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Two upcoming diocesan events April 9, 2012

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Event one – Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark.  Novus Ordo, I can’t recall if the schola will be there or not.  Anyone, come and embrace the antiquity!

Secondly – Divine Mercy Sunday at St. Peter the Apostle parish right next to Woodall Rogers freeway in Dallas, this Sunday April 15th!  Adoration, Divine Mercy chaplet, followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, starting at 3 pm!

All details here————->SAINT PETERApril15 DivineMercy 2012

Dolan – Church has failed to teach Dogma on contraception April 9, 2012

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I couldn’t agree more.  Now………how’s about doing something about it?

As the Catholic Church in America fights Obama’s contraceptive mandate—perhaps its most vigorous defense of Catholic sexual teaching in decades—the Cardinal Archbishop of New York has admitted that the Church has failed to teach the faithful Catholic teaching on contraception, and so “forfeited the chance to be a coherent moral voice when it comes to one of the more burning issues of the day.” [And, much more importantly, has left millions of souls in a very bad state]

In a frank interview with the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who heads the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and is increasingly being billed as America’s leading Catholic cleric, says the Church has failed to communicate its moral teachings in the area of sexuality.  He says further that the fault lies with Church leaders. [Well, and I have certainly said as much here many times, not that it matters.  But more later]

“I’m not afraid to admit that we have an internal catechetical challenge—a towering one—in convincing our own people of the moral beauty and coherence of what we teach. That’s a biggie,” said Dolan. [But it’s got to be more than just beauty and coherence, Cardinal Dolan.  You must also teach people that there are many things that have to be accepted de fide – as a matter of faith, with the fullest possible assent of the will, conscience, and intellet, and that failing to do so constitutes a breach of trust with God and a repudiation of His Will and His Church.  And doing that removes one from the Church and the Life of Grace, and leaves one in a position to be damned at death.  Yes, harsh words, words many will not want to hear.  But also Dogma.]

“We have gotten gun-shy . . . in speaking with any amount of cogency on chastity and sexual morality,” he added.

The Church’s own failure to communicate its teachings on contraception has been one of the leading tools used against it in its fight against Obama’s mandate, with critics repeatedly pointing out that the majority of Catholic women are using some form of contraception.

The Cardinal told Taranto that the problem arose in the “the mid- and late ‘60s, when the whole world seemed to be caving in, and where Catholics in general got the impression that what the Second Vatican Council taught, first and foremost, is that we should be chums with the world, and that the best thing the church can do is become more and more like everybody else.” [That’s a pretty fair description of the effect of the Council.  Too bad many still adhere to erroneous beliefs regarding what the Council said and meant]

The “flash point,” he said, was Humanae vitae, Pope Paul VI’s prophetic 1968 encyclical reiterating the Church’s opposition to contraception.

Humanae vitae “brought such a tsunami of dissent, departure, disapproval of the church, that I think most of us—and I’m using the first-person plural intentionally, including myself—kind of subconsciously said, ‘Whoa. We’d better never talk about that, because it’s just too hot to handle’,” said Dolan.

———————End Quote———————————–

Well, shame on them for caving into the opinions of men.  Preaching Jesus crucified and resurrected was a scandal to Jews and a joke to Greeks, but the apostles had to preach it because it was the TRUTH!  And the Truth also says that to use contraception is everywhere an intrinsically evil act, an act that if made with the knowledge that the Church is opposed to such an evil (which…….duh?) constitutes the gravest of sins, but is a sin of great magnitude regardless of how well catechized one is.

The Cardinal’s point is critical: the hierarchy, the pastors and bishops have to lead on this issue.  The laity can only do so much.  It’s one thing for someone to read on this blog that using contraception is a grave sin.  It’s another thing entirely for them to hear it from their pastor, or any priest, or to hear such from their bishop.  The clergy and bishops have the God-given duty to preach the Truth, all of it.  Not what is convenient, not what is non-controversial, all of it!   And so while many lay persons can and do exhort the faithful to observe this Dogma, we will only have a limited impact.  Until the bishops and especially priests, who perform 99% of all catechesis received in the Church in their Sunday sermons (not homilies), preach this truth regularly and with great conviction, nothing will change.

Will this happen?  Will most or all priests begin to present this truth to the souls in their charge, on a regular, ongoing basis, even when it makes some mad?  I pray it will, but I know from experience that many priests, especially those of a certain age, don’t accept much of the Church’s belief regarding sexuality themselves.  So, I pray.  I pray for changes of heart and for more good priests to do so, especially the young men being ordained in increasing numbers.  And I pray that bishops will use all the power of their office to get this truth out to the laity, as well. 

This HHS contraception mandate is not really about religious freedom.  It’s not really about being persecuted by Obama and leftists in general.  It’s about the right of the Church to tell the Truth to all people.  The Church has largely self-abrogated that right for the past several decades.  And the societal consequences of that abrogation are now coming to fruition. 

It’s going to take men of great virtue to tell that Truth once again, to stand up to the hatred of men, the people walking out of Mass, the persecutions that will come, even the anger of their ordinary.  It must be told because it is God’s Will.

I pray we find many such men, willing to speak thus, and soon.

Nice video on Ven. Alfred Pampalon April 9, 2012

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I guess today is video day!  I know some bloggers think posting videos is “lazy” blogging, but whatevs!  I never said I wasn’t lazy!  Thanks to MJ!


Our present material abundance was no accident, and incredibly rare April 9, 2012

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One of the greatest tools of those who push collectivist schemes is a general ignorance of history.  Since those who advocate for collectivism typically motivate acceptance of these schemes on the basis of hatred and envy, it is to their great advantage to make the present status of things appear terrible, awful, an absolute crisis that must be addressed.  Then, with everyone so convinced, the necessary support is there to forcibly transfer wealth, or nationalize industries, or whatever.  The important thing to convince people that the way things are today is horrible, and must change immediately.

And things are problematic today, in a micro-sense, but in a macro-sense we are living amidst the greatest plenty the world has ever known.  There are many reasons for that plenty, but I am convinced that the general free exchange of goods and services made within a generally Christian sense of morality is one of the most primary, aside from the Good God’s beneficence.  To the extent we have problems, they are largely because we have abandoned those freedoms and moralities which created this great abundance of wealth and prosperity.  Not that wealth and prosperity should be our focus, but never in human history have so many lived so comfortably and with such ease,with many concommitant material benefits.  But so few today are cognizant of the fact that this creation, this immense wealth and power and comfort, is unprecedented in human history and incredibly fragile.  It is also being more and more frequently pressured to the point that the whole system may collapse, the consequences of which are difficult to contemplate.

I found the video below very interesting.  Most of the men in my mom’s family worked for the Rock Island Railroad before it folded in 1980 or so.  The video explains how we benefit from this free relatively exchange of goods and services and from the efficiencies that can be had from cheap, voluminous transportation, mass production of goods, modern farming techniques, etc., etc.  While it may be a bit self-serving, it contains a great deal of truth.  It highlights how cheap transport makes the mass production system possible, and how many items from vastly disparate locations must be transported to produce almost any given item.

I know many traditional type Catholics have a certain hostility to what they describe as capitalism, and what they describe as such I agree is very problematic, but it ain’t traditional capitalism.  No, it’s corporate capitalism with a large dose of socialism, the government being deeply involved in picking winners and losers and establishing policies that favor huge mega-corporations over small and medium size businesses.   Having said that, I don’t believe distributism, frequently touted by some traditionalist types as a utopian economic system, is a realistic option for any society beyond a late 18th century level of development.  A nice group of Catholics in Montana can not own and operate a transcontinental railroad, or an international shipping line, or build and operate a nuclear reactor nor any power plant of industrial scale, or develop, market, and transport modern medicines, or a global telecommunications system, or any of a million other things.  Such efforts require corporations, large groups of people working toward a common goal with capital that can be raised on a massive scale.

Post-Lenten self indulgent non-sequitir post #1! April 9, 2012

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OK, this is totally self-indulgent, and will probably bore everyone to death, but it’s closely related to the defense study I used to do back in the day.  One area of particular interest to me had always been ballistic missile defense.  It was insane to me that this country, and it’s adversaries, relied on the sanity, the forebearance of the other to prevent cataclysmic destruction.  I could not comprehend why we had virtually no strategic defenses – against missiles, against aircraft, nada.  We still don’t, except the barest defense against an accidental launch by North Korea.  That’s it.  And the reason we don’t is entirely political and wrapped up in the deranged left-wing psyche (strikes breast 3 times).  From a Catholic standpoint, defensive weapons – even defensive nuclear weapons – are inherently moral.  Defending oneself from attack is always permissible.

From the 1950s until the early 80s, the United States pursued a defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles – ICBMs.  The company that was contracted to lead the research was Bell Labs.  Their research was extremely successful. In spite of all the propaganda you may have heard, ballistic missile defense has been technically feasible since the early 60s.  Defensive interceptors were getting skin on skin hits against ICBM re-entry vehicles (RVs) at that time.  While this system developed by Bell Labs had many drawbacks – for one, it used nuclear weapons itself, to help insure the kill of incoming RVs – it interested me greatly because it was the only national-scale system that was ever developed, tested, and, sadly, very briefly, put into service.  S0, I spent much time – dozens, maybe hundreds of hours – trying to find the video below and the book (a history of the ABM project) it was based on back in the ’03-’06 timeframe, as it described the previously classified system in detail.  I was told, at the time, that I needed at least a Secret clearance to see the video.  The book I could read, but could not find a copy.  The only way to read one of the few copies of the book available was to go to the library at the Army’s Ballistic Missile Defense Office at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.  I wound up getting a highly deficient, photocopied version of the book eventually, but with almost all the many photos totally illegible.  I knew there was a video history of the whole project, but never found more than little, badly corrupted, bits.

Well, the good folks at the AT&T Whippany have put numerous historical and novel videos from the history of that great company online at Youtube.  Without further ado, here is the video I searched for – a 50 minute history of the 20 year anti-ballistic missile effort.  I found this just as Lent was about to start, so I’ve been sitting on this for 7 weeks or so.