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My fearless prediction – slavery will be legal again in the US one day – UPDATE May 3, 2012

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And not just in the US, around most of the world, slavery will be legal again.  Unless this culture stops its headlong descent into neo-paganism.

Do you think I’m crazy?  Have I finally lost it?

Let me explain my thinking.  I’ve been reading Iota Unum, as I have mentioned.  The brilliant Romano Amerio, the author, drives home one major point throughout the book: the foundational source of error in our society (and Church) is the replacement of the idea of God being the ultimate source of everything, including our very selves, with the idea of man, us, as the ultimate source of everything.  It’s the ultimate return to paganism, the triumph of the cult of man over the Cult of God.  We are our own “gods” now, as the viral trailer for the movie Prometheus shows:

It is upon this incredibly wrong, retrograde (philosophy has devolved 2000+ years in the last 100) idea that so many evils are founded.  The Cult of God posits that each human is a dependent creature, a creature totally dependent on God for every second of its existence.  The cult of man posits that God does not exist, and that each man is responsible for his own existence, the gift of some primordial goop that somehow formed out of other goop 4 billion years ago.  As such, each human being is no longer its own distinct creature with unalienable rights, because he is a child of God.  Instead, each creature has a relative worth dependent on how good they are (or might be), how productive they are (or might be), how much they cost (or might cost).  It is a utilitarian, dystopian view.  It is a nightmare.  But it is the view that is at the heart of the cult of man.

Without God, we are not each infinitely valuable souls belonging to a Supreme Being, but just cogs in a wheel, cost and productivity centers, numbers in an equation.

And that is how we get things like abortion.  And euthanasia.  And IVF, and stem cell research.  The entire pro-abort mentality is built around the concept of utilitarianism.  One of the key arguments in favor of abortion is that a mom’s life, or health, or mere convenience (which is the reality in the vast majority of abortions) is worth more than the “potential life” of her child.  Not only does this disregard science (that each person is a unique being from the moment of conception), but it completely disregards the inherent worth – the infinite worth – of the child, in favor of the mother, just because she happens to have a value perceived as greater by the world.

Indeed, in pagan times, it was the father, and not the mother, who got to decide which children would live, and which would be aborted, or even killed after birth (as some are arguing for, even today.  It’s amazing how all the ostensible sophistication of our elites is really just rank savagery).  But the mentality is the same.  In both cases, because of some perceived “good,” the rights of another human being – in this case, TWO human beings (both the baby and the father) have been trampled into nothingness.  For once the idea of a being’s absolute dependence on God has been lost, it is a short walk to the loss of the idea of each creature’s complete independence from another (and right to exist).

If a culture will accept killing babies for convenience, or killing old people to “save money,” or destroying the four dozen “imperfect” embryos and implanting only the blond haired, blue eyed, 6″ tall ones, how long will it be before it countenances one human being owning another?   In truth, slavery has never been totally abolished.  Yes, in those countries where the Christian ethos became predominant slavery was abolished (after a mighty struggle – our capacity for cruelty and barbarism is endless), and also in those locales where the Christian countries achieved suzerainty to one degree or another, as well.  But it has persisted in those regions that have resisted Christianity, quietly, often secretly, but it still goes on.  Most of the places still practicing slavery are majority muslim, with perhaps some among the rich in East Asia.  But slavery was an idea well established and practiced from pre-Christian times, and that is the point.  We’re headed back in that direction.

Oh, it probably as wanton and openly cruel as the slavery of the antebellum American South.  It will be more sophisticated, more nuanced. It may be genetically determined, like Huxley’s nightmarish Betas, Gammas, and Deltas.  But it will be just as real.  I don’t believe a society divorced from Christianity can avoid it.

There is nothing new under the sun.  It’s just the same tired errors repeated over and over again.

UPDATE:  I wanted to make a little clearer the relation between our dependence on God, and independence from one another, and how that relates to abortion and other inhuman crimes.  Those who, in essence if not in specific rhetoric, replace God as the Being upon which all life depends with a view of the human being as the source of creation and life, create a new dependency – given human beings “owe their lives” to someone else.  When we are all creatures of God, we are totally independent of each other, and owe our being (and allegiance) solely to Him.  When we replace God with man as the supreme being and creator, we replace that independence with a new dependence.  Thus, moms are the “creators” of their children and hold total control over their destiny, including the murder of that child if they see fit.  As I mentioned above, this supremacy is not limited to children who happen to still be in the womb – “ethicists” have been arguing now for several years that parents, women particularly, should be able to murder their children up to some arbitrary age because of the power they allegedly hold over them – the power of creator, of “god.”  It is a massive scandal, a hideous disfigurement of right reason and a return to neo-pagan barbarism. But it is the goal of the self-anointed elites.

See this.  This “englightened” new barbarian uses all the same, tired, “man as god” arguments the pro-aborts have used for years to justify their murder.  But he’s ostensibly a “faithful episcopalian,” and a member of Obama’s faith advisory panel.  Welcome to the new dark ages.  It’s Huxley’s vision writ large, in reality. 

What a nightmare.

Mormons explode, Catholics decline according to religious survey May 3, 2012

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Ho-hum, another year, another survey showing the Catholic Church in decline in the US.  The surprising figure is that Mormons have exploded – 50% increase from 2000 to 2010.  I’m skeptical of some of this data, and I hope that on Mormonism is quite wrong.  Mormonism is a terrible disfigurement of the Christian faith – it’s much more divorced from right belief than any fringe protestant sect.   But most disconcerting is that more than half of Americans claim any religious affiliation at all.  The triumph of secular paganism…..

The latest data, take it for what  you will:

The number of Mormons in the United States increased by nearly 50% between 2000 and 2010, while the number of “active members” of the Catholic Church declined by 5%, according to the latest decennial religious census published by the Association of Religion Data Archives. [“Active” Catholics]

The census–which allows readers to search for data at the state and county levels–found that only 48.8% of Americans are religious adherents, while 158.1 million Americans are “unclaimed.” The census estimates the number of Catholics in 2010 at 58.9 million; the latest edition of The Official Catholic Directory,using figures provided by dioceses, puts the number at 68.3 million.

The census also estimates that there were 50.0 million evangelical Protestants, 22.7 million mainline Protestants (a decline of 13% over ten years), 4.9 million black Protestants, and 1.1 million Orthodox in the US in 2010. The 13.1 million who belong to other religious bodies include 6.1 million Mormons, 2.6 million Muslims, 2.3 million Jews, 990,000 Buddhists, and 640,000 Hindus.

Liberalism is the death of religion.

The Domestic Church May 3, 2012

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Our homes, led by caring Catholic fathers, should be little domestic churches.  I found some articles highlighting some aspects of this recently that I thought I would share with you.  The first, Catholic motherhood and contentment:

Contentment.  I believe that to really flavor the meaning of this word one must become of age.  Not physical age: there are many a soul that have tasted and rejoiced in contentment that are younger than me.  I am talking about when the soul becomes of age, the age of being still and knowing that in that stillness of a moment there is God.  As a mom by God’s grace, he showers me with those moments.  A crazy day full of many events, a broken cup, a Spartan battle to settle in the middle of your living room, a three year old who has discovered that the new kittens have tiny nails in need of PURPLE nail polish, a older child in need of a listening ear (after all, knowing all about plants and bugs must be your favorite thing, no?).  In the middle of them you can have God fully and wholly IF you are truly in that moment.  I know it is hard, but with the years passing I have found that if I am really present, really listening, really participating fully in life, I can feel God’s powerful graces and His presence.  To experience God while washing off nail polish, picking up toys off the floor (again), really nursing a sweet babe and looking into her eyes, playing a game with a small blessing…that, my ladies, is the most powerful, humbling experience.  My heart is full with grace.  “Jesus Christ, have Mercy on me a sinner!!” pearls out of my mother’s lips like a pearl necklace.  The moments, the life, the children, it is all too much.  It is all a gift, it is all a blessing.  I scoop up my sleeping baby and I take her to bed, my lips still silently moving; how can they stop?  How can they halt the prayer which brings contentment!!

Here is another one, by the same author, on family prayer time:

The darkness comes down softly over God’s creation. Inside the house there are traces of a busy day: Legos on the floor, papers, and little crafts made by tiny hands. Little bodies are changing into their pajamas, their sweet little heads bopping around and eyelids heavily weighing down from the day’s joys and maybe sorrows (after all, sharing is hard). I can hear their little feet stomping across the hardwood kitchen floor. They are coming. My sweet little blessings are coming eagerly to stand before the altar. By now the darkness outside has become more dense and the little soft light in the kandili is more welcome.

Here we all are in our domestic monastery ready to sanctify the remaining hours of the day and to commit our weary bodies and our sleep to Him the giver of life. Little hands tracing the life-giving sign of the cross on tiny bodies, daddy’s voice leading the prayer, the soft chant of our voices. Truly the family is the domestic church. The light shining around the beloved icons giving them a soft heavenly glow, it all speaks of God, it all beacons to a child’s heart. They look at them lovingly, what sweetness to fall asleep in the the company of their most cherished friends and protectors. I stand there at our domestic altar, with me right there stand my deeds and words from this day. I am whispering prayers, my tears rolling down, are my deeds condemning me and my words pulling me down? Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy one me. The words are tough and the deeds need more doing but His grace is there. Tears are coming down in thanksgiving for his promises and His mercy. The baby is now asleep on my shoulder, the little ones are ready to go to bed yet we linger. We want to remain just a little longer in our loving father’s hands in the presence of his love with the holy saint and his mother. It is all quiet now. Little heads rest on their pillows, sweet little bodies rest sweetly underneath soft covers. It is black night outside. It is quiet, only the kandili still burns with a quiet light reminding us of His love and protection.

Wow!  Beautiful reflections! I wish our house were as peaceful as that described!  Even after years of evening prayers together, some of us still have a very hard time concentrating, and not fussing with their sisters!  I figure they’ll have it down about the time they turn 19 1/2, or whatever age they leave the house.

Ars Orandi has added some new writers and they look really good!  

I promise I’ll stop constantly reposting their stuff soon.

Special Marian Mass at St. Peters in Dallas tonight! May 3, 2012

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St. Peter’s in Dallas is a parish with a strong Polish community. They are really very nice people.  There is a special Mass for Our Lady of Poland tonight, Thursday, May 3 at 7pm.  There is a Rosary starting at 6:30.  St. Peters is a very small parish literally in the shadow of Woodall Rodgers freeway.  But they have a very good NO Mass.  I believe Confession is normally available before every Mass.

I can’t go, because I was out last night at Mater Dei and will be out tomorrow night at the Carmelites, but I pray you can!  It’s really a parish worth checking out.  They have a great devotion to our Blessed Mother there!  Thanks to MJ for the heads up!

All night Adoration vigil with the Carmelites Friday 04/05! May 3, 2012

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I don’t know about you, but I missed the Vigil last month!  I’m very eager for tomorrow night!  Even more, I’ve got three girls with birthdays tomorrow, and we’re all going as a family!  Woot!  Carmelite Adoration birthday bash!

All Night Adoration First Friday, May  4/5

Come and Pray for our Bishops and the persecution of Catholics by HHS and Obama


Pray for Our COUNTRY and its future [All these intentions above are special requests of the Carmelite nuns!]

Discalced Carmelite Nuns Invite  YOU!!

Starts Friday night   –  come as early as 4 PM

stay 30 minutes, one hour or as long as all  night Vigil ends just before 7 AM Mass on Saturday, May  5

First Mass (prayed in Latin) 8:00 PM  [TLM]

Food &  Drink available in the room next to the  chapel.  Please help  yourself!

2nd Mass (in Latin)  3:00 AM [TLM]

CONFESSION IS AVAILABLE prior to and after 8pm Mass!

Leave your personal prayer requests

The Nuns will storm heaven! 

The Monastery is at 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas, 75211, off of Jefferson. 

convenient  from I-30  and Loop 12. 

From downtown:  take I-30 going west, exit LOOP 12 south, take the second exit, which is JEFFERSON  EAST.

Go through the stop light and straight drive past 7 or 8  blocks, you will see tire & auto repair shops, then a small  church (drive past) shortly after that, TURN RIGHT  ON FLOWERS Street. Address is 600 S.

Flowers. Go through the  Monastery gates.  park anywhere. 

 Sunday, May 6 from  3:30 – 4:15 PM at the Carmelite  Monastery, you are welcome to join the Confraternity of the Holy Face, where we  pray the Devotions to The Holy Face and then Deacon Leo leads the Benediction.  No dues or fees. Prayer requests are  brought up to the altar and Deacon Leo places them by Jesus,  exposed in the Monstrance, on the altar.