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The sweet reasonableness of the Papacy April 26, 2012

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From the excellent article by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College, “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church: The Papacy as the Expression of Christ’s Love for Us,” Latin Mass Magazine, Winter/Spring 2012:

Far from being an archaic embarrassment for Catholics in the modern world, the Papacy ought rather to be our boast, representing as it does the sweet reasonableness of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. While there are doubtless many elements of wisdom in Christ’s decision to found the Papacy, here are three to think about.

First, because our Lord wishes all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth (1 Tim 2:4), He instituted a sure sign of unity , a trustworthy leader, a visible head to govern in His absence until the Second Coming, so that everyone far and near could approach Him and receive His Gospel in its purity, lest “faith in Christ” become an empty phrase injected with a peculiar meaning by every wild visionary who takes it into his head to preach the Gospel. [Christ prayed that His Church would always be One.  Now, there are thousands of sects and tens of thousands of independent churches, each preaching a slightly different (or very different) Gospel.  This is not what Christ desires] As Saint Thomas Aquinas says in his exposition on the Apostle’s Creed: “While the Faith has disappeared or has partly decayed in other regions, the Church of Peter still flourishes in faith and free from heresy.  This is not to be surprised at, for our Lord said to Peter: ‘I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not’ (Lk 22:32).” [The eastern orthodox churches are instructional.  After rejecting the Authority of the See of Peter through the Photian schism and the final split of 1054, the orthodox churches have themselves become increasingly divided, with nationalism running rampant in the various national churches and a rather marked hostility at times.  This is the fruit of the rejection of Christ’s plan, attested to by the Church Fathers, that there be one leader of the Church, one man instituted with the power and authority to lead the Church free from error and doubt.  That man is the Pope]   We must take this promise of Christ’s seriously, and not waste our time criticizing this or that phrasing of the Holy Father’s.  For the bottom line is this: It is only through the Holy Father that the world is guaranteed, over time, indefectible access to the saving truth of Jesus Christ. [Triple exclamation point with 48 point font]

Furthermore, the chosen means had to be personal, not something merely symbolic, in order to respond to the souls of men at all times, in every condition of the world. Only a person can rule, not a law or a picture or an idea; only a teacher living among us can teach us in a way we can easily recognize and accept, if we humble our pride; only a teacher with his feet planted in this world can respond to the ever changing circumstances of this world…………The fact that so many other Christian churches, under the assault of biotechnology, scramble to follow what the Catholic Church teaches about the inviolable dignity of human life is a potent sign in our own day that a living Magisterium is required for beings who live in time. [Would that more Christian sects would follow the Church on issues like abortion and contraception.  Contraception is epidemic among almost all Christians, now, with only a very few Catholics and fewer evangelicals avoiding this grave evil.  And it is incredible that a number of protestant parishes tacitly, or even openly, endorse abortion – like those protestant ministers in California I blogged about last week.  Support for abortion among Christians is a wicked, evil scandal, and a repudiation of Christ’s love for each of us!, not just those who happen to be born]

Finally, if such a divinely founded human institution as the Church is to maintain unity of Doctrine and devotion, it could not rest upon the vagaries of democratic process; it needed the firm foundation of one Vicar of Christ, who represents the Lord as Priest, Prophet, and King, fulfilling the threefold purpose of the Church – sanctifying, teaching, and ruling. The decision of how He would perpetuate His incarnational presence in history until the end of time rested with Christ, and the choice He made is perfectly suited to the needs and nature of man.  [Of course it’s perfect, He made it!]

When we consider, then, how fundamental and pivotal a role in the One and Only Church of Christ is played by His Vicar, the Successor of Saint Peter, the Sovereign Pontiff, the Servant of the Servants of God, we would do well to fall on our knees and pray for Pope Benedict XVI!

——————————-End Quote————————————

Indeed, we should pray for the Holy Father every day.  One way to do that is to add a Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria for the Holy Father and his intentions at the conclusion of every Rosary. 

God bless Pope Benedict XVI!!!!!!

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