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No, this isn’t becoming a harvest blog…… May 22, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, blogfoolery, fun, silliness, Society.

…..or……..is it?

Sorry, we were driving home from Latin Mass at St. Mark last night (David R and Larry B, you’re dead to me now – we only had 31!), and they finally got around to cutting the wheat south of the Bush Turnpike at Plano Rd.  The kids wanted to see the combine going around and dumping, and I took a couple of pics.  The guy who farms the land said he has a contract to deliver 100,000 bushels of wheat to Pilgrim’s Pride in Pittsburg!  That’s alot of wheat.  He’s sending wheat to other places, too.  He said he sends loads to Ft. Worth, Celina, and McKinney.  He farms land owned by developers all over N. Texas, most of it in town.  He must be farming several thousand acres if he has a contract to deliver 100,000 bushels plus sending loads to other places.  That’s alot of farming. No wonder he was late cutting that wheat near Bush.

Sorry, the pictures stink!  I was trying to use the zoom on my phone camera and shoot from my car.

Apparently, the combine owner/driver, who lives in Josephine, is also some kind of corporate executive, who only drives the combine for fun!  I don’t know about fun last night, it was 9pm when I took the pics, I bet he didn’t get done cutting, off-loading, and then trailering the combine until midnight.  Or maybe he just drove the combine to another field.  Maybe they’ll cut west of US75 later this week.  Don’t know.  But it was a full day, that is for certain.

My surging interest in farming is, I think, telling me something about myself.  Or, maybe it’s just one of my many passing fancies.


1. Woody - May 22, 2012

I saw him getting ready to cut a field on 14th Street Saturday evening, the 19th. As for “only 31” being present on Monday night, that is a good number for the evening. School will be out very soon. Hopefully, the number will rise during the summer vacation.

2. lilyrose - May 22, 2012

Was there last night and for the first time, my husband agreed to assist. So he is joyfully one of those 31!

tantamergo - May 22, 2012

Oh, well God bless you! I wish I could have said hello! I was kind of focused on talking with Fr. Hopka after Mass because I had a good source for the research he wanted to do on the US government vis a vis the Christeros. It’s not a happy tale.

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