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So……Cities of Richardson, Plano, Garland…….when are you going to stop the water restrictions? March 22, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, silliness.

Switching hats to public crusader, now that Lake Lavon is totally full and Lake Jim Chapman just a couple feet short of full, I’d  like to know when the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) members, especially the cities of Plano, Richardson, and Garland, are going to back down from the onerous, investment-destroying Stage 3 water restrictions?  I’ve got probably $10k, at least, in landscaping around my house.  I don’t want to see it destroyed by cracked, parched earth this summer when under Stage 3, only being able to water twice a month (and on Sunday!  Hellloooooooo!  Some of us have places to be on Sunday, much of the day…….like Church!)  

The two main sources of supply for the NTMWD are now full.  Yes, the supply from Lake Texoma is still shut down by the preening claws of the vicious zebra mussel and the EPA, but mostly the EPA.  But we somehow made it through one of the driest, hottest summers ever last  year without that inflow from Texoma, and still finished the summer with Lake Lavon half full.  I don’t see a need to maintain these extreme restrictions.  The supply wasn’t even in as good a shape last year at this time as it is now, and yet we made it through that brutal summer with no problems.  It’s unlikely we’ll have another summer as hot.  So, I don’t see the need to maintain these restrictions.

At the very least, they should be notched back to Stage 2 – water twice a week.  I’ll be really convinced we have a crisis when all the business and industrial parks, and corporate headquarters, etc., have the same restrictions as the rest of us.  My employer has been giddily watering even as it rained under this “mandatory Stage 3.”   Fortunately, with the wet spring we’ve had so far, the inability to water has been immaterial.  But soon, it will matter.  Let us have some sense and walk back these restrictions that were put in place when the lakes were 40% full and we were coming off a very long and hot summer.  The same conditions no longer apply.

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