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Fr. Joseph Kramer on the rise of tradition April 30, 2012

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I pray it’s rising.  Many times I think, yes, it certainly is, but other times I am more skeptical.  It’s not that “tradition” is some wonderful thing of the past, a yearned for nostalgia – by “tradition,” I mean for the Church to be the Church it has been and was always meant to be!  Almost unbelievably (for I think most would not believe it if they did not live through it and in it), the Church as it was is not the Church we have today.  We cannot go back to the former Church, but we can build again the Church based on those twin pillars of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.   Via David Werling and Rorate Caeli:

I’m f loored that video came from CNS.  “The revolution inside the Catholic Church was on the part of the clergy, not so much the laity.” 

Along similar lines, you could also read this amazing letter from a priest, written in 1967 to Pope Paul VI.  A small excerpt – the entire letter is long, and amazing in its prophecy:

Today’s condition of the Catholic Church is beyond the point of doctrinal heresy, factual schism, and even apostasy. It is in a state of chaos and utter collapse resulting from the systematic destruction of first our liturgical and other traditions, and now our very beliefs and morals ….

In open violation of all past and present liturgical directives, the Roman Catholic Liturgy, once the envy of all other religions, has for all practical purposes been destroyed. And it gives us very little personal satisfaction to know that all those responsible for this destruction were in advance irrevocably anathematized by the still valid solemn decree of the Council of Trent: “If anyone says that the Mass ought to be celebrated in the vernacular only, let him be cursed.”(Canons of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, n. 9.)

Coercive changes have subrogated our traditional practices with the “litniks”of our Church Establishment daily intensifying their attempts to subjugate the “people of God” to becoming “Protestant” Catholics.

Our churches are no longer Catholic in appearance, atmosphere, or aim. Tables looking like butcher blocks or ironing boards have replaced our altars in perfect harmony with the 16th century Protestant Reformation directives bent on destroying the belief in the dogma of Transubstantiation and the sacrificial nature of the Mass and replacing it with a symbolical trans-signification-communal meal.

Our Holy Mass has disappeared an in its place our people are offered a holy mess of vernacularized vacuum stripped of the surety, serenity, uniformity, and dignity of our traditional Latin liturgy.

Hymns associated with the anti-Catholic rebellions of Luther, Calvin and Wesley have unceremoniously uprooted our cherished Catholic hymns to our God and the Blessed Mother, while our uniquely Catholic Gregorian and polyphonic music has been discarded for sounds and instruments sometimes borrowed from the decadent milieu of young human animals.

Communion rails are ripped out and Holy Communion is refused to the “people of God” unless they stand (not kneel) to receive Him at the mention of Whose name all knees should bend, if one is still to trust the text of the “unrevised” New Testament we were given at one time in our Catholic institutions.

The Most Blessed Sacrament, to be reserved in “the central place of honor” according to the legitimate liturgical directives, is relegated to an obscure shoe box-type niche, playing much less than second fiddle to the throne-type chair of the presiding clerical Buddha set up in dead center of a religious flavored discotheque-barn, from which the traditional statues and Stations of the Cross have been shipped to the nearest auction gallery or antiques shop.

Unfortunately, this letter appears to have made absolutely no impact on Paul VI.  As it was, the new Mass was promulgated in 1969, then quickly revised for release in 1970 (the revision was made because there were even more outrageous deviations from Catholic belief and liturgical practice in the 1969 Mass).



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