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My response to the Gates-Ursuline scandal – institute oath of acceptance of all Dogma May 11, 2012

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Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to the Diocese regarding the scandalous statements by Melinda Gates regarding the Catholic Faith, and Dallas Ursuline Academy’s seeming endorsement (or, at least, non-condemnation) of those statements:

The statements from Melinda Gates, and Ursuline Academy’s seeming endorsement of her demonic plan to flood the world with still more contraceptives, demand a response from Bishop Farrell.  The Dogma of the Faith regarding the intrinsic evil of contraception must be re-affirmed, and the error of Gates and the religious staff at Ursuline strongly rebutted.  Personally, I would like to see sanction taken against the staff of the school.

Bishop Farrell has made strengthening Catholic schools the focal point of his time as our Ordinary.  I am certain all the faithful are grateful for these badly needed efforts. However, these statements from religious at Ursuline, supporting, or seeming to support, Gates’ plans to spend billions on contraception, and the refusal of President Ann Moser to clearly repudiate this endorsement or condemn Gates, point to grave, ongoing problems in our Catholic schools.  This is hardly an isolated incident.  I believe the faithful of the Diocese would be very much gratified to see, and indeed hold a right to see, some action on the part of Bishop Farrell to correct this scandalous situation.  Concrete steps should be taken to greatly strengthen the Catholic identity of all schools, but especially the secondary schools like Ursuline. 

Therefore, I humbly request Bishop Farrell formally institute, at all Catholic schools, a sworn statement to be signed by all faculty and staff that affirms their total acceptance of the Catholic Faith, in detail.  Specific mention should be made of those moral doctrines that so very many self-described Catholics today reject – divorce and remarriage, contraception, fornication, pornography, so-called “gay marriage,” and of course, abortion, among othersCatholics have a right to know that those who teach in Catholic schools actually hold the Faith, and do not undermine or trivialize it in any way.  I note that such oaths have been introduced by a number of schools in other dioceses, and even at the diocesan level, to the great improvement of the quality of catechesis as well as the general Catholic culture of the affected institutions.  Atonement Academy in San Antonio is one such school.

More and more faithful Catholics are recognizing the great problems regarding observance and transmission of the Faith in our Catholic schools.  I believe the recently commissioned survey of the diocesan schools confirms that. And, of course, there is the great expense, in addition to property taxes for secular schools which we must all pay.  Homeschooling continues to grow and grow and grow. Thus, attendance continues to drop. For the good of our Catholic youth, for the success of the schools, and by the demands of Charity, an Oath of Obedience to the Magisterial Dogmas of the Faith must be required of all faculty and staff.  It is the appropriate response to this scandalous situation.

I am so very grateful to Bishop Farrell for his leadership of the Diocese the past several years.  I am aware of many good changes made, and am aware of less than good things stopped or greatly reduced.  But this is an issue of literally international import and the level of scandal is tremendous.  I pray that Bishop Farrell strongly consider making a very firm response.

Please be assured of our prayers.


1. RJH - May 11, 2012

“I believe the faithful of the Diocese would be very much gratified to see, and indeed hold a right to see, some action on the part of Bishop Farrell to correct this scandalous situation.”

Yes we would. But good luck with that–he’s a lib!


2. Warren Memlib - May 13, 2012

Dallas bishop ‘communicating’ with nuns on their support for Gates’ global contraceptive campaign

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

May 13, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – According to a spokeswoman of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Bishop Kevin J. Farrell, is “communicating with the sisters” of the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, following statements attributed to the nuns that appear to support billionaire Melinda Gates’ campaign to inject millions of of impoverished women with contraceptive drugs.

Diocesan spokeswoman Annette Gonzalez Taylor told LifeSiteNews.com that she could not make further comments regarding the situation, but that a statement would soon be posted on the diocesan website.

The communique, which appeared on Friday at approximately 6 pm central time, speaks for Farrell, stating that “in light of recent news events” the bishop “reminds all faithful that the Catholic Church is unwavering in Her teaching which states that through Divine Law, God is the giver of life.”

“Human life and the duty and privilege of transmitting it are not limited to the horizons of this life only. As Catholics, God has empowered us to be partners with him and through mutual self-giving be open to his plan for new life. Human sexuality and sexual expression in marriage are among God’s greatest gifts,” the statement reads.

“Artificial contraception violates the meaning of this gift. The mutual unconditional gift that a married couple offers to one another in love must remain open to render them co-creators with God in new life. Every Catholic has a serious responsibility to inform themselves about this teaching and to form their consciences in its light.”

The bishop’s comments come in apparent response to recent statements made by Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates, claiming that the nuns who manage the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, where she once attended high school, were supportive of her plan to begin a global contraceptive campaign.

Gates recently told Newsweek magazine that she intends to raise $4 billion to distribute contraceptives to 120 million women in poor countries by 2020. She emphasizes the injectable drug Depo-Provera, which can cause abortions by preventing the implantation of a newly-conceived human life in the uterine wall. It is also associated with a host of medical problems, including osteoporosis, cervical cancer, and even memory loss. It contains a black label warning from the FDA.

According to Gates, the nuns at her old school were delighted to hear about her plans to initiate a global contraceptive campaign and contacted her to tell her: “We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.”

“It was just so heartening,” Gates said of the phone call, which she says the Ursuline sisters made to her hotel room in Berlin, where she had just announced her intentions at a TEDxChange conference in early April.

Following the Newsweek story, published on May 7, the Academy’s president, Margaret Ann Moser, issued a statement declaring that “the nuns are “proud of Melinda French Gates, her dedication to social justice, her compassion for the underserved, and the great work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

“Melinda Gates leads from her conscience, and acts on her beliefs as a concerned citizen of our world,” adds Moser, explaining, “The mission of Ursuline Academy of Dallas is to educate young women for such leadership.”

While claiming that “Ursuline is committed to the moral and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church” and recognizing that “Melinda’s beliefs on birth control are different from those of the Catholic Church,” the sisters nonetheless say they “respect her right” to “speak from her research and experience of the world we live in.”

The statement does not affirm nor deny that the nuns called Gates to support her contraceptive campaign.

tantamergo - May 14, 2012

Thanks! I’ll do a post pronto!

3. Bishop Farrell responds to Gates/Ursuline contraception imbroglio « A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - May 14, 2012

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