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Bishop Fellay in his own words May 22, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Ecumenism, episcopate, General Catholic, Papa, persecution, scandals, Society, Tradition, Virtue.

With the recent, highly publicized effort to find some path to regularize the Society of St. Pius X, I have been interested in learning a bit more about the Society and its current Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay.  A commenter on Rorate Caeli pointed out a videotaped talk that Bishop Fellay gave on May 16, 2007, in the wake of Summorum Pontificum.  This was at an SSPX conference within the US, so he was among a friendly crowd, if you will, speaking somewhat extemporaneously. 

He comes across as a very thoughtful, gentle man.  A man very, very concerned about his responsibility for the million odd souls attached to the Society, and even more concerned, perhaps, about the Church in general.  He is, naturally, very critical of Vatican II, but not quite in the manner I would have expected.  His criticism is one of disappointment, almost bewilderment, at the direction the Church has taken in the last 50 years.  I also see a  man who loves the Church tremendously.

I have, in looking at Fellay, seen and heard some talks given by Bishop Williamson.  Williamson is a man of a very different sort.  He is not gentle.  His criticisms of the Church are vociferous and harsh.  He also frequently wanders into other territories where I cannot go – conspiracy theories, and the like.  But, then again, I hear much from him that I can agree with.

I have found little, in English, on the other bishops, Tissier de Mellarais and de Galarreta, but you might say, they fall somewhere in between, at least based on what I’ve found in a brief search.

Anyway, the first three installments of the video series on the talk given by Bishop Fellay:

I strongly recommend at least this one:

I have not watched all the videos in this series.  There are 14 parts.

A quote: “You see the worst errors in those who are invested with the most truth”……a comment made by Fellay that could cut both ways.

Don’t take this analysis as a total endorsement of him or SSPX.  I present this to give my readers an insight into the man they may be reading much about but not know at all.  This is him, in his own words, speaking for two hours.  I pray some find this helpful.

I am afraid that a large section of SSPX will split away if a path to regularization is obtained.  Reading various blogs, comments on Youtube, etc. – wow, talk about vitriol.  I know there is great danger in regularization, but there is also great opportunity.  At least, even for those opposed, it would be nice to see some understanding and charity, rather than Fellay as traitor, sellout, demon, satan worshipper, doing it to get a cardinal’s hat, etc.  I’ve seen all that, and worse – I pray it is the exigencies of the present crisis that are bringing out this behavior, and not a regular feature of the souls concerned.


1. servo - May 22, 2012

Nothing about the vitriol and insults (The Crappy Minority Report et al) tossed at Bp. Williamson? Nah, they wouldn’t do that. I’m so sick of the one-sided coverage of these matters either way. Everyone’s suddenly either uncritically in favor of an accord or uncritically against.

tantamergo - May 23, 2012

I didn’t say I was either way. As I said in the post, any regularization presents great dangers as well as great opportunities. I think it is best for the Church if SSPX returns. It may not be best for SSPX, I don’t know. I pray for the full integration of a million orthodox souls, hundreds of priests and religious, and the example they will provide. But I don’t want to see that salt lose its flavor totally in the great mass of the Church. That is the danger, that the million souls will be swamped, overwhelmed by the hundreds of millions of badly catechized, often modernist and hostile, souls. But I think the potential reward outweighs the risks.

I am also an outsider. It’s not my lifeblood that is at stake. I get your concerns. Having listened to Williamson some now, he makes me sad, because years ago he was a brilliant and erudite man, and while he still has a surface erudition, his thinking has wandered into strange and troublesome (to me) places.

I pray it all works out for the best and that God’s will is done.

2. Tancred (@sedgladium) - May 24, 2012

I don’t care about what most of the grousing laity, but the Lefticons in the Church, including many of the usual suspects in the church-tax structure in Germany or the professional and academic Catholics in English countries are either cold or violently against this. I can only see that as beneficial.

I’m also fairly confident that the Holy Father will say “yes” and that the train of Bishops will follow +Fellay.

Deus Vult!

3. Tancred (@sedgladium) - May 24, 2012

Oh, and seeing +Fellay presenting the concerns of the SSPX on USCCB media outlets was AMAZING and totally unprecedented.

For me it was one of those lion lays with the lamb moments of Biblical proportions.

A lot of people who’ve never seriously considered Tradition are going to be taking a second look.

This could be a great revival of American Catholicism.

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