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Violence against Christians in Lebanon escalates May 10, 2012

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There have been Christians in the Lebanon for 2000 years.  The Faith was established there at least by AD 50.  The Faith has also been in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc., for 2000 years.  More and more, however, the Christians of these countries are being persecuted and forced to flee for their lives.  The Iraqi Christian population fled to Syria.  Now Syria’s Christian population is fleeing to Lebanon.  But now the persecution of Christians in Lebanon is ratcheting up – they are running out of places to go!

A Lebanese priest who baptized a Muslim woman has been kidnapped and released.

The daughter of a Shiite cleric “said she was physically and psychologically tortured by her father for converting to Christianity three years ago, although she is a 24-year-old adult,” said Maronite Catholic Bishop Simon Atallah of Baalbek. “I have received an unconfirmed report that she had recently fled to an unknown destination after her father forced her to marry someone.”

The kidnappers thought that Father Walid Gharious knew the woman’s whereabouts and later released him. The nation’s president condemned the kidnapping.

According to the prelate, the kidnapped is part of an escalating pattern of violence against local Catholics.

Islam – such a pleasant religion to be around!  Seriously, though, we are talking about millions of Christians being persecuted, or potentially so.  There are 3 million Christians in Syria (possibly more, with the influx from Iraq), and over 2 million in Lebanon (about half the population, and about 1 million Maronites in union with the Holy See).  We already know of the horrific and growing persecution of the Coptic Orthodox and others in Egypt (about 8 million).  These are some of the most ancient Christian communities in the world, and there are muslim groups, and large segments of the population, that want to obliterate them.

I hope that occasional reader David R. might comment on this.  He has personal experience of the Lebanese Maronite/Melkite communities.  I wonder if he can corroborate this increasing persecution.

We should pray for these Christians.  Some are in union with the Holy See, while most aren’t, but irrespective they are to varying degrees brothers in Christ and represent a literal touchstone with the earliest era of the Church and Christianity in general.  I pray that they remain strong in their faith in spite of the constant persecution and Islamic proselytizing.  I pray for a change in administration in this country so that the rights of Christians around the world will be far more vigorously defended, and stronger action taken against governments that tolerate or encourage this religious violence and hatred.  The present occupant of the White House doesn’t seem much interested in doing much in that regard.

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