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Texas fully funds women’s health programs without Planned Parenthood April 18, 2012

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Even without the federal funds withheld because the State of Texas refused to fund the abortion-loving nightmare, Planned Parenthood, the state has managed to fully fund the women’s health programs so affected:

Abortion advocates complained the state of Texas would leave women high and dry without access to a women’s health program now that the state has decided to revoke taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Despite prohibiting it from participating in the legitimate medical program, Texas officials have found a way to fully fund the program to provide women with non-abortion reproductive health care at hundreds of other locations across the state………….[the amount in question is about $40 million.  To take a stand on this principle, to avoid giving money that may be used to help perform abortions (by paying for other services, or directly), is well worth the cost to the state.  This is a matter of life and death – digging into reserves or slightly lowering funding in other areas is a reasonable alternative than funding the major abortion advocate and provider]

……….Last week, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas for its decision to revoke taxpayer funding for the abortion business in its state family planning program. The pro-abortion group contends that the new law prohibiting it from participating in the Women’s Health Program is unconstitutional discrimination………..[Of course they’ll sue, but they’ll lose.  States have a right to determine who and what organizations to fund, within reasonable limits]

…….The Obama Administration cut off the Women’s Health Care Program (WHP) for over 100,000 Texas women at over 2,400 providers for the sake of Planned Parenthood, which provides only limited health service at 44 facilities in Texas. In response, Governor Rick Perry says the state will look to funding the program on its own. [So, Planned Barrenhood played only a very small role in this program, anyway]

Planned Parenthood has mounted a disingenuous media campaign across Texas to discredit Governor Perry and mislead the public into believing that Governor Perry is at fault.  If Texas’ application for renewal of funds is denied, it will be the sole responsibility of the Obama Administration,” Schlueter said.

Go figure!  Planned Parenthood, disingenuous?!  Who could imagine that?!  I’m glad the State of Texas has stood its ground on this issue. I’m glad potentially saving the lives of children means more to Governor Perry and many in the legislature than a few millions federal dollars.  I’m further ashamed of Obama for his naked pandering to his abortion loving base. 

The lawsuit Planned Parenthood has filed is less about Texas than it is about other states.  Planned Parenthood will do all it can to inflict maximum pain on any agency – state, federal, or even private, as Komen found out – that threatens their precious, precious funding.  I’ve never seen an organization act as viciously as Planned Barrenhood does.  I think that speaks to their fervor – almost religious in nature – for the core part of their business, the part that, when the chips are down, is truly the most important to them: abortion.  They’d rather go out of business than stop performing abortions.  It is the reason they exist.


1. Peggy - April 18, 2012

Expect the retribution from the White House against Texas to begin anytime.

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