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Post-Lenten self indulgent non-sequitir post #1! April 9, 2012

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OK, this is totally self-indulgent, and will probably bore everyone to death, but it’s closely related to the defense study I used to do back in the day.  One area of particular interest to me had always been ballistic missile defense.  It was insane to me that this country, and it’s adversaries, relied on the sanity, the forebearance of the other to prevent cataclysmic destruction.  I could not comprehend why we had virtually no strategic defenses – against missiles, against aircraft, nada.  We still don’t, except the barest defense against an accidental launch by North Korea.  That’s it.  And the reason we don’t is entirely political and wrapped up in the deranged left-wing psyche (strikes breast 3 times).  From a Catholic standpoint, defensive weapons – even defensive nuclear weapons – are inherently moral.  Defending oneself from attack is always permissible.

From the 1950s until the early 80s, the United States pursued a defense against intercontinental ballistic missiles – ICBMs.  The company that was contracted to lead the research was Bell Labs.  Their research was extremely successful. In spite of all the propaganda you may have heard, ballistic missile defense has been technically feasible since the early 60s.  Defensive interceptors were getting skin on skin hits against ICBM re-entry vehicles (RVs) at that time.  While this system developed by Bell Labs had many drawbacks – for one, it used nuclear weapons itself, to help insure the kill of incoming RVs – it interested me greatly because it was the only national-scale system that was ever developed, tested, and, sadly, very briefly, put into service.  S0, I spent much time – dozens, maybe hundreds of hours – trying to find the video below and the book (a history of the ABM project) it was based on back in the ’03-’06 timeframe, as it described the previously classified system in detail.  I was told, at the time, that I needed at least a Secret clearance to see the video.  The book I could read, but could not find a copy.  The only way to read one of the few copies of the book available was to go to the library at the Army’s Ballistic Missile Defense Office at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.  I wound up getting a highly deficient, photocopied version of the book eventually, but with almost all the many photos totally illegible.  I knew there was a video history of the whole project, but never found more than little, badly corrupted, bits.

Well, the good folks at the AT&T Whippany have put numerous historical and novel videos from the history of that great company online at Youtube.  Without further ado, here is the video I searched for – a 50 minute history of the 20 year anti-ballistic missile effort.  I found this just as Lent was about to start, so I’ve been sitting on this for 7 weeks or so.

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