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Bishop Farrell responds to Gates/Ursuline contraception imbroglio May 14, 2012

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A week ago, uber-wealthy Dallas Ursuline Academy graduate Melinda Gates announced a multi-billion dollar effort to inject tens of millions of women with powerful, dangerous, class one carcinogens, also known as hormonal contraception.  Gates claimed she had the full support of the religious sisters at Ursuline.  I blogged on this subject several times last week.  In my most recent post, I called for action by Bishop Farrell in this matter.  Apparently, late Friday, Bishop Farrell responded to the situation (thanks to reader Warren M):

May 13, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – According to a spokeswoman of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Bishop Kevin J. Farrell, is “communicating with the sisters” of the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, following statements attributed to the nuns that appear to support billionaire Melinda Gates’ campaign to inject millions of of impoverished women with contraceptive drugs.

Diocesan spokeswoman Annette Gonzalez Taylor told LifeSiteNews.com that she could not make further comments regarding the situation, but that a statement would soon be posted on the diocesan website.

The communique, which appeared on Friday at approximately 6 pm central time, speaks for Farrell, stating that “in light of recent news events” the bishop “reminds all faithful that the Catholic Church is unwavering in Her teaching which states that through Divine Law, God is the giver of life.” [I note in passing that late Friday press releases are frequently done in the political world in order to minimize news coverage of events one would rather have ignored.  I have no idea if such was the case here]

“Human life and the duty and privilege of transmitting it are not limited to the horizons of this life only. As Catholics, God has empowered us to be partners with him and through mutual self-giving be open to his plan for new life. Human sexuality and sexual expression in marriage are among God’s greatest gifts,” the statement reads.

Artificial contraception violates the meaning of this gift. The mutual unconditional gift that a married couple offers to one another in love must remain open to render them co-creators with God in new life. Every Catholic has a serious responsibility to inform themselves about this teaching and to form their consciences in its light.” [That’s right!  We, as Catholics, are not “free” to form our consciences any way we see fit.  This is not the cult of man, where beliefs convenient to men are paramount.  We are the Cult of God.  We have the duty to form our conscience into the mind of the Church.  It is the fundamental aspect of being Catholic]

The bishop’s comments come in apparent response to recent statements made by Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates, claiming that the nuns who manage the Ursuline Academy of Dallas, where she once attended high school, were supportive of her plan to begin a global contraceptive campaign. [Gates also claims to have wrestled with her conscience over this issue.  But when she got the worldly affirmation of the sisters at Ursuline, isn’t it likely that any remaining doubts evaporated?  Now that the alternative magisterium has spoken, she’s unlikely to have any qualms about her nefarious plot]

Gates recently told Newsweek magazine that she intends to raise $4 billion to distribute contraceptives to 120 million women in poor countries by 2020. She emphasizes the injectable drug Depo-Provera, which can cause abortions by preventing the implantation of a newly-conceived human life in the uterine wall. It is also associated with a host of medical problems, including osteoporosis, cervical cancer, and even memory loss. It contains a black label warning from the FDA. [It is a serious carcinogen, among other things]

According to Gates, the nuns at her old school were delighted to hear about her plans to initiate a global contraceptive campaign and contacted her to tell her: “We’re all for you. We know this is a difficult issue to speak on, but we absolutely believe that you’re living under Catholic values.”

“Living Catholic values” by repudiating one of the core beliefs of the Church.  So, then, Stalin, Hitler, Beria, Deng Xiaoping, etc., were also “living Catholic values” when they instituted massive contraception/abortion campaigns in their countries/occupied territories?  Or is this another case of the uncatholic error that all that matters are one’s intentions, and not the actual act committed?  

So, we have an initial response from Bishop Farrell making plain what the Church believes.  But we have no direct repudiation of the actions of the Ursuline sisters, as yet.  Nor any systemic changes to help prevent such great scandals in the future.  But, there may be forthcoming statements and/or actions taken in this matter.  I pray there are.


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