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Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark+Happy Birthday Holy Father April 16, 2012

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It’s awesome, we haven’t missed a week in a long time now.  7 pm, I think the Schola is back!

And Happy Birthday to Pope Benedict XVI!  Ad multi annos!

Interesting speculation from Michael Voris April 16, 2012

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I’ve read some of the same things he has – Burke being mentioned for CDF.  That would be way better – and way more acceptable to FSSPX – than the arch-liberal Muller that has also been mentioned:

The Church in this country will play a very significant role over the next 20-40 years in the broader Church, since we still have a relatively large and active Church population, not to mention being allied with a powerful and wealthy culture.  The US could be the Church’s leader, like France or Spain have been, if our bishops and clergy would accept the great honor and task.  In fact, one could say that the US has been the Church’s sort of philosophical lodestar for the past 50 years, but that the results have been disastrous.  But I’m referring to true, faithful, spiritual leadership, not structures and materialism.

That’s a thought I’ll have to try to develop more later.

But I’m all for Burke at CDF, and Schneider at CDW!   I don’t think you could find two better friends of the TLM outside of FSSP/X.

A lament for Jesus foresaken April 16, 2012

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Next time I’m in ol’ San Antone, I’m going to find the tabernacle in the closet, kneel in front of it, and shout this prayer at the top of my lungs.  And I am not kidding:

Sweet Jesus!  For how many ages hast Thou hung upon Thy Cross and still men pass Thee by and regard Thee not! 

How often have I passed Thee by, heedless of Thy great Sorrow, Thy many Wounds, Thy infinite Love!

How often have I stood before Thee, not to comfort and console Thee, but to add to Thy Sorrows, to deepen Thy Wounds, to spurn Thy Love!

Thou hast stretched forth Thy Hands to raise me up, and I have taken those Hands and bent them back on the Cross. 

Thou hast loved me with an infinite love, and I have taken advantage of that love to sin the more against Thee.

My ingratitude has pierced Thy Sacred Heart, and Thy Heart responds only with an outpouring of Thy Love in Thy Precious Blood!

O Divine Jesus! lonely tonight (today) in so many Tabernacles, without visitor or worshipper…..I offer Thee my poor heart.  May its every throb be an act of love for Thee!  Thou art always watching beneath the Sacramental Veils in Thy Love!! Thou dost never sleep and Thou art never weary of Thy Vigil for sinners. O lonely Jesus!  may the flame of my heart burn and beam always in company with Thee!  O Sacrament Most Holy!  O Sacrament Divine!  All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine!

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis!
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis!
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis!

Come to think of it, I should pray this in front of every tabernacle I see, even those right behind/above the altar where they should be!

Maybe I’m still stuck in Lent mode, but I found this prayer yesterday and had to share it!  Apropos of Divine Mercy?

Another reason to homeschool – “teaching a subversive activity…..political indoctrination” April 16, 2012

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This was the title of a presentation given at Cal-Berkeley recently to “education professionals:” Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Revisited”  A conservative/libertarian blogger attended the conference, which basically advocated for using the public education system to indoctrinate children in leftist ideology – to an even greater degree than is done already!  Excerpts below, my emphasis:

Professor Brown’s talk focuses specifically on this problem: His basic thesis is that it is no longer sufficient to simply tell students to think for themselves, because then we lose the ability to influence them, and there’s no guarantee that the students will then develop progressive worldviews. The “Revisited” part of the lecture’s title means that these days, we must be more blunt and to the point: Since the good guys [radical leftists] are now in charge, let’s just dispense with all the experimentation and instead directly indoctrinate the students in leftist thought and ideals.

Now, I’m sure Professor Brown, were he to ever read this essay, would take exception to my characterization of his lecture; but listen to the excerpts below and judge for yourself. Although he (and his legions of fellow educational theorists) seems partly aware of his biases, and frankly admits them, he also seems to be blithely oblivious to the depth of his political prejudices, which you’ll encounter below.

I’m not presenting this lecture in and of itself as a significant political watershed, nor as a shocking behind-the-scenes glimpse at academic bias. Rather, it’s just another random day at a random university; stuff like this goes on all the time. And it’s this normalcy of radicalism that makes it so alarming; people in the academic hothouse chat about the most disturbing ideas as if they were discussing the weather. The banality of subversion, as it were.

The post goes on with extensive audio clips to expose this banality.  The professor recounts with pride how he refused to allow a Christian teacher to discuss her faith, but he’s very pleased to disseminate pro-homosexual literature in various classes. 

So, this lecture was about training the trainers, or teaching the teachers.  It’s whole point was about how to push your left-wing agenda without getting caught out or embroiled in controversy.  That, naturally, makes it all the more effective and subversive, as the teachers are being taught to disguise their viewpoint but to communicate it effectively, nonetheless.   Many kids won’t even realize they are being propagandized.  And it’s amazing the even courses like basic reading and English are being used as vehicles for leftist agitprop. 

It’s distressingly widespread.  Avoidance of mentalities like this played a small role in our decision to homeschool.  Your average middle school in Texas is not Cal-Berkeley, but they’re out there, even in small town Texas.  My wife has recalled getting propagandized in her rural high school. 

Loads more at the linka.

The satanic nightmare of the population control movement April 16, 2012

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I’ve written on this blog many times about the dark nature of the population control movement, of its glaring errors and constantly failed predictions (like the dean of population control advocates, Paul Erlich, claiming in 1969 that there would be food riots and mass starvation in the US and other developed counties by the 1980s if massive population control measures were not put in place, including forced sterilization and government-mandated birth limitations, like China’s horrific one-child policy). 

But even in my most strident criticisms, I’ve been naught but a piker.  I haven’t really touched on the evil, misanthropic (people-hating) nature of this twisted ideology.  Robert Zubrin, a man who needs no introduction to space exploration enthusiasts and one of the most brilliant and creative minds of our times, has written an article at New Atlantis that, I believe, really captures the true nature of the population control movement.  It is somewhat long, but if you read any article on teh entrawebs today or this week, please read this one.  The article makes plain how the world has suddenly come to see plummeting birth rates in virtually every country, to the extent that many countries are facing such a low rate of births that their demise seems assured (Japan, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, etc).  The consequences of this population collapse will be so severe as to be incalculable, but the collapse of Rome is likely a good indicator.  The article also explains how US and other government money, allied with extreme population control advocates in many private organizations (Rockefeller Foundation, World Bank, and of course Planned Barrenhood), has been far more effective in forcing human sterilization and profligate contraceptive use around the world, including in many nominally Catholic countries whose birth rates have also collapsed (Mexico and Peru being two of the most striking examples), than has been the Church in upholding the constant belief that children are a blessing from God to be accepted freely and generously.  I’ll post a couple of excerpts, but you must read the entire article:

Until the mid-1960s, American population control programs, both at home and abroad, were largely funded and implemented by private organizations such as the Population Council and Planned Parenthoodgroups with deep roots in the eugenics movement. While disposing of millions of dollars provided to them by the Rockefeller, Ford, and Milbank Foundations, among others, the resources available to support their work were meager in comparison with their vast ambitions. This situation changed radically in the mid-1960s, when the U.S. Congress, responding to the agitation of overpopulation  ideologues, finally appropriated federal funds to underwrite first domestic and then foreign population control programs. Suddenly, instead of mere millions, there were hundreds of millions and eventually billions of dollars available to fund global campaigns of mass abortion and forced sterilization. The result would be human catastrophe on a worldwide scale………………

………..President Johnson bought the claptrap, including the phony math. Two months later, he declared to the United Nations that “five dollars invested in population control is worth a hundred dollars invested in economic growth.” With the Johnson administration now backing population control, Congress passed the Foreign Assistance Act in 1966, including a provision earmarking funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for population control programs to be implemented abroad. The legislation further directed that all U.S. economic aid to foreign nations be made contingent upon their governments’ willingness to cooperate with State Department desires for the establishment of such initiatives within their own borders. In other words, for those Third World rulers willing to help sterilize their poorer subjects, there would be carrots. For the uncooperative types, there would be the stick. Given the nature of most Third World governments, such elegant simplicity of approach practically guaranteed success. The population control establishment was delighted………….[and thus, even in many countries with a strongly Catholic population and who still adhered to the belief of the Church, government encouragement and even force was used to transform faithful Catholics from people with large families who would never even consider contraception or sterilization, into constant users of these powerful drugs and irreversible surgeries, who had very small families.  As I blogged last week, the influx of immigrants from Mexico is going to dry up because their birth rate has collapsed to US-levels)

………But Nixon’s chief interest in population control was its supposed value as a Cold War weapon. The president charged Henry Kissinger, his National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, with conducting a secret study on the role of population control measures in the fight against global communism. Kissinger pulled together a group of experts drawn from the National Security Council (NSC), the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, USAID, and other agencies to study the question. The result was issued on December 10, 1974 in the form of the classified NSC document titled “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” The document — known as National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), or simply as the Kissinger Report — represented the encoding of Malthusian dogma as the strategic doctrine of the United States……..

…………Around the world, the population control movement has resulted in billions of lost or ruined lives. We cannot stop at merely rebutting the pseudoscience and recounting the crimes of the population controllers. We must also expose and confront the underlying antihumanist ideology. If the idea is accepted that the world’s resources are fixed with only so much to go around, then each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated act or thought is a menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation. The ultimate outcome of such a worldview can only be enforced stagnation, tyranny, war, and genocide. The horrific crimes advocated or perpetrated by antihumanism’s devotees over the past two centuries prove this conclusively. Only in a world of unlimited resources can all men be brothers…….

Sadly, our self-anointed elites have drunk deeply at the trough of population control.  Since its inception in Victorian England, the driving force of the population control movement has always been centered in the elites – the wealthy, academics, titans of industry, etc.  And so they have influence far out of proportion to their numbers.  Through their domincance of the media, the population control advocates have been able to put out an almost unchallenged message that contraception is an unalloyed good, that sterlization is a good, that abortion is perhaps not good but a very necessary evil, etc.  And a huge percentage of the population – the vast majority, in this country – have swallowed this rhetoric, hook, line, and sinker.

These are the very same people who tell us today that human activity is destroying the environment via global warming cooling “climate change.”  It’s totally bogus, of course, but it suits their primary aims, which are ever-increasing control and a general antipathy towards their fellow man – misanthropy.  As Zubrin notes, it’s the same mentality that has powered all the destructive, satanic “utopian” ideologies that have caused such misery over the past two centuries: nazism, communism, socialism, etc.  It is a fundamentally anti-human and anti-God world-view – it is the worship of moloch, disguised under concerns for “the environment” or whatever other utopian goal. 

Sadly, the Church did not counter the flood of US and Western money and the constant harping of the media on this subject of the gravest import very well at all.  In that evil period, when the population control movement suddenly came into ascendency and spread misery around the world with its racist, eugenicist aims, the Church was both unprepared and unwilling to fight back effectively.  The widespread rejection of Humanae Vitae is testament to all this.  Had the Church fought this issue more effectively, we would see a very different world today.  But, for whatever reasons, that defense of life was not present, and now we all must watch as countries like Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland, and many others – many supposedly or formerly Catholic bastions – experience economic collapse and commit slow suicide by failure to reproduce. 

And we ain’t in any great shakes in this country.  If large-scale immigration dries up, this country will also experience slow population decline, for our birth rate is slightly below replacement.