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It’s time to get busy fighting the culture of death March 14, 2012

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I’ll have two consecutive posts on upcoming rallies to fight the culture of death.  Number 1 – this Friday at Dallas City Hall, the Pro-Life Action League is hosting a rally to stand up for religious freedom (in opposition to the Obamacare contraception/sterilization/abortifacient  mandate) NEXT FRIDAY, March 23!  I’m sorry I’m late getting a post out on this, I knew of this a couple of days ago but forgot to post on it!  Because I’m hard-headed and devoted scrupulously to MY little posting agenda.

The rally is from noon to 1 and ties in with efforts ongoing nationwide in support of the rights of the Church, our God-given right to freely practice our religion, and in opposition to the evils Obama is attempting to foist on the Church (at least, that will be my intent if I’m able to go).

You can sign up at the Facebook page here. Fight the power!  Rage against the machine!  Stand up to da’ man!  Taking this part in this rally is a spiritual work of both mercy and justice, and is a good Lenten adder.


1. Cori - March 15, 2012

This Friday is March 17th. It’s cool, mon.

tantamergo - March 15, 2012

We’re both wrong! This Friday is March 16!

2. Cori - March 16, 2012

Oops! Well, TGIF!

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