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Que occurio, Jose? March 23, 2012

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Archbishop Gomez, you had a reputation for orthodoxy*.  What happened?  You’ve got Ricky G speaking at the LA Religious Ed mega-conference, among others equally or more problematic.   You’ve had two years now to make some changes.  Que occurio?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Religious Education Congress bills itself as an “opportunity to hear God’s voice in their own lives.” However, some of the featured speakers at the March 22-25 event, said to be the largest of its kind in the world, have described Barack Obama as “pro-life,” longed for “public models of gay priests,” opposed marriage protection legislation, and encouraged children to engage in “genital self-touch.”

Neither Tod M. Tamberg nor Carolina Guevara, media representatives for the Archdiocese, responded to an e-mail from LifeSiteNews.com concerning allegations speakers at the REC deviate from the Church’s teachings by supporting homosexual priests or masturbation………

….However, LifeSiteNews.com has confirmed a number of the speakers at the archdiocesan event, which runs Thursday through Sunday, have a history of dissent or controversy.

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz
Fr. Bryan Massingale, a priest with the archdiocese of Milwaukee and an associate professor of moral theology at Marquette University, spoke last March before the group “Equally Blessed,” which describes itself as “a coalition of faithful Catholics who support full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people both in the church and in civil society.” The professor, who has said he wants the Church to be “more sensuous and feminine,”  publicly opposed Wisconsin’s Marriage Protection Act last year.  [He also supports gay marriage]
Sister Fran Ferder, a Franciscan nun, has said the Church needs a “theology of body touch, body exploration,” especially for children. “Ordinary genital self-touch can be very important and can help children come to reverence their bodies, to know them,” she said.

There’s more at the link.   Did something happen to Jose on the way to LA?

* – the answer is no.  He’s never been as orthodox as his reputation would indicate.  Spend a little time around virtually any parish in San Antonio and you will rapidly conclude the same.

Gay nudist retreat in Collegeville cancelled? March 23, 2012

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There has been alot of research done on that retreat at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN I reported on last week.  It appears at the moment that the retreat has been cancelled.  But this is far from clear.  And additional data points to  just how troubling, impure, decadent, and unchaste this retreat was planned to be.  First of all, it was a retreat that involved the retreatants undressing in front of each other – or undressing each other – and cavorting about:

……as Archbishop Sheen taught, anytime nudity is used in therapy or instruction, it is a sign of demonic influence……….

……….We have mentioned on a number of occasions that this technique of psychological instruction was used by sexually abusive monks at Collegeville, Minnesota.   It was employed by Abbot John Eidenschenk upon his novices with some predictable results. [the results were allegations of abuse and homosexual relationships]

Now, from the Pine Curtain, at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, the home of nearly a dozen credibly accused homosexual sexual predators, a counselor arrives on the scene advocating that students and monks touch each other.

The man to whom this allegedly Catholic institution is entrusting students, himself, teaches in the nude and does not share the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality.  One of Mr. Pileggi’s admirers [that is a Bob Pileggi, who was going to conduct the retreat] puts it like this in a blog post entitled, “When a Teacher of God 
Takes off His Clothes”:

I realized that when I undress another man and allow him to undress me – as I have in workshops and private sessions in erotic spirituality and as I will at the Edward Carpenter Community’s Gay Men’s Week this September (The Dance Between Power and Intimacy) – we are creating the sacred space in which we can use erotic energy to transcend ego and come into a new relationship with Spirit.

Just to be clear,  the retreatants were going to be encouraged to touch one another while unclothed.  This had all the makings of little more than a paganistic orgy.

Has the retreat been cancelled?  Maybe.  Or perhaps its just been moved off the grounds of the abbey. 

Fr. Bob Pierson of the Benedictine monstery at Collegeville was the organizer for the event on the monastery’s side.  A little data about him and Mr. Pileggi (emphasis mine):

The monk Fr Bob Pierson who was the contact person for this retreat is also Tresurer for the sponsoring organization “Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministry” and almost all the other board members of this group can be verified online to be involved in other organizations explicitly in favor of homosexual “marriage”; at least one board member (an “inferfaith minister”) performs same sex ceremonies. Based on web searching, the retreat leader Bob Pileggi is apparently a fallen away Catholic, has been a staff member of the pro-gay-marriage “Lambda Legal Defense Fund” [this is a very dangerous and aggressive group] for outreach and as coordinator of “The Marriage Project”, and he also offers his services as an interfaith minister conducting custom weddings and other ceremonies clearly including same sex “weddings”.

So, in addition to the pagan sex orgy aspects, you have the heretical or repudiation of Church Dogma aspects.  But then, that’s what St. Jerome said, heresy is invariably associated with sexual sins, and vice versa. 

Hideous.  Stay 50 miles away from Collegeville.  Who knows what kinds of demons may be flitting around that place.

Romano Amerio on the conduct of American marriage tribunals March 23, 2012

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Romano Amerio was a brilliant and orthodox Italian Catholic philosopher.  His seminal work, Iota Unum, charted the changes in practice that occurred in the Church over the period 1940-2000, roughly.   When he first wrote the book in the mid-80s, it was received very coldly, as a revaunchist throwback to the “bad old days” prior to Vatican II, counter to the “new springtime” that was so obviously budding forth throughout the Church.  Now, it is receiving quite a re-appraisal, and is being viewed by more and more as a high-quality, substantial critique of the many deleterious changes that occurred in the late 20th century. 

In Chapter 80, Amerio discusses the phenonomenon, unheard of in the Church outside of severe external persecution, of thousands of priests leaving the Church.  During the pontificate of Paul VI, there was a policy that declared such priests dispensed from their orders by reason of invalidity for lack of consent.  Prior to ca. 1970, such men would have been held to have been apostates and would have still been under the requirements of clerical celibacy.  But by declaring these men invalidly ordained, they were dispensed from such conditions and many went on to marry and then even have official roles in the Church! (in various chanceries, as DREs, etc).  There is a parallel here to how the divorce tribunals operate in the US.  I’ll let Amerio explain:

It would seem that in the recent jurisprudence of the Holy See, lack of consent is no longer to be judged by a mans’s dispositions at the time of rodination, but by subsequent experiences of unsuitability or moral discontent during his life as an ordained priest.  It is this same critierion that the diocesan tribuanals of the United States tried to introduce in marriage annulment cases, and that Paul VI criticized and rejected in 1977. [Well, it appears those grounds for annulment weren’t fully rejected, because they are used very widely today] By this criterion, the very fact that a priest asks at any given moment to return to the lay state becomes a proof that he was immature and incapable of giving a valid consent and thus a convalidation, which would prevent a dispensation from celibacy under canon 214, also ignored. As with the American tribunals, we are here confronted by a veiled denial of the importance of every individual act and a tacit adoption of the [erroneous] principle of globality. Each individual moral act is stripped of importance, so that the sum total of such acts can be invested with it. Perhaps the fuindamental reason for decline in priestly vocations, that accompanied the increasing number of defections, was this trivialization of the commitment involved, which robs the priesthood [or the marriage] of the air of totality and permanence that appeals to the noblest part of human nature, by persevering through trial and hardship. It is certainly true that, as John Paul II has said, these defections are “an anti-sign, an anti-witness, which has contributed to the disappointment of the council’s hopes.”

———————————-End Quote—————————————

Now, Amerio states above that the understanding that US marriage tribunals tried to use to grant annulments – that a divorce or desire to divorce is ipso facto proof that proper consent was not given – was rejected by the Holy See, or at least Paul VI.  I’ll have to take his word for it, but it seems such a rejection was not total, or lasting, or that some minor differences have been used to apply much the same reasoning to many annulments granted today.  I have been told that our culture is in such a state that many people approaching the altar today simply don’t have a proper understanding of what marriage means, and therefore cannot give “true” consent.   Perhaps.  But relative definitions of consent have changed dramatically in the last 40 years. 

There is so much temptation all around to abuse the process.  In all the various tribunal related processes, there is really only one person, one role that defends the former marriage (remember, all tribunal cases occur only AFTER the divorce is final).  That is a canonical role in the process itself – the “defender of the bond.”  Outside of that, pretty much everyone involved has a vested interest in seeing the annulment go through.  After all, the divorce is a fait accompli. What’s important now is that we preserve a person’s access to the Sacraments, right?

The grounds for granting annulments, prior to 1970, were very narrow.  Now there are “psychological” grounds, or grounds of “consent.”  You can be married for 40+ years, raise kids, be Grand Knight, leader in St. Vincent de Paul, and still get your marriage declared “invalid” after the wife walks out.  There is no question the system is being abused.  How widely is the only question.

All I can say is, I pray these annulments really are valid, in the eyes of God.  If not, there’s going to be hell to pay.


Qapla! March 23, 2012

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I found my skateboard, up in the attic!

The one on the left is the one I bought maybe 14 years ago.  It’s just ok.  I’ve never liked the trucks, the tiny wheels, or the narrow deck.  The one on the right is my 1986 Mark Gonzalez.  Apparently, the black color is rare and somewhat valuable.  It’s not being made in the re-issue decks that are available.

After 14 years in the attic, where it probably gets upwards of 130 degrees in the summer, I figured all the plastic parts and bearings would be toast.  But I was able to hop on and ride right away.  The bearings are in bad shape, they either need a thorough cleaning or replacement, but the trucks are fine.  They carried my copious figure around with nary a problem.  I found a 3rd deck up in the attic, too, that I had forgotten all about.  That was an early 90’s G&S that was sort of a transition period between the wide decks of the 80s and the current narrow and long skateboards.  But the deck was broken in half – I let a friend of mine’s teenager borrow it, and it came back missing a wheel and with the deck broke.  So, I scavenged it for parts. 

Hopefully I’ll get the bearings cleaned up tonight and be able to ride with the kids tomorrow.  And  no more going rump over teakettle if I hit a tiny pebble!  I was able to pull a little ollie last night.