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Texas Women’s Health Program almost totally devoted to contraception – UPDATED! May 1, 2012

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This is the most important post I’ll write all month!  Read it! The rest is all  just a bunch of crap. 

A local priest wanted me to bring something very important to the attention of my readers.  I have written stories in the past year touting the State of Texas’ efforts to get Planned Parenthood de-funded from the “Women’s Health Program.”  Most of my readers will be familiar, but for those who are not, the Women’s Health Program is a state run but largely federally funded program that ostensibly provides needed “health care” to low income women.  Planned Parenthood had previously received millions in funding from the state through this program, and pro-life advocates wanted that stopped as part of a broader effort to shut down the largest abortion agency in the country.  They were successful, last year, the legislature passed a law that in essence blocked Planned Barrenhood from receiving these funds.  Planned Barrenhood has of course fought back, using their favorite resource, the courts, and recently won in a lefty federal court in Austin an injunction to stop their being de-funded (wow, things move fast, that injunction has already been over-ruled and PB is still de-funded). That makes no difference, even if the Planned Parenthood de-funding is ruled unconstitutional in Austin that verdict will be overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans and Planned Barrenhood will still be de-funded.

So, big win for our side, right?  Well, not so much, in my opinion.

To understand why it’s not a big win, we need to look at the program in question.  So, what is the Women’s Health Program, really?  It is promoted as being a critical source of “health care” for poor women who would have no other alternatives.  But, what kind of medical care does it provide?  Well, a clue is in the name, for by now we should have learned that when the cultural elites talk about “womens’ health,” they mean two things – contraception and abortion.  And while this women’s health program does make available some other medical care, like cancer screenings (primarily uterine, through PAP smears and the like), the vast majority of what it does is dispense contraception.   The state’s own website for the program makes this clear:

The Texas Women’s Health Program provides low-income women with:

  • One family planning exam each year, which might include:
    • Pap smear.  [Pap smears are required to receive oral contraception]
    • Screening for breast and cervical cancers, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and high blood pressure.
  • Family planning counseling and education. This can include natural family planning and abstinence.
    • Birth control:
      • Birth control pill.
      • Vaginal ring.
      • Hormone patch.
      • Diaphragm.
      • Male and female condoms.
      • Spermicide.
      • Intrauterine device (IUD).
      • Cervical cap.
      • Depo-Provera.
      • Methods to prevent pregnancy (tubal ligations or Essure).

(Doesn’t include emergency birth control)

  • Follow-up family planning visits related to your method of birth control.

This program only pays for the services listed above. If a health problem such as a sexually transmitted disease, diabetes or cancer is found, you will be referred to a doctor or clinic that can treat you. You might have to pay for those extra services.

This data makes clear that the primary aim of the Women’s Health Program is the free distribution of contraception at taxpayer expense.  While some other basic medical services are provided, like urine and blood tests and some simple cancer screenings, some of which could be done at home by anyone, the main emphasis is on contraception.  This story from Kaiser Health News further illustrates that “Women’s Health Program” is all about contraception. 

So, simply because of its primary aim, the distribution of contraception, all Catholics in Texas should be totally opposed to this program.

But for non-Catholics, who cares?  Doesn’t contraception prevent “unwanted” pregnancies, and keeps the lower classes from reproducing to uncomfortable levels (uncomfortable for the elites, that  is)?  Well, aside from the eugenic, Orwellian aspects of such insidious thoughts, the answer is no, not really.  In fact, the one thing that has made abortion so very necessary in this country is contraception, and the hideous, self-serving mentality it breeds.

First of all, contraception fails, alot.  LifeNews reported in 2011 that 54% of those who had abortions had used contraception in the month they became pregnant.   Looking at the 1 year failure rates for different types of contraception, it quickly becomes apparent that over a reproductive lifetime of 25 years or more, a woman constantly using the pill, and even using it precisely as prescribed, is almost certain to experience at least one “unplanned” pregnancy.

And then what?  I don’t think an exaggeration to state that in our culture the use of contraception is more than  just an incidental facet in people’s lives.  In reality, it becomes one of the cornerstones of their existence, around which they

Even grandma can't live without contraception

plan how many children to have, if any, when, and at what rate.  They make all kinds of decisions about their lives, from where to live and when to set aside money, based on this theory of control of their reproduction.  Now, all of this is blatantly immoral and divorced from God’s Will, but just speaking generally, absent religious belief, this reliance on contraception creates a mentality, called the contraceptive mentality.  It is a mentality centered on selfishness and the illusion of control.  It is very powerful.  And when the contraception fails, the result is frequently anger and panic, and for  many people a demand that they be alleviated from the unplanned burden that results. 

That is where abortion enters the mix.  Abortion is the backstop for our contraceptive culture.  Even in the 1992 decision upholding Roe vs. Wade and keeping abortion legal, Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, turncoat “conservative” justice Sandra Day O’Connor argued that abortion could not be made illegal because it had become a fundamental “lifestyle choice” of our society, associated with the use of contraception.  Since so many people had come to depend on contraception, and contraception fails, and thus many people had to have abortion to continue to live their preferred lifestyles, then abortion had to be kept legal.  It was asinine, bewildering, and nonsensical, but it was law.

Which gets me down to my main points.  First, this “Women’s Health Program” has to be opposed by all faithful Catholics on first principles.  We cannot accept partial “victories” by de-funding Planned Parenthood, but which will still involve the State of Texas helping to keep abortion a reality by funding contraception.    That’s point number two – the pro-life movement is doomed to utter failure until the contraceptive mentality is excised from our culture.  I mean this.  Even if by some miracle abortion were declared illegal in all 50 states, tens or hundreds of thousands of them a year would still be performed, albeit illegally, because the mentality that leads to abortion would still be there.

Don’t believe me?  Perhaps the timeline of the legalization of abortion in the United States will be clarifying.   Contraception was illegal in many states at the time of Griswold vs. Connecticut, the Supreme Court case that invented the “constitutional” right to privacy and declared contraception for married couples legal.  After that, most states legalized contraception, sometimes with limits for married couples.  This was followed by Eisenstadt vs. Baird, which legalized contraception for all people.  From thence, we got Roe v Wade and institutionalized baby murder for the sake of convenience or personal preference.   Even further, Lawrence v. Texas struck down sodomy laws, and now we’re looking at the wholesale destruction of marriage so a tiny percentage of the population can feel less guilty about their sexual sins. 

The point is, the legalization of contraception laid both the legal and societal groundwork for the legalization of abortion.  In the late 50s, prior to the legalization of birth control in many locations, abortion was almost totally rejected by the culture as a barbaric evil.  But after contraception became widespread, suddenly, there was a groundswell of support for legalized abortion (although, still quite the minority of Americans wanted such at that time – it would never have passed into law by election). 

Some more, somewhat anecdotal data.  In Mississippi last fall, a ‘personhood amendment’ was on the ballot and enjoyed overwhelming support two weeks before the election.  But Planned Parenthood, realizing the grave threat this amendment posed, marshalled their resources and, most of all, ran a scare campaign based on the fact that personhood amendments, by defining life beginning at conception, could lead to most forms of contraception being declared illegal (since most hormone contraceptives are abortifacients).  Well, that did the trick, and the amendment which looked sure to pass by huge margins went down to defeat.  Because Americans love them some contraception.

So I’m sending this message out to all pro-life groups.  You’re doomed.  You’ll never win.  You’ll never more than nibble at the gargantuan, soul-devouring evil of abortion until you start to oppose its root cause, contraception and the selfish, controlling, sex-divorced-from-procreation mentality it breeds.  I know this is a big problem for you.  I know most Catholics loves them some contraception, and protestants/evangelicals have built an entire pseudo-theology around rejecting God’s Law and embracing contraception.  But if you’re really committed to ending the wanton slaughter of innocents in our time, you have to analyze the situation dispassionately and look at root causes. 

Contraception leads to abortion.  It also disfigures marriage and upsets the entire male/female dynamic, which is why we are now glutted with evils like dozens of strip clubs in every city, women objectifying themselves by dressing ridiculously provocatively, porn addiction, societally accepted adultery, fornication, and bastardry,and all the rest.  In fact, you can pin much of the blame for the crumbling of the entire moral edifice of this country and the world on one thing – the embrace of contraception.  

It’s going to be painful.  It’s going to be hard. It will “set the movement back” decades to start fighting contraception.  But it’s got to be done, or we’ll never win.

UPDATE:  Kassi Marks of Pro-Life Texas stopped by to remind me that she had written on this very issue last fall, after the Mississippi Personhood amendment debacle.  She stated many of the same things I did above with regard to WHP and contraception.  The pro-life cause will not succeed until we oppose the root cause of abortion – contraception and the self-glorifying mentality of personal convenience and illusory “control” it generates.

Another thing I failed to address above in my already too long post was IVF and the dehumanization it perpetuates, along with embryonic stem cell research and all the rest.  Those evils, too, are all tied in with this contraceptive/abortive mentality.  Satan has been having a field day, and far too many “pro-lifers” are only too happy to look the other way.


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2. Mary - May 1, 2012

This doesn’t mean we can’t fight abortion, but,as the writer states, we have to include contraception. It needs to be discussed. Again and again. This is the bigger battle behind abortion, because it begins the removal of God from the will of the person.

3. Kassi - May 1, 2012

Thank goodness you posted this! I’ve been saying this for months on my FB page (not much of a platform), but I have been the only one that I know of publicly talking about how WHP is not pro-life (and why) and this is not a win – until now. Thank you. If you take the contraception out of this program, it has nothing left to offer poor women. The screenings only “might” occur by the plain language of the program itself. Even Paps are not “required.” There is a lot of room here to do nothing more than hand over contraception or schedule a sterilization, collect your Medicaid reimbursement, and be done with it. My position has been that the entire program should be scrapped and then no one is handing out subsidized contraception to poor women. As you rightly note, most (if not all) hormonal contraceptives are abortifacient. They are also Class 1 carcinogens.

I did a little research yesterday and found that pregnant women account for only 4% of Medicaid enrollment; but 70% of the spending is on the elderly and disabled. Should we euthanize them next to save money? This is a terrible precedent to set and we are on a dangerous course of eugenics and a slippery slope where life has less and less meaning. But it also begs the question – what is really behind this because it doesn’t seem like it’s entirely money to me. And, of course, even if it were entirely money, this is still not a program we can ever support.

Remember, the stated (not hidden) purpose of WHP is to “avert births.”
Read: http://www.chron.com/opinion/outlook/article/Texans-can-rely-on-continued-services-of-the-3427589.php#src=fb
And: http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/m/Blogs?oid=oid%3A1284117
And: http://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=21131
Which all sounds very much like: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/sebelius-decrease-human-beings-will-cover-cost-contraception-mandate

We rightly criticized Sebelius’ statement above, while simultaneously in Texas too pro-lifers were and have been supporting this program which is based on the same “logic.” Flagrant hypocrisy! For pro-life groups and individuals to support this damages the entire effort in a very practical sense as well as a very real spiritual one. Sadly, I can say from first-hand interaction that there are some Catholics who are supporting WHP even understanding exactly what it is and what it is not (some who lobby Austin regularly and successfully on pro-life issues), which has been a profound disappointment to me. It has taught me that I’m going to have to dig deeper into these issues on my own and not trust even well-respected pro-life groups and individuals when they say they support something – another profound disappointment.

All this to say that I appreciate this post very much and thank you! God Bless!

tantamergo - May 2, 2012

Kassi –

You’re right, you did say that. I even blogged on what you said a few months ago about this issue. Fr. Weinberger had wanted me to do a post on this subject, so I did it. But, I forgot to attribute yours. I will correct that immediately, and do an update linking your previous statements.

Sorry! I just forgot!

4. Kassi - May 2, 2012

No worries. I was really talking about all my FB posts about WHP specifically since WHP’s waiver renewal became an issue in late February of this year. My blog post for Texas Pro-LIfe Action Team was inspired by the Personhood Amendment failure in Mississippi in November which was before WHP became an issue in Texas. I could not have foreseen the WHP issue when the Personhood Amendment post was written, but as Providence would have it, the two are linked. Both are based on the contraceptive mentality and acceptance of it by even pro-life activists and those that lead the movement and lobby for pro-life legislation. We cannot have success in the pro-life movement re. surgical and chemical abortion if we are not entirely consistent on every single issue, including abortifacient contraception and IVF. You clearly see this as well. But there are not enough of us and there are many that need evangelization – including most esp. those who are “leading” the pro-life movement. Thank you for your good work here. May it bear much fruit.

5. Steve B - May 2, 2012


Far too many “pro-life” folks are oblivious to the fact that the Birth Control Pill causes abortions in-and-of-itself.

Some interesting statistics have been calculated at the following blog post:


The next time my family and I participate in a Pro-Life march, you can bet that I will be carrying a poster that says “The Pill Kills! Ask me how.”

Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

Steve B
Plano, TX

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