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Dean of Roman Rota – reform Canon 1095! May 1, 2012

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Canon 1095 is the part of Canon Law likely egregiously abused by many, primarily American, marriage tribunals to grant tens of thousands of annulments a year.  The Code of Canon Law released in 1983 radically liberalized the grounds for granting annulments by adding a pseudo-psychological provision.  The Dean of the Roman Rota, the supreme marriage tribunal of the Church, asks that it be reformed:

Speaking at a conference in Rome, the dean of the Roman Rota suggested the need for a more rigorous interpretation of a provision in canon law that is cited in many annulment cases.

Bishop Antoni Stankiewicz said that the current reading of Canon 1095 would suggest that “it’s almost impossible to get married, in view of the current cultural situation.” Canon 1095 stipulates that a valid marriage may be impossible because of “causes of a psychological nature.” [This is what I’ve argued here for some time.  Even couples married for decades who raised children and were pillars of the community, and who exhibited little or no discord, can get annulments when one or both parties become dissatisfied and file for divorce.  It makes it so that, instead of marriage being indissoluble, it is virtually impossible to have an indissoluble marriage.  All marriages have rocky periods or one or both partners with some psychological shortcoming.  Thus, no marriage is really valid, with the way the law is interpreted now] Some Church tribunals—particularly in the US—have interpreted that canon liberally to mean that a marriage can be annulled if the parties show any signs of psychological problems. [Any signs…….think about that]

Noting that very few people are entirely free of psychological problems, Bishop Stankiewicz suggested that the canon should be understood to refer to psychological problems serious enough to prevent someone from giving proper consent in a marital vow. “We must reaffirm the innate human capacity to marry,” he said.

Nothing is likely to happen until the Canon Law is reformed, and it will be a darned long row to hoe after that.  Another element of this trend in tribunal conduct is that, based on their use of psychological problems like immaturity, depression, mania, etc., as grounds for divorce, it can and has been argued that EVERYONE with those problems is not validly married.  Such liberal interpretations have, thus, made a mockery of the Sacrament.

I was going to write on this a week or so ago.  In fact, I was going to absolutely tee off on Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington blog for opinions he wrote some time ago on this subject, in which he placed muddle headed pastoral sentimentality ahead of Dogma and stated plainly that he had pushed through annulments for people who, in the sense of what the Church has traditionally practiced, had no valid claim to an one.  I was tremendously disappointed when I read it, and it’s the main reason I don’t bother to read him anymore.  But, I demurred when my fisking ran to 3000 words, so I deleted the whole lot.  See what your complaining of my volubility leads to! !


1. Karl - May 1, 2012

Why didn’t they listen to Bob Vasoli in 1998.

He should have an investigation for sainthood.
He was a good man who persevered in his
Catholic faith until his death.

God bless you, Bob. I was blessed to have
known you!

2. Karl - May 1, 2012

If Pope said that , plainly, he should be forced from the priesthood!

3. Karl - May 2, 2012

On the side of reality, they are not really going to do anything. I hope you know this?

The Church must know of numerous cases of egregious injustices.
Why have the respondents not been solicited for their feedback? Why have their bishops not personally knocked at their door? Why has the Church not insinuated itself into specific cases, with canonical
teeth(A bishop has absolutely free reign, pretty much in faith and morals) where respondents have sought help?

This is because this is a ploy. It is designed to placate and to make it
LOOK like something is being done. These guys invented deception.


Sorry, my experience is long, painful and not forgotten. My name is
known throughout a few dioceses where my travails have taken this travesty. It is certainly known in Rome in numerous places regarding these very issues. NEVER HAS A SOUL REACHED OUT TO ME.


This type of behavior on the part of the Catholic Church is reprehensible, when the path toward divorce and nullity is greased!
It has gone on too easily and too long to be without support, for tremendous manifest injustices, at the highest levels in the Curia and in each diocese.

To get to the heart of this would take years and many, many reputations would be destroyed. The child abuse tragedy would, I think, look like a testing of the enemy lines, before a major offensive, were the Church serious about these issues and initiate a formal wide-ranging inquiry, with traction.

I do not think the Church is capable of an investigation in America of the magnitude this would need and the freedom from Church pressure and other external(anti-catholic) pressures which would necessarily come into play.

Yes, I still love the Church. It is just out-of-control, like government!

It needs to take a sober look at what this process has done to those
who defended their marriages and to what other people think it looks
like from the outside. It cannot be cursory. It must get to the soul of how the Church understands marriage and fundamentally alter its
present course, outside control of America’s Bishops.

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