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I don’t know what’s wrong with the blog…… March 21, 2012

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….it’s 1999 all over again!  It looks like the old Netscape days!

This is a wordpress thing.  It seems to be affecting all wordpress blogs.

Video roundup March 21, 2012

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Awesome – the movie which ran under the title “Christiada” a year or two ago is now to be released as For Greater Glory:

US release June 1 2012.  Might go see that!

Another video  – Fr. Michael Rodriguez on Judas Iscariot and the wolves ravening the Church:


Which is worse………. March 21, 2012

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………..to offend God and scandalize the faithful, or to infringe on someone’s (theoretical) rights?  A canon lawyer other than Ed Peters has reveiwed the Fr. Guarnizo case, and highlights the fact that, historically, the situation involving the lesbian buddhist demanding the Blessed Sacrament would have been much more cut and dried:

Dr. Peters talks about the importance of interpreting canon law in continuity with the tradition of the Church.  To that I say ‘Amen’……..So to continue in that vein, and to bring home with one more citation the seriousness of the divine precept underlying c. 915, let’s reference yet one more authority—an older one.  Here is Rev. James O’Kane’s 1867 commentary, Notes on the Rubrics of the Roman Ritual, p. 380:
“[Public sinners] are not to be admitted to Holy Communion in any circumstances, until they have given proof of their repentance and amendment.  They have no claim to be admitted.  By their exclusion they are merely prevented from consummating an act of sacrilege; and even their reputation cannot suffer, since they are, by supposition, public sinners; and on the other hand, great scandal would arise from admitting them.  The priest, therefore, is bound to exclude them.  According to some theologians, he might administer the sacrament to save his own life, provided he were not required to do so in contempt of religion.  St. Liguori for a time thought this opinion probable, but he afterwards rejected it, and maintains that the priest must refuse the sacrament to the notoriously unworthy, at the risk of his life, even when contempt is not intended.” 
In the opinion of St. Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church, the minister should rather die than give communion to the publicly unworthy[Oh, for such faith!] By anyone’s account, this is pretty serious stuff.  Have we today lost the sense of the seriousness of the sin of sacrilege and scandal?  Upon the altar of the rights of the individual, have we sacrificed God’s right not to be profaned and the right of the community not to be scandalized?  We need to respect the conscience of the minister bound by such serious obligations just as much as we need to respect the right of the individual to be provided with the sacraments.  Have we focused on the latter to the exclusion of the former—unwittingly embracing an unbalanced hermeneutic that distorts our reading of canon law and the sacramental life of the Church?     
The entire post at Rorate Caeli is quite long but also quite wonderful.  It is very much worth your time.   This ‘other’ canonist, who posts his opinions anonymously (for what reasons, I can imagine), makes it plain that at the very least, the situation involving Fr. Guarnizo and the woman using her mother’s funeral as a prop is one of prudential judgment on an issue of canon law.  Was Barbara Johnson ‘public’ enough with her sin to justify refusal of the Blessed Sacrament – Fr. Guarnizo believed so, and he should be entitled to his judgment on such a  matter.  But not, apparently, in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.
Having said that, the canon law issue is really a sideshow.  From a standpoint of moral theology and Sacred Scripture, the moment Fr. Guarnizo knew that he had an individual unrepentantly living in a state of mortal sin (which an active lesbian relationship would constitute – Johnson introduced her ‘lover’), he was unquestionably in the right to deny the Blessed Sacrament so that he did not aid in the commission of an even graver sin and a terrible sacrilege.   Canon Law is but an instrument of, and is subject to, the moral and divine law.  Or have we forgotten that, as a Church?   The canon law may be shady, perhaps, but the divine law is not.
h/t occasional reader Terry C

I’m going to have to stay away from Pepsi…… March 21, 2012

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…….and many Cadbury Schwepps products, and even alot of chewing gums!  Why?  Because they have that horrific, Frankenstein Senomyx product made from aborted babies.  Senomyx is a “bio-tech” company that uses aborted fetal cell lines to develop flavor enhancers.  I don’t know how, I don’t much care, it’s too terrible to contemplate.   But, apparently, they’re creating this monstrosity for our own good, so we take in less MSG, salt, and sugar!

“The company’s key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products,” the Senomyx web site says. “Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.” 

Well, as long as I lower my sodium intake, I don’t care how many babies are killed!  What kind of insanity is this?   Let’s abort some more babies, so we can produce a really great tasting zero-calorie drink!  I have an idea for such a drink – water!

Lifesitenews has a .pdf with many of the products containing these “flavor enhancers.”  As usual, Pepsi is in the vanguard.  I know a certain high level executive at Pepsi.  We’re acquaintances.  All I can say is…..given her rigid left-wing mentality and views regarding sanctity of life issues, I’m not surprised in the least Pepsi is involved in this. 

I don’t drink soft drinks very often, but I have been known to have a Sierra Mist every now and then, because I thought it was made with sugar, and not cremated baby remains!  I also drink Gatorade from time to time.   Even Chiclets have this garbage in them! 

Yes, I’ve exaggerated a bit regarding the aborted baby parts floating in your Pepsi, but how long until such becomes a reality?

Obedience to God’s Will the path to true happiness March 21, 2012

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So many in the world today try to tell us we can only be happy by buying something, having something, taking  something, or controllling everything around us.  We are constantly barraged with messages that tell us that WE are the gods and that we should never have a moment of difficulty, sadness, or self-denial.  We repudiate God’s Word constantly in our pursuit of constant pleasure, no matter how disordered or decadent the pleasure might be.  And we wonder why we, in spite of all the baubles we buy or the things we do for ourselves, are still miserable.  St. Alphonse Ligouri knew why.  He quotes a story told by Fr. John Tauler about obedience to God’s Will:

The devout Father John Taulerrelates this personal experience: For years he had prayed God to send him someone who would teach him the real spiritual life. One day, at prayer, he heard a voice saying: “Go to such and such a church and you will have the answer to your prayers.” He went and at the door of the church he found a beggar, barefooted and in rags. He greeted the mendicant saying: “Good day, my friend.”

“Thank you, sir, for your kind wishes, but I do not recall ever having had a ‘bad’ day.”

“Then God has certainly given you a very happy life.”

“That is very true, sir. I have never been unhappy. In saying this I am not making any rash statement either. This is the reason: When I have nothing to eat, I give thanks to God; when it rains or snows, I bless God’s providence; when someone insults me, drives me away, or otherwise mistreats me, I give glory to God. I said I’ve never had an unhappy day, and it’s the truth, because I am accustomed to will unreservedly what God wills. Whatever happens to me, sweet or bitter, I gladly receive from his hands as what is best for me. Hence my unvarying happiness.”

“Where did you find God?”

“I found him where I left creatures.” [So difficult……and yet sublime]

“Who are you anyway?”

“I am a king.”

“And where is your kingdom?”

“In my soul, where everything is in good order; where the passions obey reason, and reason obeys God.”

“How have you come to such a state of perfection?”

“By silence. I practice silence towards men, while I cultivate the habit of speaking with God. Conversing with God is the way I found and maintain my peace of soul.”

Union with God brought this poor beggar to the very heights of perfection. In his poverty he was richer than the mightiest monarch; in his sufferings, he was vastly happier than worldlings amid their worldly delights.

As I posted  yesterday, we have come to the point in the Church now where not only is this mighty wisdom forgotten, it is actively repudiated, laughed at, found “unreasonable.”   Some treat their bodies as their gods, and they are encouraged to do so by the oldest order in the Church!  But their quest will not end where they desire.  They may believe they are happy, even tranquil, for a time, but the gnawing reality of their depravity will continue to consume them.  They will continue to lash out at society, blaming it for their continuing suffering.  And they will be right, but for entirely the wrong reasons.  When they feel that they have not achieved their nirvana, they will claim it is because of some outward persecution, instead of the reality that it is their very sins that cause their misery, since the Word of God

A Saint who knew suffering

is written on every man’s heart.  That gnawing pain, that hunger for the indwelling of Christ in their inmost soul, will not be satiated by all the retreats of eastern, Christ-rejecting “wisdom” in the world, by all the laws passed, by all the wordly “victories” gained.  They will suffer because they are cut off from the Grace of God.This applies to all of us.  Unless there is a Saint reading my blog (in which case, e-mail me, and pray for me!), we all have attachments that do keep, or could keep, us from that unity with God that He so fervently desires.  I certainly do.  I still have many attachments that are disordered, even sinful, that I must confess and continually battle.  The necessary part is the trying – we must not become discouraged, but continue to try to improve.  It is when we give up and give in to our sins, declaring the Church and Christ wrong because we’d rather apostasize than overcome our sins, that we are lost.  And it is incredible that in today’s Church, there are numerous venues where this great Truth is totally unrecognized. The cult of man reigns supreme.

But it shall not remain like this for long.  The change is coming.  There will be great suffering, but there will afterwards be tremendous purity, and glory.  The Church will be much smaller, but so will the world.  Pray.

Romney refuses to give useful idiot “free” contraception March 21, 2012

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I’m no fan of this guy, but he’s right on here:

That questioner was almost certainly a plant from NARAL, Organizing for America, or Planned Barrenhood.  Or all three.  They literally pay people to post comments on blogs, to show up at rally’s for Republicans pretending to be “concerned moderates,” etc.  Astro-turfing.  What a crock.   But it indicates how Obama intends to turn this election into a referendum on contraception.

But be that as it may, the fundamental illogic of the request was frightening.  “I demand “free” contraception!”  Free?  How on earth is it free?  Free to who?  Is there a magic contraception tree that dispenses pills by the billions, packages them,  markets them, and ships them around the world at no cost to anyone?  Or does the expense of all the above have to be born by someone?

We all know the answer.  When it comes to any physical product, nothing is free.  Everything costs somebody something.  In this case, the dear little plant demands that you and I pay for her contraception.  Is contraception now such an ingrained part of American life that it constitutes an absolute need – a right?  Or is this just another “right” made up by the left?

Again, we all know the answer.  But wo to the country that allows this kind of mentality to become predominate, or even widespread.  These kinds of useful idiots will lead us into slavery, as they said at Ace’s place.  The truly terrifying thing is, decades of soft socialism have led millions in this country to believe in fantasies like this.  And we have the paragon of that evil fantasy sitting in the White House right now – Barack Hussein Obama.

I know we all have our favorites, I know probably few of my readers favor the current front-runner, but we need to end this destructive primary process and get to work attacking the real villain.  This brutal primary process is playing right into his hands.