conception” is currently the patroness of the United States. She would become featured on our national seal and on our currency.
  • Under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, the United States would become known for its Marian devotion in a way that would rival medieval France and England.  [absolutely!]
  • The principle of subsidiarity would apply to our economic and political arrangement – which would include things like the encouragement of local natural food, local water, local governance, etc. [local government, certainly.  Local food and water would depend entirely on the implementation.  Distributism is a suitable economic system for the 18th century.  How do individuals or small groups build and maintain a national power grid, or a $5 billion wafer fab or a $2 billion power plant,  just to name a few examples?]
  • The sin of usury in form of credit cards, school loans, and other disadvantaging lending policies would be criminalized as contrary to natural law. [This is interesting.  I might consider it a stretch to refer to these forms of payment as usury.  They are very inadvisable, but, they are also not required.  Maybe a stronger case for student loans than credit cards]
  • Our immigration policy would be firm, merciful and just by including a clear and regularized process for citizenship.
  • Pornography and even unwholesome advertisements and billboards would be outlawed. [I’m down with that]

Interesting list. A bit weighted towards what government would do, rather than what the people might do.  My list would include items like:

  • there would be such great devotion to our Blessed Mother, the Sacred Heart, the Saints, etc., that there would be public processions on many major holy days.  These processions would be like the (Macy’s parade+Rose Parade)x10
  • There would be Mass and Confession at every parish every day, and these Sacraments would be thronged
  • Catholic education would be truly Catholic, especially the higher or collegiate education system – there would be no question about the degree of the Faith practiced at colleges and universities
  • There would be a strong Catholic ethos throughout society.  People would know, comprehend, and live the Faith.  Thoughts of our eternal life would be foremost on our mind as much of the day as possible.
  • Religious life would be vibrant, huge, and strong, and form a very large part of both education and social services
  • Taxes would be much lower, but individual donations to Church and charity much, much higher
  • There would be books, TV, internet products, and film glorifying the Church and Her Saints, and these would be the top selling products.  There would be next to no interest in subjects or individuals hostile to the Faith
  • There would be all manner of sodalities dedicated to various Saints and our Blessed Mother

Taylor’s very good and interesting list (there are a number of additional items at his blog) is more oriented towards a top-down governmental approach.  Some of his items are somewhat arguable, as to whether the best course would be apply them with the force of the state.  But man is so interminably fallen, it might be the best recourse.

So, Commonweal, that leftist rag that in the past claimed the Cold War was caused by American militarism and not by Soviet expansionism and repression (they only want peace, they said), got wind of Taylor’s post and freaked out.  The comments are worse.  There is disbelief that anyone could even endorse what Taylor listed.  I find that very interesting.  Those opposed are rejecting a strong, public Catholic Church.  They harken back to those terrible days of the Middle Ages when the Church was the very core of the culture, the faithful knew and practiced the Faith to the greatest extent they could, and public virtue was a must. I can’t imagine what personal habits of sin would make one opposed to having the Church glorious and millions of additional souls on the best possible path of salvation.

Some very good videos from RealCatholicTV – UPDATED! March 13, 2012

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I haven’t posted any Vortex episodes by RealCatholic TV and performed by Michael Voris (remember – two separate entities!) since his visit a week ago.  In that time, Michael Voris has produced some very good Vortex episodes.  A couple for your perusal:

Wow, what an awesome video!

It is disturbing, heart-breaking to find lifelong Catholics, people who claim to hold the Faith dear, who have such a twisted view of humanity that they hold no scruples whatsoever regarding the wanton murder of millions of their brethren – in the womb and potentially outside, in the case of partial birth abortion and “born alive” murder by neglect.  That is a powerful diabolical force at work in our culture which is destroying souls and consuming our culture, such as it is.

Does anyone find it too strong to refer to satan as Obama’s master (willingly, consciously or no)?  I don’t.

An interesting thesis, but I would posit that disbelief in hell is not just a liberal phenomenon, but a widespread cultural phenomenon that transcends politics, race, or class.  Liberals may be somewhat more disinclined to believe in hell as a group, but there are plenty of conservatives – perhaps so-called – who don’t believe in it, either.  That’s why we have such enormous rates of contraceptive use, even among Catholics, porn use, adultery, divorce, etc., etc – people have been taught or convinced themselves that God is nothing more than a cosmic candy dispenser who expects nothing at all from us, save our bare existence, and will dole out all kinds of favors when we die.  That might be a somewhat extreme view, but it’s out there.  I’ve had a number of discussions with folks who believe just that.  And that is perhaps the major reason why sins of lust, sloth, and gluttony are so widespread in our society (say I, after having a big lunch….have mercy on me!). 

Interesting videos.  Not just railing against the evils of our time with much needed righteous indignation, but thought provoking, especially the first.

We really got to enjoy some good times with Michael Voris.  My wife and I had several long conversations with him.  One thing he noted is how much more they could do with more funding.  The best form of funding for RealCatholicTV is subscriber memberships.  Subscriber memberships allow RCTV to expect a regular base revenue, forecast for the future, make plans for growth, etc.  While individual donations are wonderful, they are difficult to plan around. 

I know I ask a great deal of my readers.  Probably no other blog I know of, at least in the Catholic blogosphere, blegs for money as much as I do (never for me, for other, more worthy apostolates!) But I do feel to ask if, in your charity, you could sign up for a membership at RealCatholicTV.  It’s only $10 per month.  And while you may think you see it all with the Vortex videos, that is simply not the case – there are literally hundreds of other videos on the site, from the formational One True Faith series to the Saint of the Day and other historical videos to in depth interviews of Catholic figures – the breadth of the content is phenomenal. 

I don’t want to beat you down, but my only problem with my subscription to the site is I don’t have time to watch even a majority of the content.

UPDATE:  I love it when I get these little gifts of humiliation.  Thank you, Lord!  The subscription site, which I failed to link above, is here.

Raquel Welch – this culture is too sex obsessed for me March 13, 2012

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Good grief, when you’ve got Racquel Welch saying that, you know we’re in trouble! (don’t go to link if you don’t want to see a photo of Ms. Welch scantily clad, and the below is not for kids):

I think we’ve gotten to the point in our culture where we’re all sex addicts, literally,” Welch, 71, tells Men’s Health. “We have equated happiness in life with as many orgasms as you can possibly pack in.” …

“I think this era of porn is at least partially responsible for it. Where is the anticipation and the personalization? It’s an exploitation of the poor male’s libidos. Poor babies — they can’t control themselves!” …[That is false. While many lost in sin have no sanctifying Grace flowing into them, they are still capable of withdrawing themselves from these actions which can become addictions.  Actual Grace is still available to them.]

“I don’t care if I’m becoming one of those old fogies who says, ‘Back in my day we didn’t have to hear about sex all the time.’ They’re ruining us with all the explanations and the graphicness,” she tells Men’s Health. …[There is a fair bit of hypocrisy here, since, while Ms. Welch may not have done the kinds of depraved simulated (or actual?) sex acts one sees even in many ostensibly “non-pornographic” movies today, she certainly helped move the ball forward with her own actions, in her own time.  She helped contribute to this overweening obsession with sex]

Says Welch: “Nobody remembers what it’s like to be left to form your own ideas about what’s erotic and sexual.”

This is definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but even the pot can have a point to make.  I was reading some other news story, on a major news website, earlier today, and I was mortified by some twitter feed or some other thing that showed the pictures of followers for that site.  Not one, but two of the pics of the followers were of the most degraded pornography you can imagine. I’m not talking about just a nude photo, I’m talking full on hardcore.  What kind of world do we live in when people would feel no shame about attaching a porn pic to whatever social network site they’re on, as their identity?  I don’t know what social network site that would even allow that, but there they were, on the feed at the Today show entertainment page, of all things.  We have fallen very, very far.

A priest told me a story once.  He described the small town where he grew up, in a very rural area.  At some point, some man decided to open a porn shop in the town.  The bishop of the area responded immediately, directing priests and faithful to picket outside the shop, to call out anyone they knew entering the place (this was a small town), to write letters to the newspaper, etc.  The result is that the shop closed down in a few weeks.  This was around 30 years ago.

We have massive Catholic resources in this area.  We are told there are over 1 million Catholics in the Diocese.  We also sadly have many strip clubs and porn shops in the city.  What if the great potential of this mass of Catholics were harnessed to oppose this moral degradation, this satanic influence, in our city?  What if we were challenged by our Church leadership to oppose these open sewers of evil in our midst?  I can’t help but think that we could at the least cause business at these places to drop, if not drive them out of business. 

Right now, driving down I-35 south of 635 is a near occasion of sin because of all the billboards for porn houses, strip clubs, massage parlors, and other dens of iniquity.  At one time, the unquestioned moral authority of the Church and the active practice of the Faith by her many members would have made even the existence of these places problematic, but now they are incredibly common.  They exist because we tolerate them.  What an amazing thing it would be to hear a sermon denoucing these houses of sin and exhorting the faithful to protest their existence.  I know, we have so many things to fight, some may ask if we should perhaps spend our energies elsewhere, and perhaps they’re right.  But there are also many faithful, and the help of the Holy Spirit is infinite.  It would, to me, be refreshing to see and hear very strong denunciations of these evils regularly from every pulpit, from the chancery, in the diocesan newspaper, etc. 

I have read on some blogs recently that people are tired of fighting battles.  Some faithful Catholics feel that they have done more than their share, and they want the bishops to use their leadership role more effectively.  I understand that complaint.  Sometimes, the faithful have been left to feel like a crew without a captain.  But do not let that dismay any of us.  We have been given the Grace of God, which continually refreshes and renews us.  If we feel tired of the fight, return to the Sacraments, that ever flowing source of strength for all of us.  Such exhaustion could be a sign of spiritual fatigue, and a warning of a need to renew oneself.  Either way, the Sacraments should always be our first recourse for spiritual strength.

As for me, I have not yet even begun to fight.

Obama’s audacious hypocrisy astounds March 13, 2012

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He’s been waging a total war on the Catholic Church unseen in this country’s history, and not seen on the world stage since Hitler, Bismarck’s Kulturkampf, and the French Revolution.  But this shasat (it’s an anagram!) now has the gall to claim that using religion as a political weapon is despicable:

President Obama warned against “using religion as a bludgeon in politics,” pushing back against critics who have accused him of waging a “war on religion” through recent policy decisions.

Obama said it’s a problem when religion is used “to divide, instead of bring the country together” in an interview that aired Monday on Iowa TV. [Wow….Iowa TV. Obama’s playing in the big leagues now!]

“When we start using religion as a bludgeon in politics, we start questioning other people’s faith, we start using religion to divide, instead of bring the country together, then I think we’ve got a problem,” Obama told Des Moines’s local NBC affiliate, Who TV.

Thus, what has been termed by some as the ‘affirmative-action’ president.  This guy has had the rules bent to his catering for so long he is no longer capable of recognizing even treatment.  It’s fine for him to use religion as a weapon, or to attack a specific religion ferociously, but don’t you dare do so, or even fight back!  No, no…….then you’re “using religion as a weapon!”  And who has practiced the politics of division more in this country’s history than this man?  Uhh……narcisism, anyone?

Ever since this administration came into power 3+ long years ago, they have repeatedly scaled new heights in psychologocial projection – constantly attributing ‘evils’ in others which they themselves are committing rampantly.  It is as amazing as it is disturbing to view.  And yet, it seems more and more one of the core aspects of our current day self-anointed elites.  We’re getting to the point that it’s difficult to recognize truth anymore.