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Shut me up – Bishops call for 2 weeks of protests against Obama/HHS April 24, 2012

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Let’s have much more of this, and less ecological dialogue:

Roman Catholic leaders are calling for two weeks of public protests against President Barack Obama’s policies as they intensify their argument that the administration is engaged in a war on religion.

The days between June 21 and July 4 have been set aside by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops which has sought to end the administration’s contraception mandate, among other policies.

The protests against the Obama administration’s policies could be “the game-changer” in the presidential election, one leading lay churchman told Newsmax on Tuesday.

The protests, dubbed “A Fortnight for Freedom” will be an “unprecedented, aggressive attack” against policies that church leaders see as an assault on religious freedom, said Catholic Advocate chairman Deal Hudson.
“The bishops are seeing – rightly – a pattern of emerging of hostility towards the Catholic faith for upholding protection of the life of the unborn and because of its position on contraception,” said Hudson.

That’s good.  I will post on these events as I become aware of them.  But, I don’t think we’ll see too many images of priests and nuns being dragged off to jail in the protests.  There was some talk of that in the article, but why would that be?  The law is not even in effect, yet, there is no law to violate.

But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have massive protests, preferably marching behind our Eucharistic Lord and His Mother.


More on pointless dialogue April 24, 2012

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I did a long winded post  yesterday on the novel term of “dialogue” that has catapulted to fame in the Church over the past 50  years.  Today, some concrete examples of pointless, even counterproductive dialogue in action.  First………the USCCB got together with the Methodists and turned out a wonderful document on the “connection” between the Eucharist and ecology:

“the sources of Catholic teaching about the Eucharist [are] not matched by similar sources for the United Methodist partners, and vice versa,” according to the document’s introduction. “As we present this agreed statement, we realize only too well its limitations … [and] fully realize that this statement does not reflect the breadth of what either church holds to be the total content of its Eucharistic belief or practice.” [That’s an understatement – there is a gulf between Catholic and methodist views of the Eucharist that could fit every ship ever built]

“We believe that we can and should offer a joint prophetic witness [this document is many things, but it isn’t prophetic, and it gives little or no witness] on a significant challenge facing both our communions [GRRRRR………the Church is a CHURCH, not a “communion”] regarding the relation of humanity to the rest of the natural world,” the statement continues. “In our time, the appearance of the skies has become a sign of the times. The threat of climate destabilization, [oh, yeah, another former global warming cooling climate change alarmist apostasized recently – he thinks the alarmism is false and destructive]   the destruction of the ozone layer, and the loss of bio-diversity point to a disordered relation between humankind, other living beings and the rest of earth. United Methodists and Roman Catholics have interpreted the signs of these times of ecological crisis as a summons to an ecumenical response.”

The actual statement of the document is, I kid you not: “Heaven and Earth Are Full of Your Glory: A United Methodist and Roman Catholic Statement on the Eucharist and Ecology.”  I may as well jump off that bridge, now.

Thank God there is nothing more pressing the Church needs to be concerned about, that we can spend our time on this. 

But that, my friends, is nothing.  I got to poking around the dark, dank, and musty corners of the USCCB website, and found this catastrophe: “Mid-Atlantic Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Nears Completionm of Interreligious Education Guides.”  In a nutshell, some Catholics and muslims got together and produced “study guides” for education in their respective faiths on the other religion.  I’ll pull a couple of posts from the press release:

The draft version of Understanding Islam: A Guide for Catholic Educators was presented at the plenary session by main contributor Sandra Keating, Ph.D., of Providence College. The document, which is intended to serve as an introduction to Islam for Catholic educators, provides an interpretation of Islam that is faithful to how individual Muslim educators understand and teach their religion.Overall, the document provides a brief historical survey of Islam, as well as a description of the holy Qur’an, the rise of the Ummah and Shar’ia law, including its five pillars, and a brief consideration of contemporary issues.

This document was well-received by the Muslim participants…………

The draft version of Understanding Catholicism: A Guide for Muslim Educators was presented via teleconference at the plenary session by Shaykh Aboor Rahman Khan, the main contributor to the document.  [They didn’t even condescend to present it in person…….]  This document describes some of the central tenets of the Catholic faith, as well as the basic differences between Catholics and other Christians. It also provides an historical retrieval of the origins of the faith, the beginnings and growth of the church, and the basic beliefs, ethics, and worship life of Catholics.

While this document was received positively by the Catholic participants, they encouraged their Muslim colleagues to strive to convey better to their Muslim audience a more faithful rendering of the central doctrinal notions of Incarnation and the Trinity as Catholics understand these. Catholic participants noted that the document provides a reading of Catholicism that is more faithful to the Qur’anic interpretation of Christianity.

Well, of course it did, the Catholics can talk forever about “dialogue,” but the muslims won’t change their position even slightly.  They have the courage of conviction – the Catholics, likely, not so much.  After all, they’ve already caved and given the muslims exactly what they want – a glorifying tribute to islam to be taught in Catholic schools.

If you’re confused on the above, let me break it down for you.  So, on the one hand, you have muslims getting their faith represented in the best possible light by the Catholics, while, on the other, the muslims present Catholicism as the deficient, “barely tolerable as a second-class citizen” religion they hold it to be.  In essence, it’s the surrender of the moral high ground by Catholics, presenting islam in a positive light while having their own religion derided.  I’m sure the talks will be viewed as a huge success.

And this is a study guide – for use in Catholic and muslim schools?  Is it any wonder we have Catholic teenagers who decide to follow the precepts of islam more than their own faith

This kind of stuff goes on all the time.  And in most of the cases, when the dialogue takes place, it’s the Catholic side that immediately surrenders the moral high ground and makes concessions on doctrine, or catechesis, or whatever subject, just as in the case of the dialogue with the mohammadans above.

Disability claims explode under Obama April 24, 2012

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The number of working age Americans who are filing for, and receiving, disability payments has exploded under President Obama.  There is great likelihood the system is being abused:

A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office, according to the latest official government data, as discouraged workers increasingly give up looking for jobs and take advantage of the federal program.

This is straining already-stretched government finances while posing a long-term economic threat by creating an ever-growing pool of permanently dependent working-age Americans.

Since the recession ended in June 2009, the number of new enrollees to Social Security’s disability insurance program is twice the job growth figure. (See nearby chart.) In just the first four months of this year, 539,000 joined the disability rolls and more than 725,000 put in applications.

As a result, by April there were a total of 10.8 million people on disability, according to Social Security Administration data released this week. Even after accounting for all those who’ve left the program — about 700,000 drop out each year, mainly because they hit retirement age or died — that’s up 53% from a decade ago.

To be sure, disability rolls have grown steadily as a share of the workforce since the 1990s (see nearby chart).

The main causes of this broader trend, according to a study by economists David Autor and Mark Duggan, are the loosening of eligibility rules by Congress in 1984 and the rise in disability benefits relative to wages.

Wait, I thought we had OSHA, EPA, and all manner of other federal agencies to make work safe, so people wouldn’t get hurt on the job?  Those organizations and the regulations they impose have been a multi-trillion dollar drag on the economy for well over a generation, and yet more people are filing for disability today than ever? 

I say that tongue in cheek, but there is little doubt the system is being gamed and abused. 

I have a friend who is, to put it mildly, lazy.  His idea of life is women, beer, and travel.  He’s a product of St. Mark CCD, by the way, but that’s neither here nor there.  He lives in Europe now, but when he lived in the US, he used to work just enough to maximize his unemployment benefits, then quit and travel until they were exhausted.  He had a friendly part-time employer who would forge some data so he could keep his gravy train rolling.  Over a roughly ten year period, he worked probably less than half the time.  And that was before the near-endless unemployment benefits paid today.

That’s just one example.  That there is massive fraud and abuse is hardly surprising.  And as Bishop Rene Gracida points out, this fraud undercuts the USCCB’s constant demand that spending on socialist wealth transfers always increase.   The USCCB just virulently attacked the Republican budget plan in the House.  Some saw this as a political move to appease democrats angered over the bishops pushback on the Obama HHS contraception death mandate.   But I don’t think that’s the case, the USCCB just adopted the same position it reflexively holds – don’t cut any social welfare funds, no matter the impact on the economy, or, if you do, make absolutely sure you’ve absolutely gutted everything else, first.  And yet there are 47 million – almost 15%!! – of Americans on food stamps.

What I’m trying to say is, it would be beneficial, perhaps, that there be a less reflexive response.  Circumstances are different.  Cuts to cherished programs will have to be made.  This applies to every segment of government spending.  I’m sure there are dumb or hurtful cuts in the Republican plan, but, then again, there are also plenty of dumb and hurtful spending programs.  

Check out this graph (Bush was nearly as bad as Nobama – we must learn to reject the Bushes and their false conservative rhetoric!):

Apostasy in action – ordination of female “bishop” April 24, 2012

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Dear Lord, the things you can find on Youtube.  I feel so badly for these women and the few men in attendance – they’ve all cut themselves off, totally, from the life of Grace and are adrift in the world of sin.  I don’t know if it’s pride, anger, envy, or all three and more that drives them to so apostasize, but what a sad and pathetic desecration of one of the holiest rites of the Church, the consecration of a new bishop.  And the crozier is……what?  A hockey stick?  The extreme age of the participants is consistent at all these events.

Here’s another disaster – a backyard “Mass.”  This, from the “Mary, Mother of Jesus community” “celebrating” (but really desecrating) the glorious Feast of the Assumption.  Ladies, Mary is the total embodiment of feminine, nay, human, humility.  Please, desist and meditate on her life of submission which we should all strive to emulate as fully as possible:

I don’t know too many priests who get their hair dyed.  When Fr. Corapi’s beard suddenly became very dark, many folks saw that as the first sign of the wheels coming off.  It seems a bit…….prideful.  Note, the woman with the short, dark hair is present at both acts of rebellion and apostasy.  I don’t know who she is, but she seems a ringleader.  I wonder if the people present realize that by their mere participation they are excommunicate, anathema to God and His Church? 

I need a palate cleanser after this:

Yes, that’s more like it.  BTW, the entire “Becket” movie is on Youtube.  I wish A Man for All Seasons, which is even better, were, too!

The Propers of the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Eastertide April 24, 2012

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I found this on Ars Orandi, which blog anyone with an interest in traditional Catholicism should definitely bookmark!  Thanks to Steve B for bringing it to my attention some time back.  This video is actually put together by JMJ HF Productions, which has done so many wonderful videos of Fr. Michael Rodriguez, and which has its own Youtube channel, which I also highly recommend.

This music is glorious, sublime.  It is unfathomable to me how it has been replaced with such substandard, frequently non-Catholic and almost invariably folk/rockish, musical fare. 

I pray you enjoy it as much as I am, right now!  This would make a wonderful accompaniment to a time of prayer and/or meditation.

I don’t know how a soul could listen to this awesomeness and not be moved.  Music forms such a essential part of the Mass!  The choice of musical settings for the Mass is, then, critical.  Gregorian and other forms of chant are so sumptuous – how could they have been lost, in spite of Vatican II’s demand that chant always retain “pride of place” in the Mass?

Deo Gratias! 

The chant was apparently performed by the Schola Bellarmina with some relation to the Association Musica Sacra.

If you value the videos JMJ HF productions makes (and all the videos I’ve ever shown of Fr. Rodriguez are from them, pretty much), you can send a tax deductible donation to:

St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas
5628 Rosa Ave,
El Paso, TX 79905

Make sure to specifiy that the donation is for JMJ HF.