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Michael Voris on the failure to oppose intrinsic evils May 24, 2012

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Contraception and homosexual acts are intrinsically evil.  How often do you hear these intrinsic evils denounced from the pulpit at your parish?  I am very blessed to assist at one parish where such things are denounced loudly and frequently.  But at many parishes, they are never heard, or, if they are, the presentation is often so ambiguous and uncertain that one could draw virtually any conclusion. 

The primary purpose of the Church – it’s raison d’etre – is to save souls.  That is why Christ instituted it, that is why Christ commissioned his Apostles to go and preach His Word to all nations.  That Word is necessary for salvation.  All of it.  Not the easy parts, not the happy-clappy parts, all of it, the hard parts included.  Especially the hard parts. 

We can only transform the culture and save souls if the Truth is proclaimed loudly, boldly, and without reservation or apology.  But for far too long in the Church, in far too many places, certain “inconvenient” truths, to borrow a phrase from eco-charlatan Al Gore, have been ignored.  That must change – Charity demands it.  And Charity is a Person – the failure to proclaim the Truth on contraception, homosexual acts, divorce and remarriage (and abuse of the annulment process), fornication, porn, self-gratification, etc., etc, will have a great consequence some day.  For priests are accountable to God for the souls in their charge, and will have to give a strict accounting on the day of their particular judgment.

“The strong suit of bishops is not politics, it’s teaching the truths of the Faith”  This is the crux of the problem in terms of leadership – far too much time playing at politician and not enough time dedicated to serving souls through formation.  And far too many compromises made from a political angle as opposed to presenting the Faith clearly, completely, and with great charity.  But it is NOT charity to hide inconvenient facts, for fear of offending.  It is, in fact, moral cowardice, and a grave dereliction of duty.

I pray for heroic virtue from our bishops, and now.  I pray for this every day.

Here’s another awesome video.  I agree completely with what Michael says below. If Notre Dame is committed to being a research institution, they will continue to lose their Catholic identity, to whatever slight degree it still remains:



1. Peggy - May 24, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas does not talk about these evils. The parish is in an affluent neighborhood and is full of liberal parishoners so go figure!

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