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Jesuits plan to continue slide into that good night…. May 21, 2012

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….at least, if this young man intending on a vocation to that order is any indication.  Here he is discussing how he views the priesthood, and certain moral issues:

Kennedy says he sees the church as a dynamic institution [Alarm bells should be ringing, 9 words in!], and that he feels responsible for helping to bring about its renewal [ho boy].

“I’m not entering the church of 50 years ago or 500 years ago. I’m entering the church in 2012,’’ he said. “So you have to be realistic about the challenges of the images of priesthood in this day and age. . . . I don’t find it daunting, but it’s going to be a challenge.’’ [There is no Church of 2012, or 1512, or 1962…..there is just the Church.  Not ‘church’ – THE CHURCH!]

He says he shares some of the critics’ questions[here it comes……], such as why the Vatican decided to investigate the US nuns, [One must be blind, deaf, and dumb to not understand that] and why the church has taken such a hard line against gay relationships. [Two words: Sodom and Gomorrah.  And no, they weren’t destroyed for lack of hospitality] He talks about the importance of lay empowerment and of affirming the role of women as leaders in the church. [he wants lay run parishes and dioceses and the congregationalist model and women priestesseses] When he becomes a priest, he says, he plans to adopt a consensus-building approach, as some of the best priests he knows have done.

“The intentions of leadership within the church I don’t think are bad – I don’t think they wake up every day and say, ‘How can we make someone’s life miserable?’’’ he said. “But . . . what is the lived experience of Catholics today? You have to account for that.’’

There is such a fundamental disconnect here.  It’s a disconnect that says that if you don’t give people whatever they want, whatever they say will make them ‘happy,’ then you’re a big blue meanie and evil to boot. There is a constant confusion between charity, and sentimentality.  There is also an overarching ignorance that dominates everything.  The end result of all this is that, instead of making people truly happy by encouraging them to live a saintly life, they instead remain mired in misery through their debauched practices being churchified. 

I bet this kid thinks he’s avante garde.  But, in reality, he’s spouting the same, incredibly tired ideas that have been completely beat to death (and totally discredited in practice, since they lead to the death of faith, and not its “renewal”) over the last 50  years.  Even more, these new ideas are actually hundreds of years old, save for the latest novelty of embracing perverse sex acts as “normal.”

With this mentality, I fervently hope he is never ordained in the Church.  He’s simply unsuitable.  The relationship the priesthood holds to the laity, and the power he would have over souls – it’s unthinkable to entrust that sacred office to a boy who rejects the Faith left, right, and center. 

This kid doesn’t want to be a Jesuit.  He wants to be (or is) a presbyterian.


1. dallas - May 21, 2012

St. Ignatius, pray for us.

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