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Catholic News Service video on SSPX amazes June 1, 2012

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It amazes me, anyway.  Maybe things are changing.  I don’t know.  But I do know that I never thought I’d see this: SSPX priests and seminarians being given free reign to challenge and dispute the Council without rebuttal or censure on the website of the USCCB news service.  Wow:

I know, this has been out for a week or more.  I finally got around to watching it.  But Fellay’s little bit at the end, I think, makes some nervous.  I’m not sure it does me, depends what he means.  But I know many in the Society are quite disturbed right now.

Prayers answered – Burke next head of CDF? June 1, 2012

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I can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  From Eponymous Flower:

Vatican:[kreuz.net] Pope Benedict XVI may put the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Raymond Cardinal Burke (63) into a position of responsibility. According to reports from Roman circles, the Cardinal is in consideration to be the next Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, or the new Cardinal Secretary.

Please please please Lord! 

“Pill Kills” Protest outside Planned Barrenhood Sat. June 2 June 1, 2012

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There will be a protest on the dangers of contraception tomorrow outside the Planned Barrenhood facility on Greenville Avenue in Dallas tomorrow from 9-10 am. 

Join in the public witness outside Planned Parenthood to demonstrate the dangers of “the pill” and other contraceptive products.  

This is a very important and timely message for the general public, many of whom do not know the dangers of the birth control pill and may be led astray by the current campaign for taxpayer funding of contraception.  Green “Pill Kills” signs will be furnished for everyone to hold to send a single strong message.  If you already have one of these signs, please bring it.  

pdf.gif  Talking Points

For more info, please contact joannmurray@verizon.net. 

The pill does kill.  It is a class 1 carcinogen.  It is linked to breast cancer, uterine and cervical cancer – and those are just the most obvious forms.  You can’t flood a perfectly functioning body with extremely high doses of hormones, making it think it’s pregnant, year after year after year, and have no effect.  And, of course, the pill (and other contraception) fails, alot – so much that a woman who uses almost any form of contraception over 20 years of sexual activity is almost guaranteed to have an “unplanned” pregnancy – so that leads to the killing of 1/3 of babies in this country before they make it out of the womb.

It is amazing the lies we tell ourselves.  It’s amazing the lies the medical profession will stomach – and proclaim as scientific truth!  Like “contraception not being linked to cancer.”  Like “it’s just a blob of cells.”  Like “it doesn’t hurt anyone.” Please.  I’m so tired of the lies of the culture of death – let’s get out there and witness for the Truth!

We must offer ourselves and all that is ours to God June 1, 2012

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From Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, Book IV Chapter 9.  I thought it appropriate for this First Friday of June, Ember Friday of Pentecost, and feast of St. Angela Merici.


Lord, all things are Thine that are in Heaven and on earth.  I desire to offer myself up to Thee as a voluntary oblation, and to remain forever Thine. [Oh, how I do make this offering, but Lord forgive me, I just as often pull that offering back.  Why can’t remain committed to You, instead of constantly serving myself?] 

Lord, in the sincerity of my heart I offer myself to Thee this day to be Thy servant evermore, to serve Thee, and to become a sacrifice for perpetual praise to Thee. 

Receive me with this sacred oblation of Thy precious Body, which I offer to Thee this day, in the presence of Thy angels invisibly standing by, that it may be for mine and all the people’s salvation.

Lord, I offer to Thee all my sins and offences, which I have committed in Thy sight and that of Thy holy angels, from the day that I was first capable of sin until this hour, upon Thy propitiatory altar, that Thou mayst burn and consume them all with the fire of Thy charity, and remove al the stains of my sins, and cleanse my conscience from all offences and restore to me Thy Grace, which I have lost by sin, by fully pardoning me all, and mercifully recieving me to the kiss of peace (Heb 9:13-14). [Lord, do I need to hear this today.  I do make this offering to You of all my many sins.  May Your Name be forever glorified]

What can I do for my sins but humbly confess them, and lament them, and incessantly implore Thy mercy for them?

Hear me, I beseech thee, in Thy mercy, when I stand before Thee, O my God.

All my sins displease me exceedingly, I will never commit them anymore; I am sorry for them, and will be sorry for them as long as I live; I am willing to do penance for them, and to make satisfaction to the utmost of my power.

Forgive, O my God, forgive me my sins for Thy Holy Name’s sake; save my soul, which Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood (1 Pet 1:19)

Behold, I commit myself to Thy mercy; I resign myself into Thy hands.  Deal with me according to Thy goodness (Ps 118:124), not according to my wickedness and iniquity (Ps 102:10)

I offer also to Thee all the good I have, though very little and imperfect; that Thou mayst make it better and sanctify it; that Thou mayst be pleased with it and make it acceptable to Thee, and perfect it more and more; and mayst moreover bring me, who am a slothful and unprofitable wretch, to a good and happy end.

I offer to Thee also all the godly desires of Thy devout servants, the necessities of my parents, friends, brethren, sisters, and all of those that are dear to me; and of all such as, for the love of Thee, have been benefactors to me or others; or who have desired and begged of me to offer up prayers and Masses for themselves and all that belong to them………

That they may be sensible of the assistance of Thy Grace, of the benefit of Thy comfort, of Thy protection from dangers, and of a deliverance from their pains, and that being freed from all evils they may with joy give worthy thanks to Thee.

I offer up also to Thee  my pryaers and this sacrifice of propitiation for those in particular who have in any thing wronged, grieved, or abused me, or have done me any damage or displeasure.

And for all those likewise whom I have at any time grieved, troubled, injured, or scandalized, by word, or deed, knowingly or unknowingly; that it may please Thee to forgive us all our sins and offences one against another.

Take, O Lord, from our hearts all jealousy, indignation, wrath, and contention, and whatsoever may hurt charity, and lessen brotherly love.

Have mercy, O Lord, have mercy on those that crave Thy Mercy; give Grace to them that stand in need thereof, and grant that we may be worthy to enjoy Thy Grace, and that we may attain to life everlasting. Amen.

———————————End Quote————————————

Thank you, Lord, for speaking through Your servant Thomas a Kempis.  These words mean so much to me.

Lying liars who lie lie lie – UPDATED June 1, 2012

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I have seen that some Catholics in the blogosphere are again exercised over Live Action’s undercover expose techniques with respect to Planned Parenthood.  Some, including Pope Shea, are really going ballistic, claiming that not only Live Action, but even those who support them or give encouragement to their actions, are the worst of sinners (literally, he made comparisons to torturers and various totalitarian dictators), if not actually excommunicate.  Go figure.  But the truth is, having read through the current Catechism, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, and a few other sources, it is true that Live Action is engaging in a subterfuge that is, most probably, sinful to some degree.

But I can’t condemn it.  Just as I can’t condemn most of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, who did the

St. Robert Southwell

exact same thing that Live Action is doing.  Most of these martyrs – from St. Edmund Campion to St. Ralph Sherwin and St. Robert Southwell and  many more – were either clandestine Catholics in England or converted, who then fled to France, went to Douai College in Reims where they were trained to be Jesuit priests, and then re-entered England under assumed identities in order to support and sustain the still many faithful Catholics in Elizabethan England.  Thus, to the Elizabethen authorities, and especially the truly Machavellian William Cecil and his secret police, these priests had to lie about who they were and what they were doing, in just the same manner that Live Action is lying about its activities to Planned Barrenhood.  I have not noted any condemnations of these subterfuges engaged in by these many priests and others who tried to support and sustain the Faith under a horrific persecution in England. 

St. Edmund Campion

In more modern times, Jesuits and others did the same in Communist and Czarist Russia.  Again, these priests had to hide their identities, lie to the authorities about who they were and what they were doing, in order to be able to carry out their mission.  Servant of God Walter Ciszek, of With God in Russia and He Leadeth Me fame, did all the above, and is up for canonization.  Many of the priests of the persecution during the Cristiada in Mexico also engaged in subterfuge and used false identities in order to carry out their apostolate.

The point being, there seems to be some leeway given in the Magisterium or mind of the Church, if you will, with regard to this kind of subterfuge for certain purposes.  Does this only apply in times of speciric, anti-Catholic persecution?  I suppose one could argue that the Church is being persecuted now, and that in fighting Planned Barrenhood, Live Action is dealing with life and death issues.  Some might say that the priests and others in the persecutions above had no choice – it was impossible to conduct their mission in any other way.  But how else can Live Action expose the real, day to day evil of Planned Barrenhood?  Just waltz in, say, “Hi, we’re doing an undercover sting to try to discredit your organization, won’t you please cooperate and operate as if we were just a regular customer?” Please.

 To me, this issue really comes down to the Live Action actors and their confessors, and I pray they have very good ones.  It could even involve the responsible bishop, should Live Action or the bishop choose to involve the Magisterium at that level.  So while there are many scandals afflicting the Church that deserve and even demand coverage and discussion, I don’t feel that the actions of Live Action rise to the level of condemnation.  I guess the issue for me is…….please explain how what Live Action is doing is different from what the martyrs and others did above.  If someone can show a concrete difference, I might change my mind.


UPDATE: Dr. Jeff Mirus, with whom I sometimes disagree, appears to be on roughly the same page as I.  I also received some confirmation from a priest whose opinion I value greatly, offline.  Mirus said this:

I wanted to add another vote of confidence for those who are working so hard to expose Planned Parenthood, [he refers here to Live Action] but that would have involved a careful critique of the incomplete treatment of lying in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and a reminder that catechisms are conveniences, not definitive statements of the Magisterium.

Thank you.  The Catechism, any catechism, no matter how good, no matter produced by whom, cannot contain all aspects of this magnificent, glorious, simple Faith of ours.  Our Faith is very simple, but humans are very complex, and our behaviors and interactions cause an infinite variety of circumstances which cannot be addressed in any one book – even a book 1000+ pages long.  For that, we have to turn to Tradition, Scripture, and the Magisterium in toto, which is why I made the reference to the involvement of the local bishop above.