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Dallas Ursulines “all for” Melinda Gates billion dollar contraception effort May 9, 2012

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I’ve said it before, but perhaps not quite so plainly, nor as a lede – sending your kids to Catholic schools in these days just about insures they’ll reject the Faith sooner or later. Catholic schools are a breeding ground for apostasy:

There’s currently very little investment in contraceptive research and development [My God, we can’t fall behind in contraceptive technologies!  As it stands now, there are only about 800 forms of contraception – we must have millions!]  . The single biggest funder, Darmstadt says, is the U.S. government, through the National Institutes of Health. “It’s an area that’s really kind of stagnated,” he says. “One of the things that we see that we can do is to try to really stimulate that space.”

For reproductive-health advocates, this is terrific news. For some conservatives, though, it will likely seem almost dystopian. Indeed, in response to an item about contraceptive research on the Gates Foundation website, The Catholic Herald’s Phillips wrote, “A horrid image comes to mind, of white-coated boffins hard at work in diabolical laboratories, devising new ways of depriving men and women of their conjugal dignity, their culture and their traditions.”

Yet Gates can take comfort in the fact that even if the church hierarchy and its traditionalists don’t support what she’s doing, plenty of ordinary Catholics do. During her TEDxChange talk, she spoke of the Ursuline nuns who taught at her Dallas Catholic high school, nuns who “made service and social justice a high priority.” Through her work with the foundation, Gates said, “I believe that I’m applying the lessons that I learned in high school.” [And thus, we see how, as Carl Olson says, bad catechesis and a rotten, materialist, modernist Catholyc education leads to untold consequences years later – in this case, a completely worldly Catholyc assaulting the Church and human dignity with her husband’s billions] Within an hour of returning to her hotel, she received a message from some of those nuns. “It was fantastic,” she says, her eyes misting for a moment. “They said, ‘We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.’ And it was just so heartening.” [What are the odds that Gates got the message from those Dallas Ursuline nuns who taught her there on Walnut Hill Lane that contraceptive use was OK…….heck, that ANYTHING was OK so long as you threw a little money to the poor, or volunteered for some feel-good cause, or even felt “empathy” for those less fortunate than you?  Anyone want to take a bet on that?]

Well, I personally thank Melinda Gates for providing the 1,978,452nd piece of information absolutely damning Catholyc schools.  And she’s a proud Catholyc:

Perhaps more importantly, there’s her Catholic faith, which has always informed her work. “From the very beginning, we said that as a foundation we will not support abortion, because we don’t believe in funding it,” she says. She’s long disagreed with the church’s position on contraception, and the Gates Foundation did some family-planning funding early in its history. Still, she went through a lot of soul-searching before she was ready to champion the issue publicly. “I had to wrestle with which pieces of religion do I use and believe in my life, what would I counsel my daughters to do,” she says. Defying church teachings was difficult, she adds, but also came to seem morally necessary. Otherwise, she says, “we’re not serving the other piece of the Catholic mission, which is social justice.”

What Gates and the good Dallas Ursulines have done, after exhausting themselves “wrestling with their conscience” to wind up at the exact same belief they had before (what a coincidence!), is made sure that whatever “pro-life” work they do is completely useless.  Without attacking the satanic beast of contraception, pro-life efforts are due to minor successes, at best. 

Contraception paves the way for abortion.  When contraception fails – and most people who get abortions were USING contraception the month they became pregnant – people who want to fornicate without consequence look for “alternatives,” even if that “alternative” involves a soul-destroying murder.  Gates will help make millions more such murders possible.  And, by extension, so have the sisters on Walnut Hill Lane. 

We see now, that feel-good Catholyc belief has grave consequences……..


1. RJH - May 10, 2012

I am just curious if people in Dallas are outraged by this? Where is the bishop? Where are faithful Catholics in the Dallas area speaking out? My aunt was an Ursuline for 20+ years…this is outrageous!

tantamergo - May 10, 2012

Not nearly outraged enough. Ursuline and other Catholic schools have screwed up thousands of lives around here.

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