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Requiem “High” Mass at St. Mark June 4 May 8, 2012

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Fr. Hopka said last night that over the next few months there will be some Requiem sung Masses at St. Mark.  These will be Novus Ordo Latin Masses but sung, and departing from the normal prayers of the liturgical year for that day and instead will be a Requiem Mass.  The purpose of the Mass will be to offer prayers and supplications for our departed family and friends. 

I heartily endorse this idea!  I pray we get a big crowd!  Assisting at a Requiem Mass is a great spiritual work of mercy, it will redound to your benefit, spiritually, and could be of immense aid to a soul suffering in Purgatory!  It’s a great deal all around! 

I’ve never been to a Novus Ordo Latin Requiem Mass.  The Requiem Mass in the TLM is beautiful beyond description, it is a transport to the 7th Heaven. 

Let’s get our Requiem on!

Oh…….another thing I pray for.  Black vestments!  I like these alot, for they say that life is short, death awaits us all, and eternity is forever:



1. Woody - May 8, 2012

Glad to see that the diocese is still upholding the “No Latin Mass on Sunday outside the city of Irving” rule. I wonder if I could get in trouble if Father Cliff knew I was saying prayers in Latin during his masses on Sunday?!

tantamergo - May 8, 2012

You do that too? Awesome!

Hey, Woody, I believe strongly in “organic” growth or changes in the Mass. That is, practices that come into play over time because people adopt them as the spirit moves them. Not arbitrary changes imposed from above – inorganic. So, I apply TLM practices to the NO Mass in the hope that people will start to observe them, as well, and we can gradually and organically move the NO to the TLM – as Pope Benedict has stated he wishes will happen. So, I actually reply with Latin responses, mostly, and I do some other things, as well, that are more from a TLM practice, like kneeling at certain times when everyone else is standing.

But, you did forget about Greenville.

Woody - May 8, 2012

Gosh, my age is showing! I did forget. Mea culpa!

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