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The radical gay agenda will be the vehicle of the persecution May 16, 2012

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I mispeak – it is the vehicle of the persecution, which is already well underway.  We’re just in the beginning stages of it.  Pertinacious Papist posted the following video, with some very…..pertinacious…….text:

A great and growing evil smolders on the horizon. The world of all that is light and good and true is rapidly falling into the shadow of oppressive darkness. Men have exchanged the truth of God for lies, and repressed the truth in iniquitous perversions in high places. It is now affecting our entire political, popular, and educational culture. One cannot expect to escape the effects of this evil by self-isolation or even identification with a counter-culture of virtue. The darkness is coming upon us all.

We can expect over the next months and years a rapid acceleration of legal legitimation of perversions and the increasingly heavy hand of state-sanctioned repression against traditional Judeo-Christian family values — a repression, in the final analysis of what we can’t not know: that our society is increasingly perverting the natural order and committing collective moral suicide as a nation and a people.

We can expect this to happen despite the fact that those who promote such perversion haven’t even a shred of justification in legal or moral precedent, logic or natural law. No doubt the Hollywood Sodomites are winning — they and their useful idiots in positions of power. This does not make them right. Their ‘case’ lies in scoffing derision of their opponents, not in evidence or argument.

Much that once was — what was good and true and beautiful — is now rapidly being forgotten. Few now live who remember it. The greater part of generations now living are rapidly falling into the world of shadows and oblivion.

Nothing in this declaration stems from fear or is intended to provoke fear. Perfect love and light and truth casts out all fear. We are an Easter People who know that our Lamb has already conquered: Vicit agnus noster, eum sequamur! But we must not delude ourselves about our era being a “Springtime” of hope for our American or Western world. We have entered into a new Dark Ages. The barbarians are already at the gates; and they are on the inside.

That last bit reminds me of an old English anthropologist I once knew who said that, in many cases when the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome were overrun by barbarians, the Greeks and Romans just sat there, wanly waiting for the barbarians to come.  They had no strength to fight them. There culture was so exhausted that they wanted the barbarians to come and finish them off.  That may sound incredible, but it’s really the case.  When Alaric sacked Rome in the year of our Lord 410, the population could not be bothered to defend themselves, even when faced with certain destruction.

I read with fascination a letter from Evelyn Waugh that Tancred posted at Eponymous Flower, wherein the great English Catholic author described – 60+ years ago, mind you – what he felt was the exhaustion of western culture.  One knows a culture is dying when people can no longer muster the energy to defend the mores and customs that built up and sustained the culture for centuries –

It is entirely historical to believe that cultures decline and expire. I believe Western culture to be in rapid decay and that Picasso and Stein are glaring symptoms. You have no authority for saying so jauntily that ‘there are a few million years yet’. It is one of the determining conditions of our existence that it may end at any moment, individually or generally but were it true, your assumption would have no bearing on the probability of a new ice-age. Incidentally again, I believe the sin the West is dying of to be Sloth not Wraith as is popularly assumed. It requires constant effort to keep within the world order and our contemporaries are too lazy to make the effort.

So many of our contemporaries in this culture, in the “west” of today lack the moral fiber and strength of energy and conviction to defend the fundamental building block of society – marriage.  It’s so much easier just to play along, to accept newly invented “rights” and to really believe that black is white, that perversion and license are “natural” and “good,” even “holy.” 

God will not be mocked.  A shattering riposte is coming.  As Our Blessed Mother said at Fatima, the Holy Father and, by extension, the Church will have much to suffer during this period of cultural exhaustion, driven by the cleaving of Christendom which began on that fateful day in 1517.  We haven’t been the same since, and in spite of world dominance and awesome material wealth (which is one of the main drivers for the cultural exhaustion – we’ve made our selves so wealthy we’ve forgotten how to fight and struggle), the culture itself has been dying, slowly at first, but now increasingly rapidly, ever since.

But as Pertinacious Papist notes, this is not a time for worry or fear. It is a time to gird our loins and to fight even harder for God’s Truth and our Holy Mother the Church.  Even if this culture collapses, there will be something after.  And the Church will still be there, in some form or fashion, until the last day. 


1. dismas - May 16, 2012

You betcha.

2. Steve B - May 16, 2012


Great post!

I’m currently in an e-mail dialogue with a “liberal evangelical” on different aspects of the faith. When you said the following:

It’s so much easier just to play along, to accept newly invented “rights” and to really believe that black is white, that perversion and license are “natural” and “good,” even “holy.”

my e-mail interlocutor told me – and I kid you not – that wrt active & “committed” homosexuals he is considering “openness to this as possibly a new form of holiness” – and all in the name of Christ!

I’ve asked him to detail the reasoning behind his logic. I pointed out the reality that human sexuality must always be used chastely, just as God intends it and as Catholic doctrine explains it. We’ll see what I hear back….

I’ve already tweaked my interlocutor’s conscience earlier in our discussions on the matter of hormonal contraception – pointing out to him how flooding a woman’s perfectly healthy reproductive system with chemicals, to intentionally alter the perfect design which God put in place, is a direct insult to our Creator.

I’ll keep you posted on whether my “dialogue” makes any headway….

Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

Steve B
Plano, TX

tantamergo - May 16, 2012

Good luck with that! I think much of this is being revealed only to whom God desires to reveal it. I don’t understand why, but some people are so impenetrable it’s like they just don’t have the grace to see what we see. Or they simply refuse to accept the grace, I don’t know.

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