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I will continue to pray for the SSPX April 18, 2012

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I know there are many reports today stating that the SSPX has agreed in principle to accept the conditions laid down by the Holy See for the regularization of their canonical status.  Rorate Caeli has very good coverage here.  Perhaps this is the case.  I know Fr. Z is pretty excited. But situations like this are very delicate and frequently subject to surprising turns of events.  I think there is more work to be done.  So, I will continue to pray. 

I think the SSPX coming back in to regular canonical status will likely be a very good thing.  It has a strong potential to further strengthen the efforts to restore the Faith.  But there will be great problems, and a likely counter-reaction that could be surprising in its direction and unpleasant, even disastrous in its effects.   So, I will continue to pray.  There is so very much work to be done, we have almost totally lost the vibrant, comprehensive Catholic culture that existed just a very short time ago.  Having another million-odd souls back in full union with the Holy See and committed to restoring that culture should be a tremendous blessing.  I pray it is God’s Will that this ‘regularization’ takes place, and now.

I wonder what John Salza thinks about this?  I pray that no segments of the SSPX break away and refuse this union, if you will, should it come to pass.  I pray that no hearts have become so accustomed to opposition to Vatican II and the present-day administration of the Church that they find reasons to reject this apparent canonical solution.  It will likely occur, but I pray it doesn’t.

I also wonder if the perennial hostility from the SSPX towards FSSP will now cease. 

Nevertheless, if the reports are correct and the SSPX is given a full recognition or regular status by Pope Benedict XVI, what a glorious thing that would be.



1. Dismas - April 18, 2012

A few comments.

We can expect some of the Catholics who choose to attend Mass with the priests of the SSPX to not go along with the program. Quite likey some of the priests and maybe even a bishop or two. That is human nature. They will fervently defend their decisions.

As long as Catholic doctrine is not compromised and the SSPX is fully allowed to continue its heroic defense of the Church, this observer will give great thanks to God for this momentous occasion, should it actually occur.

The “hard feelings” between the SSPX and the FSSP are bi-directional. The FSSP should be highly respected as should any authentic Catholic priests. History will record Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer and the faithful priests of the Society of St. Pius X as those who were willing to suffer and sacrifice to restore Holy Mother Church during these difficult times. This recognition does not belong to them exclusively, but largely. For these faithful, heroic and saintly men, Deo Gratias!

tantamergo - April 18, 2012

Thanks for the comments. I agree with all, save for the “bi-directionality,” which has not been my experience. The few FSSP priests I know have great respect and love for the SSPX and try hard to work with them in many respects. I have never heard a derogatory comment regarding SSPX pass their lips. Of laity who assist at the local FSSP parish, I have only heard very slight things about the SSPX chapel in Sanger and the people who go there. Many people at the Dallas FSSP parish, anyway, used to be in SSPX, so most don’t seem to have any hard feelings.

Having said that, I have seen and heard some really harsh comments in the other direction. But I know in El Paso, things are different, there is no FSSP presence, so understanding and concern may tend to lean more in favor of SSPX. I can certainly understand that. I think it will be great for the Church if SSPX can be normalized and continue all their efforts. I do know some fear that once SSPX is back in the fold, so to speak, the “favors” done to lure them back will be taken away. I don’t see much evidence for that, but I am sure there are forces at play who would work to make such an terrible scenario play out. Hopefully, steps are being taken to prevent any change in the Papacy from causing a change in the circumstances or status of SSPX should they come back into full union.

2. Dismas - April 18, 2012

Yep. Your unfamiliarity with bitterness emanating from the FSSP and its adherents toward the SSPX is just a result of your personal experience. It really matters not, though it is unfortunate. It is, indeed, a door that swings both ways.

For a real-life lesson in exactly how a heroic Catholic priestly fraternity can be undermined and co-opted by the modernist heresiarchs, study the experience of the Priestly Fraternity of St. John Vianney in Campos, Brazil.

The SSPX is fully Catholic and we all hope that soon that status will be officially recognized. But we should never, ever, be fooled into thinking that the enemies of Catholicism that inhabit important positions within Holy Mother Church have somehow given up the game.

3. inthe2hearts - April 18, 2012

“Nevertheless, if the reports are correct and the SSPX is given a full recognition or regular status by Pope Benedict XVI, what a glorious thing that would be.”
Wonderful News! It has happened! Check today’s http://www.spiritdaily.com. Praise be to Jesus and Mary. Perhaps this will encourage local Bishops to finally allow the Traditional Latin Mass in local parishes, somewhere, hopefully in the Cathedrals. In my state, there are two FSSP parishes, almost 200 miles in one direction. 400 miles in another, but there is a local SSPX parish in the city. Your Prayers and very likely those of many othersw, have borne fruit.

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