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Many vaccines grown in aborted fetal cells May 18, 2012

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This sermon by a priest I know and trust implicitly states that aborted fetal cells are present in most vaccines my error – the vaccines are grown in aborted fetal cells, it’s still just as horrific, given that the way viruses reproduce is based on invading host (aborted) cells, so you are getting ground up baby parts in your vaccine- rubella, MMR, chicken pox, shingles, hep A, and others.  What a nightmare.  This is from 2008:


Supporting data here

I was reading another article yesterday, about how there is now a drive to get people to donate organs under various forms of duress – such as, granting pardons to prisoners who donate an organ, or paying $50,000 or whatever for a kidney from a live donor.  They are turning us into cattle!  We grow vaccines from “ground up aborted baby parts” and we kill people in comas to harvest their organs.

All this is the result of a lack of belief in eternity, in our true home which will be the one we inhabit forever after this short, illusory life is over.  Yes, many people believe in “heaven,” and even a few “hell,” but very few anymore tie their actions in this life with a concrete result in the next.  So many people, especially on the “progressive” side of the spectrum, don’t believe in any after life anymore.  And if you don’t believe in an afterlife, this is all you’ve got. 

More and more people are willing to do anything – ANYTHING – to prolong their life here.  That is a tremendous pressure for all kinds of horrific immoralities – from aborting babies for convenience or research, to harvesting organs, even against other’s will.

A culture divorced from God is not a beautiful society of light, reason, and humanly inspired morality – it’s a depraved, materialist, barbaric, utilitarian culture that says “what can you do for me?”  That’s the new paganism, and we see more and more distressing signs of it in our culture, as we drift further and further from God.

It’s sad.

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