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Another capitulation in the Church May 16, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Basics, disaster, episcopate, error, General Catholic, horror, persecution, sadness, scandals, sickness, Society.

Who can possibly believe the bishops would really go to jail over the Obama HHS mandate?  One of their number can’t even stand a few press releases from a pro-radical homosexual agenda group nobody has ever heard of without completely caving in! 

It seems the very last consideration in all this is the state of the kid’s soul.  Does anyone in the hierarchy actually believe what the Church believes anymore?

Church leaders in the US can give all the bravado sounding speeches in front of friendly Catholic audiences they want to. They can write loads of articles and grant interviews and appear on TV and radio in settings that are little else than official mouthpieces for themselves and talk about the need to re-capture the Catholic identity and wanting to be the friendly Church and eschewing that bar public relations image of the “Church of NO” but it wont mean a thing.

And it wont mean a thing because at the root .. the bottom line .. the absolute final measuring stick of Catholic identity is this .. the work to save souls. Period. Souls cannot be saved when the truth is being ignored.

Exactly.  Silly Michael, he thinks salvation of souls is the issue!  Doesn’t he know?  That became laughably passe, officially, on Dec. 31 1960 at 11:59:59pm, Rome time.

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