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Radical gay “tolerance”…….ostracism, burning churches May 17, 2012

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So, an apparently world famous boxer, Filipino politician, and devout Roman Catholic named Manny Pacquiao has been “banned” from a trendy shopping district in LA for having the audacity to state what virtually evey human being on the planet knew with metaphysical certitude  just a few years ago –  marriage is between one man and one woman.  In banning Pacquiao, the manager of the somehow largely government funded hotspot showed his great tolerance for other views by totally shunning the person expressing those views.  This is the vehicle of the persecution – those who reject morality and God’s Law will try to exact a severe social, economic, and political penalty from the apostates of their humanistic religion. 

As I said recently regarding the collapse of cultures, for most, it’s simply too easy to ride along with the falling rubble than to fight for what has always been right and true.

In Massachusetts, a Catholic parish has received numerous threats, including one to burn the church down, because it displayed a message that said “Two men are friends, not spouses.”

A Catholic parish in Massachusetts has become the target of threats of violence, and vandalism because of a sign posted on church property supporting the traditional definition of marriage, according to The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts.

The sign on the billboard of Saint Francis Xavier Parish in the town of Acushnet displayed a message reading “Two men are friends, not spouses.”

Insert firestorm here.

According to an interview by the local Fox affiliate, Steve Guillotte, the Director of Pastoral Services at the parish, said the church has received a number of menacing, obscenity laced phone calls, including one threatening to burn the church down.

Ah! Tolerance smells like burning churches. Somebody nailed the word “hate”
to the Church’s fence along with other…how shall we say…”hostile” signs and rainbow balloons were attached to it.

The Church did remove any mention of gay marriage from the sign as of this morning.

I don’t know if caving in sends the right message, either.  We’ve been caving in to these bullies so long, they’re going to start doing some real damage, soon. 

This is nothing more than a protection racket.  If you proclaim the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, some thugs will come by to torch your church. 

Have any of the worldlings bothered to examine the psychology of a movement that cannot brook even the slightest dissent, and must be constantly be told how normal it is, how good it is, how natural it is?  No matter how many times they are told that, it’s not enough, which is why they must constantly look for new avenues of affirmation. 

It won’t work.  God’s Law is written on our hearts.  I know from experience that the faster you try to run from it, the more you try to kill that still, small voice, the more painful any reminder of what you’re doing becomes.  And so the shouting and the threats and who knows what else soon will become more and more severe, but nothing will kill that pain they feel, because it’s God calling them to repentance and they can’t stand it.

It’s a nightmare, and there are many who would rather just go along and allow this nightmare to be imposed on our entire culture. 

Lord, have mercy on us.


1. Mary - May 18, 2012

The left have violated Mr Paquaio’s rights (he’s no criminal requiring restrictions on his locations) as they will be violating ours. They are already on their way to violating ours with the HHS Mandate and more. Actually, they already are. How many are cautious about speaking the Truth around others. We will be losing more rights until we stand up and defend our Faith and stop being bullied.
The left hates our reminders of the Truth, they want us to ‘shut up’ and let them live in sin without reminders of the natural law.

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