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Romney refuses to give useful idiot “free” contraception March 21, 2012

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I’m no fan of this guy, but he’s right on here:

That questioner was almost certainly a plant from NARAL, Organizing for America, or Planned Barrenhood.  Or all three.  They literally pay people to post comments on blogs, to show up at rally’s for Republicans pretending to be “concerned moderates,” etc.  Astro-turfing.  What a crock.   But it indicates how Obama intends to turn this election into a referendum on contraception.

But be that as it may, the fundamental illogic of the request was frightening.  “I demand “free” contraception!”  Free?  How on earth is it free?  Free to who?  Is there a magic contraception tree that dispenses pills by the billions, packages them,  markets them, and ships them around the world at no cost to anyone?  Or does the expense of all the above have to be born by someone?

We all know the answer.  When it comes to any physical product, nothing is free.  Everything costs somebody something.  In this case, the dear little plant demands that you and I pay for her contraception.  Is contraception now such an ingrained part of American life that it constitutes an absolute need – a right?  Or is this just another “right” made up by the left?

Again, we all know the answer.  But wo to the country that allows this kind of mentality to become predominate, or even widespread.  These kinds of useful idiots will lead us into slavery, as they said at Ace’s place.  The truly terrifying thing is, decades of soft socialism have led millions in this country to believe in fantasies like this.  And we have the paragon of that evil fantasy sitting in the White House right now – Barack Hussein Obama.

I know we all have our favorites, I know probably few of my readers favor the current front-runner, but we need to end this destructive primary process and get to work attacking the real villain.  This brutal primary process is playing right into his hands.

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