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The Great Catholic Comeback! April 18, 2012

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I really believe this is one of the best Vortex videos I’ve ever seen.  I wonder if Michael wrote this one at 3 am in some strange bed, like he has written some others. 

I don’t have alot of comment, except this: I see alot of bad signs, and alot of good.  There are signs of the Church being restored to glory and Truth, but there are also signs of continued decay and collapse.  I believe the trends are running in favor of restoration, but we have a very long way to go.  We must not rest, we must redouble our efforts. The most important efforts are prayer and morification (penance).  These are the keys to the future growth and restoration of the Church.

I have a challenge for my readers.  This is not something I’m simply telling you to do, that I don’t do myself.  I do this, alot.  Pray in public.  Have a Rosary in your hands when you’re out and about.  Actually get on your knees and pray, at times. I do this at noon and 6 pm, roughly, pretty much wherever I am.  Yes, people will stare, they may even laugh or ask if you’re alright, but you may strike a spark with someone.  But I read a statement from St. Charles Borromeo, once, highlighting how wonderful it was when he saw whole villages in Tuscany stop what they were doing when the Angelus bell tolled, and got down and prayed that wonderful prayer.

Wouldn’t it be glorious to hear Angelus bells again?  Or bells tolling for Mass?  Or churches that don’t look like really horrific middle school auditoriums from the 60s?  Sorry….got distracted there, for a moment!  I pray you’ll consider praying in public. We can’t re-create the Catholic culture that once existed without getting out there and living our Faith in public.  Little things like that can start to make a dramatic difference.

God bless you!


1. Woody - April 18, 2012

Simply making the Sign of the Cross in public is an affirmation of the Catholic faith. Also, when eating out in public, say prayers before the meal, out loud. It does work as we have had several people come up to us as they were leaving the restaurant and say how “nice” it was that we prayed before our meal.

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