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Men increasingly an endangered species on college campuses May 2, 2012

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Four plus decades of Title IX preferential treatment has led to this: women now outnumber men on college campuses almost 3:2 (three women for every 2 men on a given college campus).  The most recent data shows that women will receive almost 60% of all degrees conferred this year, with men receiving just over 40%.  This is the complete opposite of the situation before Title IX, which is a federal law demanding equal participation for women in college and other environments.  I would say it has been more than a resounding success. 

It is estimated that this trend will continue going into the future.  Which begs the question – since women have now, demonstrably and for many years going back decades now, exceeded men in terms of enrollment and graduation from colleges, why do they still receive preferential treatment in terms of admissions, special aid programs, etc?

As this blog post notes, there are also hundreds of “women’s centers” on college campuses across the nation, all dedicated to achieving a goal which was achieved over 30 years ago – “equality” for women on college campuses.  Well, mission accomplished…….can we close them now?

OF COURSE NOT! What, are  you crazy?  These centers don’t exist to help gain an equality gained 30 years ago, they exist to advance an agenda, an agenda of radical feminism, and we can’t stop that! 

A little personal aside.  My first job out of college was at a terrible, hideous, life-threatening phosphorous chemicals factory on an Indian reservation in Idaho.  The place was a mess (it’s now a Superfund site, and they shut the plant down rather than spend $200 million to bring it into environmental compliance).   If you don’t know anything about elemental phosphorous, it’s one of the nastiest substances in creation.  It combusts violently when exposed to air at room temperature, and so has to be kept submerged in water at all times when being handled and processed.  This facility I worked at was in such bad condition and had been so ill-maintained for decades that phos, as it was called, leaked all over the place.  You would walk through “phossy water,” (water contaminated with phosphorous, which was everywhere) go back to your desk, and your boots would catch on fire. I am not making this up.  Oh, and if you got phos on your skin, not only would it burn you from the flames of the violent oxidation, a product of the oxidation was phosphoric acid, so you’d get double burned!  It was so much fun.  The things I’ve been through, you have no idea, gentle reader.

But that’s not the point.  That plant, I mentioned, was on an Indian reservation.  Partly because of that, and partly because of a general PC attitude that prevailed in management, they had a totally out of control “equality council” at the plant.  They subjected us engineers, most of whom were white and male, to regular beratings about how white men had subjected women and “people of color” through the ages, and how the tables were now turned with equality laws and anti-discrimination rules and hate crime legislation and all that, and now white men were going to suffer.  We were going to pay the price for the evils allegedly committed by our forefathers.  When it was pointed out, by me, that this was not exactly fair or right, to still discriminate but just in a different direction, I was told that was just too bad, and I’d get to pay the price for the depredations of my predecessors.   I had no idea that my great great grandfather, who lived in a cave in Kansas for 20 years while he built up the farm, was so rapacious and cruel. 

I know it sounds crazy, but I am not making any of this up.  The woman who ran their ‘corporate equality’ office or whatever it was called literally did say that reverse discrimination was wonderful and good and that we evil white males deserved everything we go.

It was a toxic environment in every possible sense. Do such attitudes prevail at these women’s centers on college campuses?  Is there a drive to now “stick-it” to men, in general?  

Difficult questions, I know.

The plant from hell

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